Valentine’s Rewind—Libby Tome, Q&A with a Sex Therapist, and Camping

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Brian shares clips from some of his favorite episodes on relationships, marriage, and sex. From his wife’s first appearance on the show, to a return visit by a sex therapist to answer listener questions, to a live talk from Couples Camp, there’s something in here for everyone. Put what you hear into practice, and it just might have the power to change your Valentine’s Day. Check out the full length episodes at the links below: - Love and Relationship Q&A with Libby Tome ([Apple]( | [Spotify]( - Your Sex Questions Answered with Emma Schmidt - Part 1 ([Apple]( | [Spotify]( - Your Sex Questions Answered with Emma Schmidt - Part 2 ([Apple]( | [Spotify]( - Marriage Isn't About Your Happiness - Live at Couples Camp ([Apple]( | [Spotify](

An Exorcist, A Spy, and Braveheart —A Look Back at 2023

2023 was a landmark year for The Aggressive Life. In this retrospective episode, Brian looks back on some of his favorite interviews of the year—from his initial conversation with Father Vincent Lampert, a trained-in-Rome exorcist, to Braveheart screenwriter Randall Wallace. Missed the initial conversations, or need a refresh? Find links to the full episodes below. - Standing Up to the Devil with Fr. Vincent Lampert ([Spotify]( | [Apple]( - Praying Live on ESPN with Dan Orlovsky ([Spotify]( | [Apple]( - Getting Off the X with Michelle Rigby Assad ([Spotify]( | [Apple]( - Play is the Key to a Better Life with Dr. Stuart Brown ([Spotify]( | [Apple]( - Live Better By Getting Outside with Ginny Yurich ([Spotify ](| [Apple]( - “They May Take Our Lives, But They’ll Never Take Our Freedom!” with Randall Wallace ([Spotify]( | [Apple](