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Fun Isn’t Frivolous, It’s Essential—Brian on “1000 Hours Outside with Ginny Yurich”

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Earlier this month, Brian got the chance to appear as a guest on The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast with new friend, author, and changemaker Ginny Yurich. The quick-hitting conversation covered everything from the Five Marks of a Man, to the power of play to change your life, to the birth of MAN CAMP and everything in-between. It’s an aggressive and fun hour that puts Brian on the hot-seat.

If you missed Ginny’s appearance on The Aggressive Life, where she discussed the power of being outside to change your life, check it out here (Spotify Apple). If you like what you heard, subscribe to Ginny’s podcast, 1000 Hours Outside, available wherever you listen to podcasts, to not miss a single episode (Spotify Apple).

Hosted by Brian Tome

Nov 28, 2023 59 mins 16 sec



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