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Five Marks Summer - Becoming and Building Team Players with Leonce Crump Jr.—Former NFL Athlete, Author, Pastor

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Our summer series continues with Mark III: Men Are Team Players. From coaching his son’s football team, to playing in the NFL, to now leading a thriving church in Atlanta, Georgia, Leonce Crump Jr. knows a thing or two about the power of a thriving team. He shares tips, tricks, and the secret to resiliency in this candid conversation.

This is the third episode in an 5-part series called Five Marks Summer, celebrating the repackaged publication of Brian’s best-selling book, The Five Marks of a Man. Pre-order it, or the companion Tactical Guide, now and it will show up on your front porch on October 10th.

Find the bear attack video Brian references here.

Hosted by Brian Tome

Aug 15, 2023 51 mins 57 sec



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