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The Happiness-Marriage Connection with Dr. Brad Wilcox—Director of the National Marriage Project, Sociologist, Professor

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Dr. Brad Wilcox’s angle is simple—marriage is a good thing for couples, children, communities, and the world. As the Director of the National Marriage Project, he leads a group of committed sociologists studying national marriage trends in America. What he’s seeing is alarming. Marriage rates are on a decline, age at first marriage is on the rise, and many people are writing off the institution as outdated and unnecessary. Dr. Wilcox is using all his energy to push back on that narrative, encouraging men and women to pursue marriage because, in his own words, “nothing predicts overall happiness as much as a good marriage.” Whether you are married or not, there’s something in here to push your relational life forward.

Hosted by Brian Tome

Apr 23, 2024 58 mins 45 sec



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