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What to Expect in Each Decade of Life with Bobb Biehl—Executive Mentor, Author, Sage

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What if life wasn’t nearly as unpredictable as we think? That’s what executive mentor, Bobb Biehl, believes. After 50 years working with some of the most successful executives and brands on the planet, he’s uncovered patterns, challenges, and opportunities that every person will face in life—and he’s organized them by decades. According to Bobb, your 20s are for discovering what you don’t want to do; your 40s are about survival; and your 60s are the most impactful decade of your life. In a world that leaves us all feeling perpetually behind, Bobb’s learnings are a breath of fresh air.

Hosted by Brian Tome

Jun 18, 2024 1 hr 1 min 33 sec



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