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Does Faith Have a Place at Work? with Kirk Perry (from the Learnings from Leaders: P&G Alumni podcast)

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Kirk Perry is a big deal. Currently the President and CEO of Circana, a big data firm, and with significant stints at Google and P&G, he’s a force to be reckoned with in the business world. He’s also a man of faith, who doesn’t leave that behind when he arrives at the office. Kirk was recently featured on Learnings from Leaders: the P&G Alumni Podcast to talk about how he balances faith at work. It was such a fantastic conversation, we got permission from hosts Rajiv and Ramaan to replay it here. Kirk’s aggressive stance of acknowledging, and even welcoming, faith is a fresh perspective that just might change your 9-5.

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Hosted by Brian Tome

Mar 28, 2023 57 mins 47 sec



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