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Bonus Replay: Unpacking the Conflict in Israel with Calev Myers—Civil Rights Lawyer & Activist

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Calev Myers doesn’t just talk about peace between Palestinians and Israelis, he actually puts his back into it. As a civil rights lawyer and activist, Calev works for the good of the region. A Jew who loves his homeland, Calev has also represented and defended Palestinians before ruling bodies like the European Parliament. He is the founder of the Alliance to Reinforce Israel’s Security and Economy (ARISE), working for strong economic collaboration between Israel and Palestine as the region’s best hope for peace.

Originally recorded in 2021, this aggressive conversation will help bring clarity to the current conflicts in the region. You can support Calev’s work at, or support aid work in the region through

Hosted by Brian Tome

Oct 12, 2023 34 mins 4 sec



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