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Play is the Key to a Better Life with Dr. Stuart Brown—National Institute for Play, Founder

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Dr. Stuart Brown has quantified what every young child already knows—play makes life more enjoyable. While most adults tend to age out of play, Dr. Brown believes it’s the key to lives that are fulfilling, fun, and flourishing, no matter the age. Play re-creates us physically, leads to breakthroughs mentally, and builds healthy relationships. From his early research, in the aftermath of a shocking school shooting, to studying felony inmates and animals in the wild, Dr. Brown is the world’s foremost expert on the importance of play. As the founder of the National Institute for Play, Dr. Brown’s aim is to make play understood as a public health necessity. Having had a profound impact on Brian, this aggressive conversation has the power to point you toward a better (and more play-filled) future.

Hosted by Brian Tome

Nov 14, 2023 1 hr 10 mins



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