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Growing Christmas Trees (and Traditions) For Over 50 Years with Sheldon Corsi—2nd Generation Christmas Tree Farmer

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Corsi Tree Farm is Cincinnati’s largest and longest-running Christmas tree farm, covering over 100 acres of evergreens in a variety of types and sizes. The man behind it all, Sheldon Corsi, is humble and hard-working, investing 7-10 years of labor into a tree that might spend 30 days at the center of your Christmas celebrations. Learning the tricks of the trade from his father, he’s been growing trees and creating holiday traditions for over 50 years. In this conversation, he talks about everything from taking over the family business, learning how to hand shear trees, to secrets that will keep your tree lasting through the holiday and beyond. He’s a good and aggressive man who will change the way you think about your own holiday traditions.

Find out more about Corsi Tree Farm here.

Hosted by Brian Tome

Dec 19, 2023 57 mins 9 sec



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