We live in a world where “aggressive” is one of the few dirty words left. Our culture celebrates the crass and profane, while risk and difficulty are a sign that something is wrong. Host Brian Tome believes that passivity is killing us and there is a better way—by embracing the power of healthy aggression.

Hosted by Brian Tome


Episode 222: Stories from MAN CAMP 2023

Episode 183: 6 Steps to Survive Crisis

Episode 171: Brian's Thanksgiving Traditions

Episode 167: Stories from MAN CAMP 2022

Episode 103: Crowd Q&A - Live in Cincinnati

Episode 100: Summer Q&A

Episode 96: Move - Day 7: A New Thing

Episode 95: Move - Day 6: You Are His Son

Episode 94: Move - Day 5: A Man's Mind

Episode 89: Are You Ready to Move?

Episode 75: Nick Spicher—Enneagram Coach

Episode 61: An Aggressive State of the Union

Episode 56: Jim Hensel—Mindset Coach

Episode 54: David Jamison—The Dope Educator

Episode 53: Rob Kenney—Dad, How Do I?

Episode 49: Clay Croft—Expedition Overland

Episode 46: Rob Richardson—Disruption Now

Episode 45: Dallas Jenkins—The Chosen

Episode 43: Eric Wood—Pro Bowl Center

Episode 39: Using Crisis To Heal

Episode 38: Fitness Under Quarantine

Episode 37: The Passive Life

Episode 36: Sex, Quarantine, and COVID-19

Episode 35: Brian Head Welch—Korn

Episode 33: Chuck Mingo—UNDIVIDED

Episode 29: Michael Jr.—Stand-Up Comedian

Episode 28: Kathie Lee Gifford—TV Legend

Episode 27: The Phantom Lake Special

Episode 26: Mike Fisher—Former NHL Captain

Episode 23: New Year's Q&A—Money

Episode 22: New Year's Q&A—Relationships

Episode 19: Lena Schuler—Daughter

Episode 18: Stephen Mansfield—Biographer

Episode 16: Robert Morris—Giver

Episode 15: Bob Goff—Author and Storyteller

Episode 11: Liz Bohannon—Sseko Designs

Episode 10: Anthony Munoz

Episode 9: Chris Seelbach

Episode 8: Beth Guckenberger

Episode 7: Bill Cunningham

Episode 6: Nick Hagglund

Episode 5: Teresa Tanner

Episode 4: Jeff Ruby

Episode 3: Judd Watkins

Episode 2: Solomon Wilcots

Episode 1: Todd Henry

Episode 0: What is The Aggressive Life?