Back in ‘95, eleven people got together to start a church in Cincinnati for their friends who didn’t like church. Today, Crossroads is a movement of people meeting in person and digitally all over the country. No memberships or awkward hand-holding, just unfiltered talk and biblical truth that will wake your soul.

The Basics


Brian is the founding and senior pastor of Crossroads Church. He's still waiting for his Yeti sponsorship.

Kyle is the Lead Pastor at Crossroads. He joyfully fulfills stereotypes about Millennials with his love of craft beer and woodworking, and is passionate about people knowing God.

Executive Pastor of Crossroads Church. He is responsible for managing all Crossroads staff. He is a passionate student of leadership and enjoys unwinding on the golf course.

Vivienne leads the Growth team which heads internal communication and staff culture, Leader Academy (staff leadership and development), and the strategy for the expansion of Crossroads. She's been around from the start, responsible for hiring Brian Tome, and brings a ton of experience from P&G.

Joel leads the incredible group of people responsible for our kids and student ministries across all locations. Joel is committed to seeing the next generation of leaders discover their purpose and step out into the plan of God for their lives. For fun Joel loves anything that involves people.

Season is the Director of Finance & Operations. Her team keeps the day-to-day needs of the church moving like a well-oiled machine. Don’t let her accounting degree fool you, she loves live music, recently knocked skydiving off her bucket list, and she drives to help people reach the full potential of God's calling on their life.

Greg is the Oakley Community Pastor. He helped launch East Side and West Side before returning to lead the broadcast location. Greg is an avid lawn-striper and National Park hiker, husband and girl-dad.

Chuck is the CEO of UNDIVIDED. Chuck is passionate about his relationship with Jesus, his family, racial solidarity, and getting people to a new place on their journey with God.

LaTasha is the Director of Human Resources and Safety/Security at Crossroads. This empty nester loves traveling, shopping and hanging with her friends.

Alli is the leader of Crossroads Women and a passionate learner and teacher. Alli makes the Bible come alive to reveal truth and hope for everyday life. She wants others to know Jesus through his Word. Alli loves her husband and four kids as well as Mexican food and Ohio State football.

Terry leads the various People Ministries at Crossroads, with the goal of making Crossroads the easiest church to belong to in the nation. He is a husband and father of 5 kids and also enjoys playing ice hockey, smoking a perfect pork shoulder, and adventure motorcycle riding.

Paula is the Director of the Experience Team at Crossroads. They create things like videos, music, and weekend services. She spent a dozen years directing and choreographing Awaited, Crossroads Christmas Show, and still freelances with local theaters and in classrooms to help develop artists in creating meaningful experiences. She’s always up for outdoor adventures with her family.

Rob manages our teaching process and helps Crossroads figure out how to get to where God tells us to go. He’s Alison’s husband, a father of (many) daughters, a small-town kid who got to travel the world, an overzealous Browns fan, an avid reader, an occasional backpacker, and he hates pickles and pigeons.

Lena is the Community Pastor of Crossroads East Side and directs our ministry for 18-24 year olds (called…wait for it… 1824). She is just as fired up as ever for East Siders and young people to meet Jesus and use the gifts God has given them. For fun you might find her on a tennis court or pickleball court - she’s happy to challenge you to a match.

Tim is the Mason Community Pastor. Before Mason, he helped launch GO Trips and CityLink Center. Tim has a passion for traveling, sports, people, and most anything related to ice cream. He lives in Mason with his wife Mary and their four kids.

Mark had the privilege of developing Crossroads' 2nd site up in Mason, and now works with our Community Directors across all sites offering powerful experiences for people to meet God and other people. His interests range from golf and fishing, to pickle ball, movies and time with his family.

Matt is the Director of the Studio at Crossroads, where he oversees Marketing, Design, Branding, Digital Products, and Insights while also spearheading digital strategy and innovation across the organization. Matt is a big believer in the positive transformative power of technology. Matt is married to Leah, an amazing mom and pediatrician. They have 3 super fun kids and the Weltys love all things outdoors, travel, and new experiences.

Tierra heads our Engagement teams, managing both online and site teams. The team is passionate about assisting individuals on their spiritual paths and making Crossroads the easiest community to belong to. During weekends, you'll find her enjoying quality time with husband Josh and their two children, exploring nature, or socializing with friends.

Crossroads FAQs

What denomination is this?
Crossroads is interdenominational. Our beliefs are shared by many different Christian denominations, and we welcome everyone. It’s like one big pool party, with Methodists and Catholics and Presbyterians all doing cannonballs together.

Is this place a cult?
Great question. After all, it’s full of people singing songs and drinking the same beloved liquid (in this case, great coffee). Plus, numerous guitars and people dressed comfortably. But seriously. No. Cults tell you what to believe, take away your freedoms and forbid you to leave. Here, you’re welcome no matter what you believe, and we want you to experience freedom (including the freedom to leave whenever you want). If that still isn’t enough for you, then the answer is “Fine, we’re a cult.” But we’re rubber and you’re glue.

I absolutely do not believe in God. Am I still welcome?
Yes, you absolutely are welcome. We do expect that you’ll be open to exploring your questions about God and wrestling with what you find. And we do expect you to believe we’re funny. Or at least fake it.

What do I do with my kids?
Beats us. No, seriously, we have a perfect answer: BRING THEM. There’s a place at Crossroads called Kids’ Club—available at most weekend services—where your kids can be surrounded by adults who are committed to a safe, fun environment. It’s where kids can figure out what God and the Bible are all about. (And for teens, it’s called Middle School and High School.)

Who funds this place?
Let’s be clear on who is NOT funding this place: there are no corporate sponsors or franchise affiliations, and there’s no phantom fat cat paying for the building. It’s the generosity of everyday people in our community that fuels the life change we experience around here. Our support comes from the normal tithes (10 percent of earnings) and offerings of average folks who love contributing to the kinds of things they see God doing in our midst.

Are all the people working on the weekend, on staff?
Nope. Believe it or not, from the coffee you drink to the mail you get, 94.6% of the Crossroads stuff you encounter results from volunteers. Volunteers care for our kids, take out the trash and sing on main stage. Crossroads does have a paid staff of about 300 people. They dwell in a cube farm on the other side of the business entrance. They’re hairy, work in the dark, and love to eat free food.

This doesn’t look like a church.
First of all, that’s not even a question. How about this: “What’s a church supposed to look like?” We think a church is about the people inside—not about the building—so it shouldn’t matter if we look like a former warehouse or a city school. And while you might not find steeples or stained glass around here, there’s no shortage of really authentic people—and free coffee.

What does Spiritual Outfitter™ mean?
Following Jesus is an adventure. We believe that God has designed Crossroads to be a Spiritual Outfitter™ who inspires, equips, and guides people who want to explore faith and go on an adventure.

It's go time

Ready to start your adventure?