Church Resources

Note–this page is intended for other church organizations who are requesting information from one of our ministries.

Kids’ Club

In Kids’ Club, kids hear God’s Story in a language they understand and in an environment where they can be kids. Visit for resources to use in your ministry.

First Impressions: Welcome/Building Operations

Our goal is to Welcome-Connect-Belong. We manage our buildings and provide a great first impression through teams of Parking, Welcome, Coffee, Facilities, Auditorium, Info Center, Open Concept and Front Desk. We look at building great systems so we can focus on people while things run smoothly. Peek at First Impressions

Mainstage: Weekend Services/Production

Our goal is to create immersive environments in which people can begin to be transformed by God’s truth and presence. We don’t make assumptions about where people are or what they believe…we simply meet them where they are and provide them with practical next steps for applying teaching to their lives. There is a saying on our team that “we will do anything short of sin to reach people,” and we do that by filling the experience with culturally current songs, engaging videos, rock show worthy lights, and compelling speakers who model vulnerability and lead with authenticity. Have questions? Email our producer team.

Student Ministry

Provides opportunities for students to connect with God, their peers and their leaders in a fun environment. Visit to access lessons and learn more about:

- MSM and HS weekly: Held at each site. Includes large group and breakout sessions.

- BIG: for grades 6-12 and includes large group worship, games, good and more. Learn more at


God tells us to serve those in need. To love them, learn from them and fight for their freedom. So we mobilize hundreds of people—sometimes thousands—and we respond to God’s call. Sometimes it’s a one-day citywide blitz, sometimes it’s investing time with the same child or job-seeker from week to week. It might mean feeding a hungry family, or even traveling to the other side of the world on a GO Trip to care for someone in need.

GO Trips have been a consistent part of Crossroads since 2006, because of their power to impact people’s lives for the better and to build community in our city and across the globe. We’ve found that when people leave their zip code and comfort zone, roll up their sleeves and get to work surprising things happen. This big church feels smaller. A passion for serving others is ignited. They have fun. They encounter God.

ReachOut Resources

Local ReachOut

Global ReachOut

Spiritual Growth

Growing spiritually means becoming more and more like Jesus in every area of life, and reproducing that growth in others. Spiritual growth isn’t a one-size-fits-all. We offer The Daily, Community Groups, Healing Groups, Small Groups, Discipleship and an annual journey.

Community Care

We believe in looking after each other and helping people heal, grow and find their purpose. We run after the needs of our community through TALK appointments, prayer, as well as wedding and celebration of life service officiating. Contact us at if you wish to learn more.

Multi-Site Ministry

We want to reach friends who’ve given up on church but not on God. To do that, we need open seats, optimal times and ideal locations for our friends to hear a relevant message and find community. That’s the idea behind our multi-site plan: to grow communities with a unified vision, close to our own homes. And as we grow in other communities, we can mobilize one unified team, ready to change the face of our region for the Kingdom.


If you have specific questions pertaining to communication/marketing, email our comms team.

Information Technology

The Information Technology team is organized into three separate Service Lines: Applications, Analytics, and Operations. Each Service Line provides products and services to ministry teams in an effort to accelerate the work of introducing people to Jesus.

Application Delivery (~10 people)

- Builds our software and launches new applications

- Manages project work using Scrum

IT Operations (~6 people)

- Provides Help Desk and network/infrastructure services

- Manages project work using a Kanban approach

IT Analytics (~5 people)

- Leads our data standards, BI tools, and analysis & modeling to assist ministry decision-making

- Manages project work using Kanban

Business Operations

Making this place happen takes a dedicated and focused team of staff members. We believe we need to provide that staff with the best tools, benefits and systems possible to do their ministry, while also keeping our costs down and being good stewards of the resources God has provided to us.


We take our entire community on a journey every year. It includes weekend services, a personal app or journal and small group material. Join us for the next one coming in Spring of 2018.

Super Bowl of Preaching

The lowest attended weekend in churches nationwide is Super Bowl weekend. We said why not change that? So we do it up big-tailgating, atrium pre-show, a preach off and of course great commercials and a half time show. In 2016, more than 41,000 peopled attended Super Bowl Weekend.

Open Concept

We believe that Jesus would open the doors of the church to all who want to come in. We do that during the week as well at many of our sites. This means you can come in our atrium space grab a cup of coffee and enjoy free wi-fi as you use our co-working space to work, meet a friend to chat or conduct a short interview. Check our website for hours or just stop by Oakley, Mason or Florence.

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Note–this page is intended for other church organizations who are requesting information from one of our ministries. If you would like more information or to speak to someone from our church, please complete this brief survey so we can serve you best.