South Africa is a country with diverse landscapes from rugged coastlines to rolling hills and sprawling savannas. It’s a place where people from different cultures and backgrounds come together to create a unique and vibrant society. However, despite its beauty, South Africa is also a place where many children are living in poverty, struggling with malnutrition and lack of access to education.

The need to help vulnerable children in South Africa is great, and trips focused on this issue can make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. By providing education, food, and medical care, volunteers can help break the cycle of poverty and give these children hope for a better future.

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Vulnerable Children

No child deserves to grow up malnourished, homeless, or uneducated. Unfortunately, over 300 million kids around the world do. We partner with local organizations that understand the best way to deliver sustainable change. They provide the expertise, we provide the man hours. The result, kids that learn there are people out there who give a damn.

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