Alongside its incredible natural beauty and diversity, Asia is also home to a tragic reality: the scourge of human trafficking. Women & children trapped in forced labor or sexual exploitation. Societies most vulnerable are lured by false promises of good work but those people end up being abused.

As a part of a GO Trip in Asia, you’ll come alongside amazing partners who are running powerful programs to prevent future trafficking as well as providing support and resources to victims, and strengthening legal frameworks to hold traffickers accountable.

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Exploited Individuals

Every single year, over 27 million people are victims of human trafficking. Twenty. Seven. Million. Innocent women and children forced into a hellish life of torture. Jesus was often quoted saying; “if the problem seems too big, you should bury your head in the sand and ignore it.” You guessed it Bible scholar, Jesus never said that. So we GO. We enter the fight. Sure, it feels like Goliath, but we all know how that story ends. With best-in-class partners on the front lines, we’ve landed our fair share of slingshot blows. Grab your stones. Let’s GO.

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