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CULTURE | Rachel Reider | 3 mins

We are nine days into January, and I’d like to formally congratulate the 12% of you who are still crushing your resolutions.

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For the rest of us who have already hit the snooze button and rationalized why that donut actually is a good idea, I have good news.

One of the reasons we fail is that we’re doing it alone. So, if the grind of daily life is proving stronger than your willpower and happy thoughts, now is the time to let someone else breathe new strength into you. Whether you want to grow in health, relationships, money, or more—we have a community of guides that can actually help you get there. Below you’ll find a list of articles on popular goals so you can strengthen your resolution.

Spoiler alert: Some of what you’ll read isn’t wildly shocking. More likely, it’ll reinforce something you already know. So if you read something and are tempted to skip past it because you already “know” it, my challenge would be, “Yeah, it is kind of obvious. But are you doing it?”

If you have a good goal in mind, there’s a good chance it actually came from God. There’s a good chance others who follow Him have succeeded in it before you and could be a helpful example. There could even be groups forming around those goals that could be the accountability and community you need.

Small changes can spark significant growth. Soak in good content that can lead you. Look for community to help you move. God is actually rooting for you to win. Keep going.

  1. Generate powerful momentum: Aggression Will Change Your Life by Brian Tome

  2. Find freedom from whatever holds you back: How To Break That Habit by Chuck Mingo

  3. Have more fun: You Need a Friggin’ Hobby by Kyle Ranson

  4. Overcome more often: Handling Depression: How To Keep Getting Up by Sophie Beya

  5. Feel good about your bank accounts: I Should Have Started Saving Years Ago. Now What? by Steven Manuel

  6. Like how you look in the mirror: I Don’t Like My Body by Lindsey Himmler

  7. Take control of your calendar: Finding Time For It All by Alli Patterson

  8. Develop relationships you love: Why Is It So Hard To Make Friends? by Kacie Bryant

Have a different goal we didn’t cover in this list? Keep searching for other topics like sex, porn, work, dating, marriage, college, healing, parenting, adoption, pregnancy, and more. Read one. Try something. Share them with friends. May this one be your best new year yet.

Written by

Rachel Reider

Sleep-deprived but smitten wife and mama. Travel junkie. Accidental button presser (literally and figuratively). Aspiring world changer.

Published on Jan 9, 2020