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Find the people who call greatness out of you.

Do you know who you were designed to be? You don’t have to figure it out on your own. In fact, you were never meant to.

You were created with a specific purpose, to live a life that means something. That happens when you’re with the right people—peers like you who want to keep moving, and a leader who’s a few steps ahead of you. We’re not just talking about your grandma’s knitting group (although we love you, knitting groups), or just taking turns sharing emotions. Groups are where real life happens.

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Finding the right group for you is easy

Step 1: See what groups are about

People were made to be with people. Life sucks when you're doing it on your own.
Why try a group?

Step 2: Find a group you like

You have a lot of interests. Good thing there are a lot of groups.
See what's out there

Step 3: Try it (or a few) out

Go and meet some folks. No pressure. You're bound to end up liking one of them.

no matter your interest, there's a group for you.

neighborhood groups

Neighborhood Groups

Meet people that live around you.

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onsite groups

Onsite Groups

Lifestage and topics happening at your site.

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interest groups

Network Groups

Connect with others who are doing the things you already love.

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chaser group

Chaser Groups

Unpack the weekend message with simple conversation starters.

Find a chaser group

see how joining a group can change your life

There are already people right around you who can change your life. Getting together makes it happen.
Doing what you love unlocks something in you. What better than do that with other passionate people?
Questions about groups? Email us at groups@crossroads.net


Leader Resources

Resources to help you lead or apply to be a group leader.

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Mentor & Coach Resources

Find advice to mature and develop your leaders.

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Got a question? Odds are you'll find the answer here.

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