This is where the magic happens. Where this big place gets gets small and personal.
Connect to people, to yourself and to God. Find your fit.

Perfect for anyone, anywhere

online groups

Online Groups


These are loose. Come when you can. It’s all good.




Meet people. Have open conversations. And make this big place a little smaller—no matter where you are.

Grow your faith

onsite groups

Onsite Groups


If you say you’ll be there, then be there.


Onsite Groups meet in Crossroads buildings, or in places around the city like coffee shops or community centers.


Get to know people and grow. If you show up ready to engage, your Onsite Groups will help you stretch beyond your norm. Join one of these to find healing, growth and a true connection.

Faith and action

at home groups

At Home Groups


Make this a priority, but we get it. Life happens.


We call them At Home, but they’re really out in the world. Wherever God takes ‘em.


Commit to your people and get after it. At Home Groups have focus and purpose. It could be community service, a hobby, or a sport. It's a purpose you go after — all to grow deeper together.

Chaser Groups


These are loose. Come when you can. It’s all good.


Chaser Groups meet in Crossroads buildings, in homes and online.


Meet people and connect in a Chaser Group. This is a great place to start. You’ll talk about the weekend message, and maybe start to find your people.

Not sure? Search all groups or email us.

joining a group can change your life

You’re surrounded by people who can change your life. Gathering together is what makes it possible.

Doing what you love unlocks something in you. When it’s beside others with equal passion—it’s transformational.

groups need leaders. that means you.

Don’t sweat it. All you need is desire. (God and prayer help too)

Step 1

Get Interviewed

We want to make sure you’re ready to lead and that you get the support you deserve. It’s quick. Painless. And over video chat. And let’s be honest, we wanna be sure you own fewer than 5 cats. (Sorry, cat people.)

Step 2

Get Your Coach

We believe that if you’re gonna lead, you deserve some backup. We’ll set you up with a coach. They’ll back you up with guidance, encouragement and prayer. Also, they’ve been there. They know how cray cray people can be. (Sorry again cat people.)

Step 3

Get Your Mission

We'll help you get started with your shiny new group. Don’t worry, we’ve done this a lot. And we’ve made it super easy to get the ball rolling. Here’s a small group starter kit to help you find your mission and inspire conversation.

want more?

We’ve got you. Here's more resources for your group and for yourself as a leader. Get clicking.

Resources for your group

Resources for leaders


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