Staff Contact List

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Main line - 513.731.7400
Fax line - 513.731.3978
Main email -

Media inquiries: Erin Caproni - email
Premarital and wedding inquiries - email
Funeral/Celebration of Life inquiries - email
Generosity/Giving inquiries - email
Accounts Payable inquires - email
Community Pastor, Andy Reider email
Executive Pastor, Rob Seddon email
Community Director, Rachel Reider email
Kids’ Club Director, Abby Rasmussen email
Community Pastor, Vicki Diller email
Connections Director, Brenna Cuadrado email
Worship Leader & Community Director, Matt Sweasy email
Community Pastor, Matt Castleman email
Connections Director, Eugene McDade email
Community and Care Director, Keith Partridge email
Kids’ Club and Student Ministry Director, Jennifer Baker email
ReachOut Director, Catie Derenzo email
Experience Director, Matthew Letts email
Community Pastor, Lena Schuler email
Worship Leader, Austin Livingood email
Connections Director, Libby Rose email
Community and Care Director, Brandon Rose email
Kids’ Club Director, Emma Fix email
Student Ministry Director, Chris Mester email
Technical Director, Chris Pankau email
Project Manager, Stephanie Phillips email
Community Pastor, Terry Phillips email
Worship Leader, Brittany Sipling email
Connections Director, Kacie Bryant email
Community and Care Director, Caroline Draper email
Kids’ Club Director, Dawn Webb email
Student Ministry Director, Dakota Draper email
Experience Producer, Kearstin Eklund email
Project Manager, Kim Bauscher email
Community Pastor, Griff Ray email
Worship Leader and Community and Care Director, Mitch Winsett email
Kids’ Club Director, Heather Johnson email
Student Ministry Director, Terrell Wilson email
Experience Producer, Randy Roberts email
Community Pastor, John Gillispie email
Worship Leader, Chris Riddle email
Connections Director, John Sword email
Community & Care Director (with Rachael), Lynn Buckles email
Community & Care Director (with Lynn), Rachael Curvin email
Kids’ Club Director, Betsy Frost email
Student Ministry Director, Daniel McGee email
ReachOut Director, Brent Barger email
Experience Producer, Jennifer Carter email
Community Pastor, Tim Senff email
Worship Leader, Chris Smith email
Community Director, Abbey Abbott email
Connections Director, Alex Williams email
Host Director, Julie Shipley email
Kids’ Club Director, Maggie Sullivan email
ReachOut Director, Darin Kroger email
Experience Producer, Jen Meade email
Project Manager, Rebecca Hendrixson email
Community Pastor, Greg McElfresh email
Executive Director, Lynn Jankowski email
Worship Leader, Justin Mosteller email
Connections Director, Stacey Tudor email
Community and Care Director, Molly Cunningham email
Kids’ Club Director, Daniel Minera email
Student Ministry Director, Brody Shrader email
Facilities Manager, Andy Flinn email
Experience Producer, Joshua Korn email
Community Pastor, Josh Wade email
Connections Director, Darren Benton email
Community and Care Director, Thomas Zimmeran email
Kids’ Club Director, Abby Weinberger email
College Director, Meghan Pope email
ReachOut Director, Jake Armentrout email
Community Pastor, Steve Tilling email
Worship Leader, Nick Wall email
Connections Director, Sarah Brown email
Community and Care Director, Jon Price email
Kids’ Club Director, Christi Wergers email
Student Ministry Director, Rikki Morris email
ReachOut Director, Darin Kroger email
Experience Producer, Peter Docherty email
Project Manager, Michele Rueve email
Senior Pastor, Brian Tome (all emails go through Brian's assistant) email
Executive Pastor, Darin Yates email
Studio Director, Vivienne Bechtold email
Engagement Director, Terry Phillips email
Human Resources Director, LaTasha Patrick email
Finance and Operations Director, Season Huff email
Experience Director, Kyle Ranson email
Chief Technology Officer, Matt Welty email