Staff Contact List

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Main line - 513.731.7400
Fax line - 513.731.3978
Main email -
Leadership Team
Brian Tome, Senior Pastor (all emails go through Brian's assistant) email
Darin Yates, Executive Pastor email
Vivienne Bechtold, Director of Studio + Leadership Development & Pastor email
Illya Thomas, Spiritual Growth Director & Pastor email
Lena Schuler, Crossroads Anywhere Community Pastor email
Terry Phillips, Director of Multisite & Pastor email
LaTasha Patrick, Director of HR email
Glen Schneiders, Director of Central Kentucky & Pastor email
Season Huff, Director of Finance & Operations email
Kyle Ranson, Director of Experience Team & Pastor email
Matt Welty, Director of Technology & Digital Strategy & Pastor email
Oakley Campus
Chuck Mingo, Oakley Community Pastor & Teaching Pastor email
Lori Stansbury, Oakley Executive Director/Pastor email
Victor Martinez, Community Development Director email
Eric Trevino, First Impressions Director email
Bethany Orr, Kids' Club Director and Inclusion email
Jen Meade, HS-Student Ministry Director email
Brian Spears, Spiritual Growth Director email
Sean Davis, Spiritual Growth Site Leader email
Andy Thomas, Experience Producer email
Keymonte Crooms, ReachOut Site Director email
Micah Landers, Assistant Director of FI Site email
Mason Campus
Tim Senff, Mason Community Pastor email
Todd Bretz, First Impressions Director email
Beth Peery, Kids' Club Director email
Parker Sims, Student Ministry Director email
Karen Reed-Smith, Community Care Director email
Josh Benforado, Experience Producer email
Abbey Abbott, Spiritual Growth Director email
Bekah Carpenter, Inclusion Team Director email
Abby Lukey, Building Usage Requests email
Florence Campus
Malcolm Henderson, Florence Community Pastor email
Kacie Bryant, First Impressions Director email
Dawn Webb, Kids' Club Director email
Brian Tolle, Spiritual Growth Director/Pastor email
April Phillips, ReachOut Site Director email
Kyle Owens, Student Ministry Director email
Kim Bauscher, Building Usage Requests email
East Side Campus
Greg McElfresh, East Side Community Pastor email
Wes Edmonson, First Impressions Director email
Kristin Wooten, Kids' Club Director email
Libby Rose, Spiritual Growth Director email
Jamie Simms, Experience Producer email
Tara Dill, ReachOut Site Director email
Brian Kremer, Student Ministry Director email
Stephanie Phillips, Building Usage Requests email
Dayton Campus
Andy Reider, Dayton Community Pastor email
Jennifer Baker, Kids' Club and Student Ministry Director email
Keith Partridge, Spiritual Growth Director email
Matthew Letts, Site Director email
West Side Campus
Matt Castleman, West Side Community Pastor email
Joe Curry, First Impressions Director email
Bridget Spaeth, Kids' Club Director email
Alex Williams, Student Ministry Director email
Catie Castleman, Spiritual Growth Director email
Jon Price, Experience Producer email
Darin Kroger, ReachOut Site Director email
Patrick Conlon, Building Usage Requests email
Uptown Campus
Josh Wade, Uptown Community Pastor email
Chris Gauggel, First Impressions Director and Building Usage Requests email
Shannon Newlin, Kids' Club Director email
Jake Armentrout, Spiritual Growth Director/Pastor & ReachOut Director email
Chris Glover, Experience Producer email
Oxford Campus
Lisa Kuhn, Oxford Community Pastor email
Ross Mallaley, Experience Producer email
Lexington Campus
Bryan Carter, Lexington Community Pastor email
John Gillispie, First Impressions Director email
Betsy Frost, Kids' Club Director email
Daniel McGee, Student Ministry Director email
Lynn Buckles, Spiritual Growth Director email
Jennifer Carter, Experience Producer email
Rachael Curvin, Building Usage Requests email
Georgetown Campus
Griff Ray, Georgetown Community Pastor email
Heather Johnson, Kids' Club Director email
Heather Johnson, Reachout Site Director email
Randy Roberts, Experience Producer email
Noah Long, Student Ministry Director email
Heather Johnson, Building Usage Requests email
Mitch Winsett, Spritual Growth Site Leader email
Richmond Campus
David Reichley, Richmond Community Pastor email
Victoria Duerr, Richmond Spiritual Growth Site Leader email
Lori Murray, First Impressions Director email
Adrienne Bauer, Kids' Club Director email
Open, Spiritual Growth Director email
Seth Sizemore, Experience Producer email
Lori Murray, Building Usage Requests email
Crossroads Anywhere
Lena Schuler, Crossroads Anywhere email
David Albanese, Experience Producer email
First Impressions
Molly Cunningham, Director First Impressions Products and Services/Pastor email
Kids' Club & Student Ministry
Kim Botto, Director Kids' Club and Student Ministry Products and Services/Pastor email
Jason Eads, Central Kids' Club Site Director/Pastor email
Kirk Marshall, Student Ministry Creative Director email
Dave Little, Kids' Club Creative Director email
Stacey Tudor, Student Ministry Site Director email
Spiritual Growth and Groups
Greg Aukerman, Groups Director email
Illya Thomas, Spiritual Growth Director email
Kristen Fultcher, Discipleship Culture Director email
Paul Owens, Spiritual Growth Special Projects email
Molly Hare, Coaching & Training Director email
Steven Molloy, Digital Groups Director email
Experience Team
Kyle Ranson, Director of Experience Team /Pastor email
Craig Dockery, Creative Director/Pastor email
David Valentine, Director of Design and Video email
Rob Seddon, Content Director/Pastor email
Robbie Reider, Music/Worship Director email
Tye VonAllmen, Director of Weekend Experience email

Daniel Minera, Director of ReachOut email
Eboni Perkins, ReachOut Site Director for Mason email
Tara Dill, ReachOut Site Director for East Side email
Darin Kroger, ReachOut Site Director for West Side email
Jake Armentrout, ReachOut Site Director for Uptown email
Keymonte Crooms, ReachOut Site Director for Oakley email
Justin Biragane, ReachOut Site Director for Lexington and Richmond email
Rhonda Weber, ReachOut Site Director for Georgetown email
Open, ReachOut Site Director for Dayton email
April Phillips, ReachOut Site Director for Florence email
Matt Murphy, Director of Local & Domestic Partnerships email
Joe Jones, Director of Local Events email
Steve Tilling, Global ReachOut/GO Trip Director email
Tim Melton, Director of Camps email
Communications & Marketing
Brennan Hill, Director of Marketing email
Matt Welty, Director of Technology & Digital Strategy email
Human Resources, Construction and Finance
Season Huff, Director of Finance & Operations email
LaTasha Patrick, Director of HR email
Sue Landgrebe, Director of Construction email
Giving Inquiries email
Accounts Payable Inquiries email
Community Care Staff
Scott Dill, Director of Spiritual Support email
Brian Spears, Oakley Community Care Site Leader email
Premarital Process Coordination email
Dawn Satterwhite, Crisis Care Coordinator email
John Grooms, Director of Community Care email
Kelley Maher, Community Care Projects email