Be the Difference.

Fun fact: you were created with a specific purpose and equipped with unique gifts. Use those to be a part of community that is changing lives, starting with your own.
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Get in the Game

Use your God-given gifts to build into your community.


Creating fun, welcoming and safe spaces for the next generation of kids.



Help create an environment of welcome and fun.



Create immersive experiences for people to meet Jesus.


Community & Care

Help create spaces for people to be known & belong.



Work with the next generation of students to know and follow Jesus.


Unique Roles

Specialized roles that oftentimes require a set of unique skills.


Not sure where to start?

Tell us about yourself and we'll help you find your fit.

Why volunteer?

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10).

Jesus Told Us To
His is a tough act to follow, but volunteering our time is a nice way to share the love and grow.
It’s Actually Good For You
Volunteering has been shown to minimize stress and
It’s a Great Way To Make Friends
Pairing up with like-minded folks and working together to complete a task is an easy bake recipe for friends.
Since '96, People Like You Are The Foundation that Makes This All Possible
Volunteers are the only way a place with a mission such as ours can survive. It takes the buy in and consolidated effort of a full community of people who believe in a higher purpose.

Looking for other opportunities?

We got you.

Change The World. Go On A Trip.

Injustice. Unsafe drinking water. Food insecurity. Human trafficking. We are called to GO and take them on.

Serve The Community

We team up with local community partners so you can GO be a force for good in your neighborhood.

Your Spiritual