The New Mind | Week 3: From Fearful to Peace

We live in a world ruled by fear. We may call it “concern,” or “worry,” or “being prudent,” but the reality is that all of us are bound by fear in some areas of life. While fear is a useful tool, it is a terrible master, and one that God never meant us to live under. Today we’re going to talk about how to get free of fear—not by meditation, or positive thinking, or better planning, but by consistently giving those fears to God himself.

Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling...

Welcome to the Chaser–a few questions after the weekend service to start conversations and push a little deeper. Go on. Dive in.

  1. This week, we tackle fear. We’ll start with some typical (and sometimes funny) human fears. Like spiders and clowns and stuff. Tell your group about that one thing that always creeps you out. And if it comes with story, even better. Share it.

  2. Chuck told the story of a 94 year old Haitian woman who helped to plant over 300 churches. She “exuded the peace of God.” What does the peace of God mean to you? Who do you know that exudes it? Do you think they are ever afraid?

    (P+G)C = PEACE

  3. P is for Prayer. Prayer is the first step towards peace, so let’s share our experiences with it. Is it important to you? It is wishful thinking? Have you seen prayers answered? Is it part of your daily life? You know, stuff like that. (Oh, and this is a great time to share stories. Any answered prayers aren’t just for your benefit. They’re for everyone.)

    Bonus: if you want to grow in prayer downloading the Crossroads App is a great place to start. There are daily prayer exercises and other good stuff to discover.

  4. G is for Gratitude. Gratitude reminds us that God is faithful and good, even when things seem out of control. We can train in gratitude. Let’s do that now. Whoever has access to speakers, or the loudest phone, play this song. Listen to the words of the song and remember what comes to mind–no matter what it is or what you believe. When the song ends, share what you felt.

  5. C is In Christ. Someone read this passage out loud. As a group, talk about what jumped out at you. Have you ever felt “a sense of God’s wholeness?” What would it mean, or what would it take, for Christ to displace worry at the center of our lives?

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Start every day this week listening or watching this song. Then throughout the day, be on the lookout for a spirit of fear. If it comes, quickly turn to God. As you develop that reflex, share your progress with your group.

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