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This App is designed to help you forge a relationship with God. It’s a blend of challenge and support, connection and contentment. Getting to know God doesn’t have to be a big grand gesture. It can be a simple interaction through your phone and this app can help facilitate that.

Daily inspiration

You and God. One on one.

You’ll find daily prompts that will help you recognize your gifts and talents, and be reminded of God’s love. A great way to center yourself each morning.

Read together

Scripture is best when shared.

Read, reflect, then share your thoughts. You’ll find daily bible verses when you open your app as well as the ability to journal about what you read. You can publish this if you like. Also, you can see the reflections on the passage from others — including pastors in your neighborhood or part of the Crossroads community.

Pray together

Be prayed for. Pray for others.

We are amplifying the power of prayer. Your prayers can be added, and shared with the Crossroads community. People you don’t even know will hear you, and pray for you. Likewise, you can see what others are facing — and pray for them, too.

Stay up to date

What’s being said and what’s being done

You’ll find the doings of Crossroads here. The latest videos, articles and clips from service. It’s a window into the culture of Crossroads in real time. The things we care about, and the issues we’re taking on.

Access our library

All our work is here. For you.

From articles to guides, music to podcasts — our content was created to help you connect your world to God. This is so much more than bible studies (though we have those too). Check it out. Search for what’s on your mind or the issues your facing. There’s a good chance we’ve got something that speaks to you.

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