We Are All Managers | Taking Control Week 1

Influence. Resources. Relationships. Talent. Opportunities. No matter who you are, God has put things in your hands to manage. That’s right—manage. That stuff you have? It isn’t yours—and having a successful, fulfilling life depends on how you choose to manage the things God has given you.

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    A life with God doesn't have to be boring.
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    You were made for adventure.
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    It can be a heart pounding life of purpose.
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    Join us every weekend for 30 minutes of challenge, hope,
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    and encouragement to guide you on your spiritual adventure.
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    - Does this feel like your life right now?
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    You can't control everything,
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    but you can control more than you think.
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    Taking control: a new Crossroads weekly streaming series.
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    Learn how to take control of what God gave you.
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  • 00:00:40
    - Hey, I'm Chuck, thanks for joining us today.
  • 00:00:42
    We're starting a new series called Taking Control,
  • 00:00:44
    hopefully more than I took control of that remote control car.
  • 00:00:48
    But you know, it's easy to feel like things are out of control,
  • 00:00:51
    especially in this year, 2020, it's been crazy, right?
  • 00:00:55
    But what we're going to learn in this series
  • 00:00:57
    is that God has given us more control than we think.
  • 00:01:00
    We're going to kick off today with Brian
  • 00:01:02
    talking about the job that God has given all of us to do.
  • 00:01:17
    - Hi, my name is Brian Tome, Senior Pastor at Crossroads Church.
  • 00:01:20
    And no, I'm not performing a wedding today.
  • 00:01:24
    No, I didn't just come from a funeral
  • 00:01:27
    and I don't have a job interview either.
  • 00:01:30
    I am appropriately dressed for the occasion.
  • 00:01:33
    I am in business attire.
  • 00:01:36
    We're going to talk about a spiritual principle
  • 00:01:39
    that is a key principle for everybody
  • 00:01:43
    who goes to a new place spiritually.
  • 00:01:46
    It is one of the things that separates the spiritual greats
  • 00:01:50
    from the spiritual wah-wahs.
  • 00:01:53
    It's the concept of managing.
  • 00:01:56
    It's the concept that everything that I can see,
  • 00:02:00
    that I can receive, that I can do is actually God's.
  • 00:02:05
    It's not mine.
  • 00:02:06
    I am here to be a manager, a manager.
  • 00:02:10
    Now, Jesus would talk about this multiple times
  • 00:02:14
    and He gives a classic story, He gives two versions of it.
  • 00:02:18
    We're going to look at it today.
  • 00:02:19
    It's known as the parable of the talents.
  • 00:02:22
    And there's another one called the parable of the minas.
  • 00:02:24
    And I'm going to reference mostly the parable of the minas today.
  • 00:02:27
    It comes the Book of Luke 19:12-13.
  • 00:02:31
    Here's how it starts, Jesus says that:
  • 00:02:48
    Or engage in business until I come.
  • 00:02:52
    Jesus is pro-business and He actually uses business language
  • 00:02:57
    and business metaphors to help us understand who God is,
  • 00:03:00
    to help us understand eternity.
  • 00:03:03
    Big idea that we've got to get down first is
  • 00:03:06
    you and I are managers; we're not owners.
  • 00:03:11
    You and I are managers, not owners.
  • 00:03:15
    We don't own anything.
  • 00:03:18
    We didn't create our skin.
  • 00:03:20
    We didn't create our brain.
  • 00:03:21
    We didn't create our life.
  • 00:03:22
    And therefore, we don't own it.
  • 00:03:24
    It's not proprietary to us.
  • 00:03:27
    The very first chapter in the Bible, it nails us
  • 00:03:33
    on not understanding our role in the cosmos.
  • 00:03:36
    God creates the the heavens and the earth
  • 00:03:38
    and He puts men and women, Adam and Eve,
  • 00:03:43
    in the garden to take care of it.
  • 00:03:45
    You know, I just get so weary of like,
  • 00:03:48
    all the dinosaur questions, like were Adam and Eve riding dinosaurs?
  • 00:03:54
    No, they weren't riding dinosaurs.
  • 00:03:55
    And no, I don't believe that Triceratops was in the garden.
  • 00:04:01
    I don't. I don't believe that at all.
  • 00:04:03
    It's important to understand and figure out
  • 00:04:05
    what you believe about dinosaurs
  • 00:04:07
    and how the world was created
  • 00:04:08
    and how long ago it came up into being
  • 00:04:10
    and those seven little 24 hour days.
  • 00:04:13
    Fine. We can have those discussions some other time.
  • 00:04:17
    But that's not the point. It's not the point of Genesis 1.
  • 00:04:20
    Genesis 1 is not written to be our science text.
  • 00:04:24
    Genesis 1 is written for spiritual truth, and that is
  • 00:04:27
    that you and I are placed in the garden to manage it.
  • 00:04:31
    This world is not ours. We didn't create it.
  • 00:04:33
    We're here to manage it.
  • 00:04:35
    The most ardent and healthy environmentalists
  • 00:04:39
    should be people who follow Jesus,
  • 00:04:42
    should be people who believe in God,
  • 00:04:45
    who recognize that this earth is an amazing blessing.
  • 00:04:48
    As I go out west and I overland,
  • 00:04:51
    spewing my carbon emissions all over, God bless America.
  • 00:04:55
    I also want to pick up my trash because I recognize
  • 00:04:58
    that it's a blessing, the Earth is, I need to take care of it.
  • 00:05:01
    Your job, it's not your job.
  • 00:05:03
    You didn't create your job.
  • 00:05:04
    You didn't invent your job.
  • 00:05:05
    Your family, it's not your family.
  • 00:05:08
    We say my family because that shows
  • 00:05:10
    that I've got a hyper, hyper responsibility here.
  • 00:05:13
    But you didn't create the semen that created your kids.
  • 00:05:16
    If you're married, you didn't do anything
  • 00:05:18
    to cause his or her heart and liver to be there.
  • 00:05:22
    Somebody else created that.
  • 00:05:24
    Your gifts, your talents,
  • 00:05:26
    do you really think they came from you?
  • 00:05:28
    If you're a great salesman, do you really think
  • 00:05:30
    your winning personality was developed by you?
  • 00:05:35
    Do you really think if you have a way with numbers
  • 00:05:38
    that your way with numbers maybe is influenced
  • 00:05:41
    by how God put together your brain
  • 00:05:43
    and not just what your chosen major was in college?
  • 00:05:46
    The money you have, have you done anything to ever
  • 00:05:49
    make a golden nugget that will be mined from a mountain?
  • 00:05:54
    Have you done anything that would earn you the right
  • 00:05:58
    to be born in America in a capitalistic place
  • 00:06:01
    where you can actually earn income?
  • 00:06:03
    You didn't choose any of that stuff
  • 00:06:04
    and therefore we don't own any of those things.
  • 00:06:07
    God has blessed us.
  • 00:06:08
    Our education, our education, that's another.
  • 00:06:11
    I can go on and on and on and on
  • 00:06:13
    about things that you and I have, we're blessed with,
  • 00:06:16
    that we're there to manage and take care of.
  • 00:06:19
    When I borrow people stuff and I've messed it up,
  • 00:06:22
    it's really -- it really is troublesome.
  • 00:06:23
    I mean, I had borrowed somebody's boat
  • 00:06:26
    and engine went out on me.
  • 00:06:27
    That that was a hyper, hyper bummer.
  • 00:06:29
    I've driven a friend's car, Kathy was her name,
  • 00:06:31
    in snow and I went off the road and hit a guardrail.
  • 00:06:34
    That bummed me out.
  • 00:06:35
    Why? Because those things aren't mine.
  • 00:06:37
    I feel horrible about it,
  • 00:06:39
    utterly horrible because they're not mine.
  • 00:06:42
    That's how we should feel about everything God's given us.
  • 00:06:44
    We should be thankful for it and we should have
  • 00:06:48
    a sense of sobriety that I've got to take care of this.
  • 00:06:51
    Hey, welcome to Middle Management. Welcome. Welcome.
  • 00:06:54
    Where there's God up here and there's all the things
  • 00:06:58
    and all the accolades and all the accomplishment
  • 00:07:00
    and wedged right in the middle is you and I as middle managers.
  • 00:07:05
    Book of Psalms 24:1 says: The Earth is the Lord's
  • 00:07:10
    and the fullness thereof,
  • 00:07:12
    the world and all those who dwell within.
  • 00:07:17
    So what's God's?
  • 00:07:18
    Well, the earth, that's God's.
  • 00:07:22
    The Earth is the Lord's.
  • 00:07:23
    And also, make sure we get this right, and the world His.
  • 00:07:27
    And of course, all those who dwell within it.
  • 00:07:30
    Who's the those? That's the you and I.
  • 00:07:34
    If you're a follower of Jesus, it is vital you understand
  • 00:07:39
    you're a manager of God's assets.
  • 00:07:41
    This helps alleviate stress
  • 00:07:43
    and this gives purpose to our lives
  • 00:07:45
    and it puts us in our proper spiritual place.
  • 00:07:48
    We don't own anything.
  • 00:07:50
    God owns it all and He's given you and I a job to take care of it.
  • 00:07:55
    We're going to be the best middle managers we possibly can.
  • 00:08:09
    I'm actually here just getting a new profile picture
  • 00:08:12
    for my LinkedIn account.
  • 00:08:18
    Yeah, you know, any of us who have ever had a paycheck
  • 00:08:24
    have been managed.
  • 00:08:26
    When you get a paycheck, somebody signs that paycheck,
  • 00:08:28
    somebody you're reporting to
  • 00:08:29
    and and we've all had good managers and bad managers.
  • 00:08:32
    I've had good managers and bad managers.
  • 00:08:34
    I actually had a really great manager who who oversaw me
  • 00:08:37
    on my first job flipping hamburgers at Hardee's.
  • 00:08:40
    I had a really good manager,
  • 00:08:41
    the first guy who taught me construction work.
  • 00:08:45
    I worked for Scott Federoff, really, really great.
  • 00:08:46
    I've had some good managers. I've had some bad managers.
  • 00:08:50
    What's really crazy is the number of people
  • 00:08:52
    who are in church work and don't have good managers.
  • 00:08:58
    Like in church work or in work where we're saying that
  • 00:09:01
    we're about God stuff, we're saying that He owns all things,
  • 00:09:04
    you would think that we'd have a better reputation
  • 00:09:08
    for managing the people around us
  • 00:09:09
    because they're actually God's children.
  • 00:09:10
    They're God's people and you want to elevate them
  • 00:09:14
    and have them do more than we've ever done.
  • 00:09:16
    In the NFL, no secret, NFL coaches are not great managers.
  • 00:09:20
    They're there to put wins on the board
  • 00:09:23
    for the owner of that team.
  • 00:09:25
    They're not there to develop their staff,
  • 00:09:27
    so their staff can go on and win things.
  • 00:09:29
    That's why it normally doesn't happen,
  • 00:09:31
    but what it does is a pretty powerful thing.
  • 00:09:34
    I don't know if someone is developing you.
  • 00:09:36
    I'm just trying to develop you right now.
  • 00:09:38
    This is actually a sense of management I have.
  • 00:09:40
    If you're with me right now,
  • 00:09:41
    I feel responsibility before God to develop you,
  • 00:09:44
    to help you understand things in the spiritual realm
  • 00:09:46
    that you've got to understand
  • 00:09:47
    if you're going to get to the next place.
  • 00:09:50
    Every good manager recognizes that they don't own anything.
  • 00:09:54
    And this takes a good degree of stress off.
  • 00:09:57
    It means I can say to you what I know that God wants you to hear,
  • 00:10:00
    and if you don't like it, well, that's between you and Him.
  • 00:10:02
    It's not between to me and you.
  • 00:10:04
    It means that when something goes wrong in my life,
  • 00:10:07
    well, it's God's life. It's not my life. I don't own it.
  • 00:10:10
    It means when my resources go down in my retirement account,
  • 00:10:14
    I may not like it. I may need to shift some things around,
  • 00:10:16
    but they're God's resources, not mine.
  • 00:10:19
    And when my kids have a problem,
  • 00:10:20
    I know I've got to step in and I've got to deal with it.
  • 00:10:22
    Maybe it's a bad medical diagnosis, something like that.
  • 00:10:25
    I can roll that stress right off my back
  • 00:10:27
    because they're not my kid, they're actually God's kids.
  • 00:10:31
    It means when someone asks to borrow something of mine,
  • 00:10:35
    I'm more likely to say yes because, why?
  • 00:10:37
    It's not mine, it's God's.
  • 00:10:39
    This is an incredibly light and free way to live,
  • 00:10:41
    instead of this American thing where I own everything,
  • 00:10:44
    I have to consume everything, and everything is mine.
  • 00:10:46
    The best managers understand it's not their stuff,
  • 00:10:50
    it's God stuff and I'm not going to get attached to it.
  • 00:10:53
    I'm going to develop it. I'm going to take care of it.
  • 00:10:56
    I may need to let it go at various points, but when you do this,
  • 00:10:59
    this has massive implications for your life,
  • 00:11:02
    massive implications for your spiritual life.
  • 00:11:05
    There are great middle managers
  • 00:11:07
    and that's what I want you to be.
  • 00:11:09
    And there's not so great middle managers.
  • 00:11:12
    The great middle managers have untold rewards
  • 00:11:16
    that are coming their way.
  • 00:11:18
    Not so great middle managers, well, not so at all.
  • 00:11:23
    We'll talk about that next.
  • 00:11:34
    - I think we all have areas of our life that we just let go,
  • 00:11:36
    so I hope that you're feeling the challenge
  • 00:11:38
    that I'm feeling to maybe get more control
  • 00:11:41
    in a specific area of your life.
  • 00:11:43
    One of the things I never want to let go of
  • 00:11:44
    is my gratitude for God, for His generosity, the way He provides.
  • 00:11:48
    And it's one of the reasons that I give.
  • 00:11:50
    If you want to give and be a part
  • 00:11:51
    of what God's doing at Crossroads go to Crossroads.net/give
  • 00:11:54
    or text the word Crossroads to 313131.
  • 00:11:58
    Now, if you're in the regular habit
  • 00:11:59
    of giving 10% of your income to the church,
  • 00:12:01
    then you're part of something already called the Blue Team.
  • 00:12:04
    Those are the folks who have committed to say,
  • 00:12:05
    "Hey, we want to invest in what God's doing around here."
  • 00:12:08
    You can find out more at Crossroads.net/blueteam.
  • 00:12:10
    But know this, your giving is fueling life change in our church.
  • 00:12:14
    One of the ways that happens every year is through the Journey.
  • 00:12:17
    It's coming up in just a couple of weeks.
  • 00:12:19
    It's a six week focus where we look at something,
  • 00:12:21
    wrestle with a question.
  • 00:12:22
    This year we're wrestling with the question: is God good?
  • 00:12:25
    I can tell you over the life of being around Crossroads,
  • 00:12:28
    the Journey changes lives.
  • 00:12:29
    Let's take a look at a video of some lives
  • 00:12:31
    that have been impacted by previous Journeys.
  • 00:12:39
    - The Journey Home caused me to realize
  • 00:12:41
    that God wanted a relationship with me
  • 00:12:43
    and there were things that were getting in the way,
  • 00:12:45
    and my job at that point in time was one of them.
  • 00:12:47
    So the Journey Home actually caused me to quit my job and
  • 00:12:51
    actually helped me lean into the community that was around me.
  • 00:12:53
    - The Purpose & Play Journey helped my husband and I
  • 00:12:56
    realize that we are a team
  • 00:12:58
    and God has different purposes for us through our life.
  • 00:13:01
    And it taught me that right now my purpose is to be a good mom and a good wife.
  • 00:13:06
    - I didn't necessarily know what I was doing
  • 00:13:09
    coming alongside the Brave Journey.
  • 00:13:11
    I knew I had friends there
  • 00:13:13
    and I knew I was going to be meeting new people.
  • 00:13:14
    And ultimately those people were able to be the voice of God
  • 00:13:18
    that allowed me to start my new business.
  • 00:13:20
    - The next Crossroads Journey starts October 3rd.
  • 00:13:23
    Five weeks that could change your life.
  • 00:13:26
    - Do the Journey.
  • 00:13:27
    - Really do the Journey.
  • 00:13:29
    - Seriously do the Journey.
  • 00:13:45
    - You will be rewarded and judged for how well you manage.
  • 00:13:50
    Now, outside of the right context
  • 00:13:52
    for that saying I just said, it could really be unhealthy.
  • 00:13:55
    Let me say it again, you'll be rewarded and judged
  • 00:13:59
    by how well you manage.
  • 00:14:00
    Now, we're not talking here about in the grand scheme of things
  • 00:14:04
    who goes to heaven and who doesn't.
  • 00:14:06
    We go to heaven based on one thing:
  • 00:14:09
    whether or not we receive Jesus.
  • 00:14:11
    We go to heaven based on one thing:
  • 00:14:13
    whether or not He is our forgiveness.
  • 00:14:16
    We go to heaven based on one thing:
  • 00:14:17
    whether or not our unrighteousness is transferred to His back
  • 00:14:21
    and His righteousness is transferred to our back.
  • 00:14:24
    That's the great exchange.
  • 00:14:26
    That's the greatest wire transfer that's ever happened in business.
  • 00:14:29
    My stuff on Him and His stuff on me.
  • 00:14:31
    And when God looks at somebody who's received Christ,
  • 00:14:34
    who's received his Holy Spirit,
  • 00:14:36
    He sees pureness, He sees holiness.
  • 00:14:39
    God causes all things to work together for good
  • 00:14:42
    for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.
  • 00:14:46
    The Bible says that Jesus became sin,
  • 00:14:50
    the one who knew no sin, for us who had sin.
  • 00:14:53
    So we're talking about here in management this is about how well this life works for you.
  • 00:14:59
    This is about rewards that may come to you in this life,
  • 00:15:01
    unique to this life
  • 00:15:02
    or rewards that may come to you when you're in heaven
  • 00:15:06
    because there are different rewards in heaven.
  • 00:15:10
    And actually, not to go hyper deep on you,
  • 00:15:11
    but there's actually different punishments in hell.
  • 00:15:15
    I'm throwing a lot of deep stuff at you.
  • 00:15:16
    I don't have time to give you all these verses here today.
  • 00:15:18
    I'm just making sure you understand
  • 00:15:20
    you're not going to manage your way to heaven,
  • 00:15:21
    you're not going to earn your way to heaven.
  • 00:15:23
    Jesus get you to heaven.
  • 00:15:24
    But, for those of us who have relationship with Him,
  • 00:15:28
    we recognize that we are His, He owns us,
  • 00:15:33
    and everything in my life is owned by God.
  • 00:15:35
    I now have to manage what He's given me.
  • 00:15:41
    He is my boss and He wants to know
  • 00:15:44
    whether or not I'm taking care of His stuff.
  • 00:15:46
    He's my boss and He wants to know whether or not I'm on His agenda.
  • 00:15:51
    He's my boss who gets to define what I do with my life
  • 00:15:54
    and what I have with my life.
  • 00:15:56
    In fact understand that my life isn't mine
  • 00:15:59
    and nothing in my life is mine.
  • 00:16:02
    Jesus tried to spell this out in this parable.
  • 00:16:05
    Let's keep reading it in Luke 19:14 and following,
  • 00:16:09
    this noble person who gives wealth to people to manage.
  • 00:16:13
    And it says:
  • 00:16:54
    Now, let's stop right there and talk about what's going on here.
  • 00:16:58
    When Jesus tells a parable, He has people or objects
  • 00:17:03
    that represent eternal things, eternal truths.
  • 00:17:06
    The noblemen, the owner is God, it's Him who goes away,
  • 00:17:13
    meaning He's not distant from us.
  • 00:17:16
    He's just not as visibly obvious in our day to day lives.
  • 00:17:21
    As a result of Him not being as obvious in our day to day lives,
  • 00:17:25
    it makes room for all kinds of doubters,
  • 00:17:29
    all kinds of cynics, all kinds of scoffers.
  • 00:17:32
    In fact, it goes from that to actually them hating him.
  • 00:17:37
    This is actually very much what we have
  • 00:17:38
    in many corners of our culture today.
  • 00:17:41
    People are cynical towards God, scoffing towards God,
  • 00:17:44
    actually hate Him in His absence.
  • 00:17:48
    We're not sure exactly why this is, it just is.
  • 00:17:51
    It's been the way it's been for 2000 years.
  • 00:17:54
    People being doubters and cynical and skeptical is --
  • 00:17:58
    that's an old, old, old, old thing.
  • 00:18:00
    Maybe part of it is the bitterness and frustrations
  • 00:18:03
    that we have that no matter how much we try
  • 00:18:04
    we just can't be God.
  • 00:18:07
    We just can't attain to His level.
  • 00:18:09
    We just can't accomplish all the things we want to accomplish.
  • 00:18:12
    We just can't keep our lives together
  • 00:18:14
    the way we want to keep it together.
  • 00:18:15
    That's how we know we're not God.
  • 00:18:17
    Life isn't going the way we all wanted it.
  • 00:18:18
    If we were God, life would be going perfectly; wouldn't it?
  • 00:18:21
    So what happens with many of us is
  • 00:18:23
    we just get more angry, more cynical, more doubtful.
  • 00:18:30
    And yet, God gives things to people and gives minas,
  • 00:18:36
    or a mina.
  • 00:18:39
    Mina, mena, whatever you want to call it.
  • 00:18:41
    This is a sum that's roughly worth about four months of wages.
  • 00:18:47
    So these people get four months of wages
  • 00:18:49
    to figure out what they're going to actually do with it.
  • 00:18:53
    First one comes says, "Man, I took those minas, I got 10.
  • 00:18:57
    I doubled them. I doubled it, totally."
  • 00:19:01
    He's like, "Wow, way to go. Phenomenal, phenomenal."
  • 00:19:04
    Second person comes, says, "I took these ones
  • 00:19:06
    and I got you that and more.
  • 00:19:09
    I took five and I got five more on top of that."
  • 00:19:12
    He said, "Wow. That's amazing. Amazing."
  • 00:19:14
    In both situations what the master says,
  • 00:19:19
    who represents God, what he says is,
  • 00:19:21
    "I'm going to put you over 10 cities."
  • 00:19:25
    "I'm going to put you over five cities."
  • 00:19:29
    What's He saying here?
  • 00:19:30
    He's saying that the responsibilities that He gives him
  • 00:19:36
    is commensurate to how well he's managed what he had.
  • 00:19:41
    I'm in this corporate corner office in a high rise now.
  • 00:19:47
    I don't know anything about the person whose office this is.
  • 00:19:49
    There's a kind person who is allowing us to be in his office.
  • 00:19:52
    I don't think about him except for this.
  • 00:19:56
    Whatever skills and abilities he had
  • 00:19:58
    when he was in the mailroom, he used them and deployed them
  • 00:20:03
    to get to a place where he could have a corner office.
  • 00:20:07
    Whatever skills and whatever he had when he was in a cubicle,
  • 00:20:10
    he worked at really, really hard
  • 00:20:14
    to be able to get to a office like this.
  • 00:20:20
    There are things that God wants to give you
  • 00:20:24
    and there's things that God wants to steward you with,
  • 00:20:29
    give you to steward, that's the old time Church-y word,
  • 00:20:34
    that He will not do until He knows that
  • 00:20:37
    you're going to manage His stuff really, really well.
  • 00:20:41
    Remember that old movie with, oh, what's his name?
  • 00:20:45
    Will, Will, Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
  • 00:20:47
    Why can't I remember? Will Smith.
  • 00:20:50
    It was The Art of Happiness or something like that,
  • 00:20:53
    or pursuit -- Pursuit of Happiness, that was it.
  • 00:20:54
    The Pursuit of Happiness. Really, really interesting movie.
  • 00:20:58
    This guy works his way up from poverty
  • 00:21:00
    and he tries to land this money manager,
  • 00:21:03
    his personal retirement accounts, he wants to manage his accounts.
  • 00:21:08
    And the guy looks at him and says, "You can't.
  • 00:21:11
    You can't, you can't measure my --
  • 00:21:13
    You can't take my money, you're just -- you're new at this.
  • 00:21:16
    I'm not going to give you my portfolio."
  • 00:21:19
    And Will Smith's character then goes and he starts working
  • 00:21:22
    with people who are entry level workers
  • 00:21:24
    and he starts working his way up.
  • 00:21:25
    That's basically what this guy is saying,
  • 00:21:27
    no one who has millions and millions and millions
  • 00:21:30
    of dollars is going to just drop it on somebody who has no history.
  • 00:21:35
    And yet we expect God, who has gazillions and gazillions
  • 00:21:39
    and gazillions of resources,
  • 00:21:41
    who owns the cattle on a thousand hills,
  • 00:21:43
    we expect Him to just drop something in my lap
  • 00:21:46
    and allow me to do whatever I want with it.
  • 00:21:48
    And why aren't you blessing me and giving me more
  • 00:21:50
    and giving me more?
  • 00:21:51
    We're missing the point.
  • 00:21:53
    It's not about you and I having more.
  • 00:21:55
    It's not about you and I having the life we want.
  • 00:21:57
    It's about you and I being managers of God stuff.
  • 00:22:01
    Every dollar you have, it's not yours, it's God's.
  • 00:22:04
    Every house you have, if you have multiple houses,
  • 00:22:06
    they're God's.
  • 00:22:09
    Every car you own, every skill you have,
  • 00:22:12
    all the hand eye coordination you have,
  • 00:22:14
    your sense of humor, the country you live in,
  • 00:22:19
    the children you have, the insights you have,
  • 00:22:22
    the wisdom, it's all God's.
  • 00:22:24
    And so you get to decide whether or not
  • 00:22:27
    you're going to put it into play.
  • 00:22:28
    And if you put that into play,
  • 00:22:30
    that takes root and it grows.
  • 00:22:33
    Guess what He does? He gives you more.
  • 00:22:36
    He gives you more and He gives you more.
  • 00:22:38
    In our culture, we just get so cynical of people
  • 00:22:40
    who are doing well.
  • 00:22:43
    I think we get cynical of some people who walk closely with God
  • 00:22:47
    and are doing really, really well.
  • 00:22:48
    Have you ever considered that there's a lot of people
  • 00:22:50
    walk close with God who are doing really, really well
  • 00:22:52
    because God is rewarding them?
  • 00:22:55
    Have you are considered they're really a good manager
  • 00:22:57
    and God considers them worthy of more influence,
  • 00:23:02
    worthy of more resources?
  • 00:23:06
    Have we ever considered that the reason why
  • 00:23:07
    some of us perpetually struggle is that God is not willing
  • 00:23:11
    to give us anything else because we squander and don't use
  • 00:23:14
    and don't put into play everything He already has given to us?
  • 00:23:18
    Friends, this is a massive, massive principal.
  • 00:23:24
    Story continues, it says:
  • 00:24:23
  • 00:24:27
    Could I remind us that this is Jesus telling this story?
  • 00:24:31
    Can I remind us that this is the one who's supposed to be
  • 00:24:35
    perfect, lovey dovey, and never says anything that bothers us?
  • 00:24:38
    Yeah, that's Jesus telling us this story.
  • 00:24:42
    He says, "Man, it is not good when God comes around
  • 00:24:47
    and He sees somebody who has not grown what He's given them.
  • 00:24:51
    It is not good when God comes around
  • 00:24:54
    and He sees someone gone all conservative
  • 00:24:56
    and just trying to save something and tuck it away.
  • 00:24:59
    Guy's like, "Look, I buried it. I put it in my handkerchief.
  • 00:25:01
    Here it is."
  • 00:25:02
    Every time He tells that story,
  • 00:25:03
    a similar one is parable of the talents.
  • 00:25:06
    In that one the guy buries it in the ground.
  • 00:25:08
    So Jesus is very anti anybody burying anything in the ground.
  • 00:25:12
    He's very anti wrapping it up in a handkerchief.
  • 00:25:16
    You know, it's like the thing we all know,
  • 00:25:19
    how do you make a handkerchief dance?
  • 00:25:21
    You put a little boogie in it.
  • 00:25:25
    That's a classic, that's a classic dad joke, it really is.
  • 00:25:28
    Speaking of dad, I'm 54 years old right now.
  • 00:25:32
    And, you know, you accumulate some wisdom over the years,
  • 00:25:36
    things that you've learned over the years.
  • 00:25:39
    And I have a responsibility, opportunity,
  • 00:25:43
    and I might even say burden
  • 00:25:45
    to help as many people as possible with that.
  • 00:25:46
    In between these takes I'm doing right here,
  • 00:25:49
    I've been looking at my Instagram questions.
  • 00:25:51
    Every other Wednesday people ask a bunch of questions.
  • 00:25:54
    And I mean, I'm talking hundreds come in,
  • 00:25:56
    some really, really deep ones,
  • 00:25:58
    some really just stupid, whimsical ones.
  • 00:26:00
    I kind of do some whimsical answers.
  • 00:26:02
    I do some deep answers too.
  • 00:26:04
    And I'm doing that because of this principle,
  • 00:26:07
    because God has any wisdom I have, and I'm not perfect.
  • 00:26:10
    I don't have all wisdom. I make mistakes.
  • 00:26:12
    I believe the wrong things.
  • 00:26:13
    I don't know what I believe the wrong things about,
  • 00:26:14
    but I know I have the wrong attitudes
  • 00:26:15
    and I know I'm not perfect.
  • 00:26:17
    I don't have the perfect ideas of everything.
  • 00:26:19
    But I know this: whatever God has given me,
  • 00:26:23
    if I don't grow that,
  • 00:26:25
    if I don't get that into other people's lives,
  • 00:26:27
    if I don't help them, God is not going to be happy.
  • 00:26:31
    I will have wasted my life if I just stop
  • 00:26:34
    and I just protect where I am right now
  • 00:26:36
    and I just make sure I don't make any mistakes
  • 00:26:38
    with my life right now and keep everything safe.
  • 00:26:39
    No, I'm constantly looking for
  • 00:26:41
    how can I how can I grow that influence?
  • 00:26:44
    How can I replicate that wisdom?
  • 00:26:45
    How can I help other people?
  • 00:26:48
    What is it that God has blessed you with
  • 00:26:51
    and are you sticking it in your pocket
  • 00:26:54
    or are you putting it to work?
  • 00:26:58
    I'm telling you, if you're putting it to work,
  • 00:26:59
    get ready for more opportunities are coming your way.
  • 00:27:04
    Get ready for more things that are going to come down the pike.
  • 00:27:07
    Get ready.
  • 00:27:09
    Get ready for God to do something different in your life.
  • 00:27:11
    Get ready for new things that are going to be good things.
  • 00:27:15
    I'm not promising you health and wealth, friends, I'm not.
  • 00:27:17
    We've tried to apologize away
  • 00:27:20
    the awful health and wealth prosperity gospel.
  • 00:27:22
    It's all awful. It is, it is.
  • 00:27:24
    But we also need to understand these teachings of Jesus,
  • 00:27:27
    they're here in black and white and says very, very clearly,
  • 00:27:30
    if you want to rule over cities.
  • 00:27:31
    You want five cities, you want ten cities?
  • 00:27:33
    How much responsibility do you want?
  • 00:27:36
    It all comes down to how well you manage your life
  • 00:27:41
    and you embrace being a manager of things and not an owner.
  • 00:27:47
    I'm going to pray for you right now.
  • 00:27:48
    God, I thank You that You are a God who is patient
  • 00:27:54
    and You're a God who has incredible generosity with us.
  • 00:27:59
    And that You actually include us in Your work, You entrust us.
  • 00:28:03
    It's crazy that You entrust to me
  • 00:28:06
    the things You've entrusted to me.
  • 00:28:08
    God, I pray this time we've had together
  • 00:28:11
    it would lead to huge spiritual growth
  • 00:28:14
    and a huge future that is better tomorrow
  • 00:28:18
    than our past was yesterday.
  • 00:28:22
    God, just bolt to our mind right now,
  • 00:28:24
    pop rivet it to our mind right now,
  • 00:28:26
    what is the thing that we need to unbury and put into play?
  • 00:28:30
    I pray these things according to the character
  • 00:28:32
    and identity of Jesus. Amen.
  • 00:28:37
    - What a powerful message of hope in a time when it's easy to be hopeless.
  • 00:28:41
    I'm so thankful for that.
  • 00:28:43
    And the reason we can have hope is because God is faithful.
  • 00:28:46
    So right now, we're going to have a chance to say that to Him,
  • 00:28:49
    to be thankful for a God who is always faithful.
  • 00:37:58
    - I hope you inspired to take control
  • 00:38:00
    of what God has given you to manage.
  • 00:38:02
    I know we're talking through screens
  • 00:38:04
    and we're not in our buildings, but we are one chat away.
  • 00:38:07
    If you want to talk with someone about what's going on
  • 00:38:08
    in your life, chat with us at Crossroads.net.
  • 00:38:11
    We talked about the Good God Journey. It's coming up.
  • 00:38:13
    And for the Journey to be powerful, you've got to get in a group.
  • 00:38:16
    If you want to find out groups that are meeting
  • 00:38:18
    in your area or online, go to Crossroads.net/journey.
  • 00:38:22
    I'll see you next week.
  • 00:38:30
    - Thanks for watching.
  • 00:38:31
    and I want to help you go on your spiritual adventure.
  • 00:38:35
    We have a community of people that gathers online
  • 00:38:37
    to go on an adventure together
  • 00:38:39
    through processing the weekend message
  • 00:38:41
    and applying it week in and week out.
  • 00:38:44
    We call these Weekend Follow-up Groups
  • 00:38:46
    and you could join one today from anywhere you are
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    by heading to Crossroads.net/onlinecommunity.
  • 00:38:51
    It might just be the thing that takes you
  • 00:38:53
    to the next place on your adventure with God.
  • 00:38:56
    We'll see you next week.

Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling...

Welcome to the Weekend Follow Up.

  1. Share the best & worst job you’ve ever had and make sure you hit on the why for both. We love a good story.

  2. Read Psalm 24:1. God says we are managers, not owners. What’s your first reaction to hearing that? Relieved? Angry? Confused? Challenged? Share that reaction and why you picked it.

  3. This is a little long, but read Luke 19:11-27. Share with the group what God has given you to be responsible for that you feel like you’re managing well. It can be anything from career, finances, relationships, etc. How are you managing it well? Humble brags encouraged.

  4. What is the thing you feel God is asking you to grow in managing well? Share how you’ve been using God’s resources and one way you could increase your impact with what He has given you this week.

  5. Everyone take a minute to listen on your own. Ask God to encourage you as a manager. Note anything that comes to mind that so you can keep that encouragement throughout the week. After that minute, one person close with a prayer: “God I thank you for being patient and incredibly generous. Thank you for including us and trusting us in your work. We ask for clarity and to hear your voice more on how you want us to move with what you have given us.

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