is god good?

Wrestling with this question has the power to dismantle our anxiety and change our lives. Stepping into God’s goodness leads to peace, belonging, and potential that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Journey Next Steps What's a Journey?

The Good God Journey starts October 3

2020 has been hard on everyone. A journey is a chance to reconnect, learn, and grow together. As far as getting back to some sort of rhythm, it might just be the best thing you do all year.

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What's a Journey

Thousands of people (kids and adults) coming together to focus on a single topic that's designed to take everyone to new heights on their faith journey. It’s a five-week adventure combining incredible content, individual challenges, and a time to connect in a group setting. You may even make some new friends along the way.

Journey Next Steps

Download The Crossroads Anywhere App

It’s packed with a ton of features that can help you grow spiritually, including a GOOD GOD! Journey Guide. This guide will be used for both your individual challenges and group content.

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Get your group lined up

If you have a group, great, you’re all set to start the week of October 4. If not, we’ll get you connected to one.

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Journey Etiquette

Ya know. Saying "hello", etc.

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Zoom How To

If you've never heard of Zoom, this is for you.

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Have a great journey experience

Each week of the series during the month of October you will do these three things

Weekly Teaching

Watch the weekly message online at, on your TV streaming device, or in person at a site.

Individual Challenges

Challenge yourself personally with the individual guide in the Crossroads app each week.

Connect in Groups

Meet with a group of people to discuss what you’re learning. Depending on who you are, meeting with a group might sound exciting or terrifying, but trust us, this is where real growth happens. We’ll even provide a group guide to help steer the conversation. Either in person or over a video call.


Groups? Like Aunt Betty’s weekly morning Bible study?

Think less Bible Study and more dinner party. Other people in a similar stage of life asking similar questions. Not to over promise, but a lot of people around Crossroads make new, life-long friends in these things. #besties.

What about COVID?

Groups will meet via Zoom from the comfort of your couch. Or in person (10 or less) based on the consensus of the group and everyone abiding by COVID-19 social distancing standards. Back deck and fire pits are recommended.

Will any sites be open on the weekend?

Some select sites will be reopening October 4th. Get all the details at

When does it happen?

  • Week 1: Oct 3/4
  • Week 2: Oct 10/11
  • Week 3: Oct 17/18
  • Week 4: Oct 24/25
  • Week 5: Oct 31/Nov 1

How much does it cost?

$Free.99. To get the most of the journey be prepared to set aside five 1-hour blocks of time to meet with your group. Group is where the magic happens, trust us.

I’m on the fence with this whole God thing, can I participate?

Heck yes. All are welcome, no matter where you fall on the spiritual spectrum. Come with an open mind and bring your questions, it’ll be great.

How can I get into a group?

There are two ways to participate in a group. Do the Journey with your existing group using the group guide in the app. Or, if you don’t currently participate in a group, you will fill out a brief form with your preferences and you will be matched with others to create a new group. Sign up using the form above to be notified when group sign-ups begin.

How do I sign up to host a group?

For the Good God Journey, group content can be facilitated by anyone in the group. The prompts in the Group Guide will be simple for everyone to follow along, no host needed.

I'm a Group Leader, how do I add people to my group?

Invite people to do the Journey with you. Maybe it’s your current group, co-workers, neighbors, family, and friends. Create your group in the Group Tool to invite them in.

I'm not a group leader, but I want to be, how do I start a group?

If you want to be one, let us know here. We’ll get you set up for the Journey as a leader, and you can either invite people to do it with you, or get placed in a group to meet people.

I’ve been assigned a group and no one else showed up, or the time doesn’t work for me anymore, what do I do?

No problem, email We're happy to help get you in a group that works for you.

I filled out the form to be matched with a group but no one has gotten back to me, what should I do?

You should receive an email in the coming weeks with information about your group. If for some reason nothing comes through, email

The series has started and I don’t have a group, what’s the latest I can join a group?

We are encouraging everyone to start the journey at the same time. If you are a few days late to the party, reach out to and we'll do our best to pair you up.

What if I’m already in a group?

Great! Do the journey with your current group, you're all set to start October 3. If your group is larger, we suggest breaking up into groups of 8-10 people for the sake of time. If you have space, invite your friends to join.

I have two groups I’d like to participate in for the Journey, how do I sign up for both?

Great. If you already know who you’re doing the Journey with, those leaders will be able to add you to their group. If you fill out the form to be placed in a group, you will only be placed in one group.

How does group time work?

Your group will meet together every week for 5 weeks (starting after the first weekend services on Oct 3/4). You’ll need the Crossroads Anywhere app (Apple & Google) on your phone as it will include your individual and group guide. Simply open up the Group Guide level in the app guide and do what it says. It will guide the conversation. So simple.

Will there be some kind of financial ask during this thing?

Nope. Just bait, no switch.

Can I do the Journey with my entire family?

Yep! There will be a Kids' Club at Home episode for each week of the Journey on (You can also watch on YouTube by clicking on the current episode.) Make sure to follow the Kids' Club Facebook page for ideas for challenges to do as a family.

6th-12th graders can get special students-only Journey content and join an S|M Journey group with their site at Sorry, parents, no olds allowed.

How long does it take to get through the group and individual content?

The group discussion will take about an hour. If you have a larger group, or your group is extra chatty, it may take up to 90 minutes. The individual work is totally up to you and at your pace. It will probably take about an hour each week and you’ll want to finish it up before you meet with your group.

If I miss a weekend message during the series, can I still participate?

Yep. Our weekend messages are posted online at and in the app, so you can catch up if you have to miss. The weekend experience is a large component of the journey, but it is just one of three important components. The weekend message, individual challenges, and group discussion are all integrated so you’ll have the best experience participating in all of them by first watching service, then doing the individual prompts in the app, followed by meeting with your group.

I’ll need to miss a meeting. Can I still be in a group?

We encourage you to try really, really hard to make it to all the time is the most impactful part of the journey. But of course we know that life happens. Just let your group know in advance when you won’t be able to attend.

What materials do I need?

You’ll need the Crossroads app (Apple & Google). It’s available anywhere apps are, search Crossroads Anywhere. You’ll also need a computer to join your Zoom call. You’ll also need a shirt, don’t be the guy on the Zoom call naked.

What system requirements do I need to download the app?

iOS device requirements are - 11.0 - 14
Android Requirements - 6.0 - 10

What if I run into problems downloading or accessing the app?

We’ll have a support team that can be reached at

Have more Questions?

Relax. We’re here to help. Send an email to