How To Do The Bible Challenge

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This year at Crossroads we’re doing a deeper dive into the Bible. Join the Bible Challenge for guidance, support & community while committing to reading the Bible, maybe more consistently than you ever have before.

How To Do The Bible Challenge

We believe that you will experience more of the life that Jesus promised when you practice Jesus’ ways of living. The chief way being— spending time with God.

In fact, right before the first major test of His life, Jesus purposefully spent 40 days alone with God. Even though He fasted physically, those 40 days filled Jesus with so much strength He was able to overcome the devil himself. From that moment on, time alone with God was a non-negotiable part of Jesus’s way of living.

We as a community are committing to a simple and straightforward plan to follow His example and spend time reading Scripture, throughout each week of the year. We’ll be together in the app, sharing journal reflections on each chapter we read through. See? You won’t even have to be ‘quite’ as alone as Jesus was— you’ll have us to lean on as you take on the Bible Challenge.

No matter where you are in your faith, we believe that the Bible is an accessible and rich book that will strengthen your personal relationship with God and we’re here to help you engage with it in powerful ways.


Step 1: Experience the weekend in two ways.

How To Do The Bible Challenge

Step 2: Download & use the Crossroads App. This is where the daily scriptures will be posted & where we’ll have a chance to process the things we’re reading & learning. How To Do The Bible Challenge

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Step 3: Read the daily scriptures and journal. Research says doing this 4 or more times a week is where you will start to experience breakthrough.

how to do the bible challenge

It’s totally up to you, whether you log your journaling privately, or share it for the rest of our community to see. Either way, reading some of the public journal entries that are shared in the app can be a great way to gain even more insights about the Scripture & to experience the Bible Challenge together as a community.


This one’s no different. How To Get Your Prize: Log at least one scripture reading with a journal entry per week and we’ll mail you a sweet sticker at the end of each bible book series. See if you can collect all the stickers throughout the year.

Still have Questions? Visit the Bible Challenge FAQ page

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