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Ways to Watch

ways to watch crossroads


Available starting at 5pm EST on Saturday

Watch on

The Crossroads Anywhere App

Watch from anywhere on your smart phone. Available starting at 5pm EST on Saturday

Download from the App Store
Download from the Google Play

Other Streaming Platforms

Turn off Netflix for a bit and dive into the series starting 5pm EST on Saturday.

Apple TV (version 4)
Search "Crossroads Anywhere" in the Apple TV app store Crossroads Anywhere

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Amazon Fire Stick
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National TV

Go old school. Watch through your cable TV provider or with rabbit ears.

Cincinnati, OH
WCPO, Sunday: 11:30am-12pm

Cleveland, OH
WEWS, Saturday: 7-7:30pm

Columbus, OH
WSYX, Sunday: 11:30am-12pm

Dayton, OH
Sunday: 8am on WBDT (CW)
Sunday: 10am on WDTN (NBC 2)

Indianapolis, IN
WRTV, Saturday: 10:30-11:00am

Lexington, Richmond, & Georgetown, KY
WLEX, Saturday: 7-7:30pm

Nashville, TN
Fox 17 – WZTV, Sunday: 11-11:30am

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