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Bible Challenge FAQs

When does the challenge start?
The Bible Challenge launched on January 9, 2022, but you can join the challenge at any time. We encourage one another within each new book of the Bible we study.

What do I have to do?

  • Experience the weekend in person or at
  • Download the Crossroads App (iOS or Android)
  • Read and Journal in the Crossroads App at least once per week. We highly recommend reading the Bible and journaling 4 times per week, that’s where you’ll experience a real difference in your life.
  • Optional but awesome - do the challenge with your small group

Do I have to do this with a group?
No, but it will help you learn more about scripture and maybe even hear something from God through others that didn’t occur to you alone. We highly recommend it.

Do I have to share my journals publicly?
It’s totally up to you, whether you log your journaling privately, or share it for the rest of our community to see. Either way, reading some of the public journal entries that are shared in the app can be a great way to gain even more insights about the Scripture & to experience the Bible Challenge together as a community. Your journals will still count, even if you choose not to share them publicly.

How much time will this take?
Each day a chapter from the current book of the Bible we’re reading will be available in the app. Dive in as often as you can throughout the week. If the Bible is totally new, try one day a week—but you’re most likely to experience big gains when you engage 4 or more times per week.

How do I do this with a group?
Your group can use the Weekend Follow Up questions in the App as a weekly discussion tool.

What if I read a paper bible and journal in a notebook?
We dig it. Contact us at and let us know how you’ve been progressing. We’ll arrange for a sticker to be mailed to you or you can pick it up at a Crossroads site.

What books of the Bible will we be studying?
January 9 - February 12 we studied the book of Daniel.
February 20 - April 2 we studied the book of Genesis.
April 3 - May 5 we studied the book of John.
May 6 - June 12 we studied the book of Luke.
June 13 - July 31 we studied the book of Psalms.
August 1 - September 4 we are studying the book of Philippians.
In September we'll begin the Journey! This is when the whole church comes together to focus on one topic to kick-start spiritual growth. It has three components: the weekend service, individual challenges in the app, and a group discussion. Stay tuned for more updates about the Journey. It is going to be good.