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Roughly the size of Ohio, Guatemala is home to tropical rainforests, mountains, valleys, lowland forests, beaches, and more than 30 volcanoes. It is rich with natural resources and its warmer climates are perfect for growing coffee, sugar, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. But Guatemala’s Western Highlands exhibit one of the most extreme combinations of systemic poverty, malnutrition (rates of which rank among the worst in the world), poor health outcomes, high rates of illiteracy, and low levels of educational attainment.


Change your World


The impact will be massive

We work alongside middle and high-school students and local CoEd staff on community-based service projects such as language exchanges and youth development activities, and office-based projects like preparing hundreds of teacher-training materials or helping with maintenance and cleaning in computer labs and developing relationships while experiencing God’s love in powerful new ways.


A life-changing story awaits

You were made for more than comfort and ease. A trip to Guatemala forces you to get out of your comfort zone. It’s intense. It’s powerful. It’ll shake you up. In fact, it may just spark a whole new direction for your life. Each year, hundreds of people change their lives by taking trips around the world. Each trip builds cross-cultural bridges, sustainably improves the lives of locals, and creates lasting friendships for those sharing the experience.

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Who can go?
This trip is for anyone—Crossroads people, non-Crossroads people, friends and family from out of town, people from all over the faith spectrum—with a heart for serving. The only requirement is that you are 18 years old, or 10 years old with a parent or guardian. Groups of two or more, like families or small groups, can sign up together.

How much does it cost?
This cost could increase to $2,900. This covers your flight, room and board, work supplies, travel insurance, and activities. Not covered are meals at the airport, vaccinations, passport fees (If you need one or renewal) and souvenirs.

What is the travel like?
Typically, there’s only one layover in either Atlanta, Miami, or Houston.