Frequently Asked Questions


Where and when do we leave?

Your trip leader will provide all the travel logistics for your trip at one of 2 pre-trip meetings. However, if traveling by plane, you will want to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure. So please be on time because your team will be waiting for you.

Are we responsible for providing our own travel to the trip location?

Once you are registered for a trip, we handle all the logistics including travel, lodging, and meals. (Some minor exceptions include travel to sites in Kentucky, discussed in pre-trip meetings.)

We have many frequent flyer miles. Is it possible to use our miles & decrease the cost?

Unfortunately, No. We work hard to get great group rates for flights, so we don’t allow use of frequent flyer miles unless you want to use them for the entire group....just kidding! You can earn miles!

Can I upgrade my seat on the plane?

No, because we purchase group tickets, your flight(schedule, seat assignment, special requests) cannot change. So please, do not contact the airline for any reason. Doing so could mess up the entire group reservations. If your seat is a major issue, please work within the team to switch seats. Part of the joy in this experience is travelling together.....all seats are equal!!

What type of identification do I need to travel?

You will need a valid passport with you for international travel and a standard government issued ID for domestic travel. Your passport should not expire less that 6 months after the trip returns home. Your local post office is a great place to apply for or renew a passport. Your local public library may be another option. You can find more options at: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports.html

Are international flights the same as domestic planes? Just anxious about being on a plane that long.

These longer flights are on much larger planes than any of the domestic planes, so you have more room to get up and stretch your legs, a small tv to watch in-flight movies, and meals. Most people get some really great sleep!

Does everyone have to fly out of Cincy? Or how does that work?

Most trip participants depart from Cincinnati....or a nearby airport depending on the itinerary and flight availability. However, if you do not live within 100 miles of Cincinnati, we will work with our travel agent to get you to the international departure city.

What do we do if we have a long layover? Can I leave the airport?

We ask that everyone stays together as a group or at least make sure your trip/GO group leader knows where you are at all times. We don't recommend leaving the airport, but if you do decide to explore a layover city, please let you trip leader know and please note....... should you miss the connecting flight, you will be financially responsible to get to your destination and any additonal costs that is incurred to get to the rest of the group. Otherwise, bring a book or two, some games, and enjoy this time connecting with others and relish the opportunity to foster connections with fellow participants.

Are vaccinations required?

Vaccinations are a consideration for travel to many countries. This is a personal choice that you'll want to talk over with your doctor. You can also consult the Center for Disease Control (www.cdc.gov/travel). Vaccinations are a personal choice and are at your own expense.

Can I extend my trip?

All trip participants will arrive and depart together. Should you choose to extend your trip, that will be an additional cost that is your responsibility. Because we book group tickets in advance, we will not be able to purchase a different itinerary for you. So you will be choosing to forfeit you return ticket. You will also need to inform your trip leader prior to departure of your trip extension plans.


What does the trip cost include?

The trip cost includes your airfare, hotel, on-the-ground transportation, meals, and trip excursions & activities, as well as partner guides, translators and work supplies. Travel medical insurance is included on all international trips. There are also other administrative expenses such as background checks, etc. which are covered by the trip fees. Generally speaking...we've tried to think of everything and have that all covered for you. There will occasionally be optional activities available to you at an additional cost. These activities will be mentioned in your pre-trip meeting.

What expenses will I have beyond the trip cost?

Vaccinations are at your personal discretion and expense, as are snacks/meals during travel to/from the destination (i.e. at airports). There may be incremental optional activities in some locations that you can opt into (beyond the activities that are already planned for the whole group), which you would purchase directly from that provider while in-country. You may also wish to bring some spending money for souvenirs. An optional travel cancellation protection plan is available to you as well.

After registration, when we pay our deposit, will it go towards the full cost?

Yes, all deposits & payments go toward the full cost of the trip.

Are married couples or families able to fundraise together through one account?

Each trip participant will have their own account and fundraising links. Minors will be under the parent or guardian’s account but still have their own personal fundraising link. It is possible to move funds from one account to the other if someone raises more than they need. You can talk to your trip leader about those specific details.

What type of fundraising is available?

Every trip participant will receive a personal trip page that includes a link you can share with your friends and family for them to give towards your trip. All other fundraising best practices will be shared as part of preparation for the trip. Giving towards trips are NOT tax-deductible.

Are there any trips that minors can go to with their parents?

Puerto Rico - 10 (or 7 for the Family Trip)
Alabama - 10
Nicaragua - 10
Nepal - 18 (or 16 with a parent/guardian)
India - 18
Martin County, Kentucky - 10 (or 7 for the Family Trip)
Guatemala - 10
Cape Town - 10
Durban - 10
Johannesburg - 10


Do I have to be fully vaccinated to go on a trip?

Currently, Nepal is the only country that requires a Covid vaccination to enter. No booster shot is required. Covid vaccination is not required for Guatemala, India, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and South Africa trips. We will continue to work closely with our partners to provide the most up to date information. Please note that Covid vaccine requirements may be imposed by the country itself and/or the partners that we work with. This is to ensure the health and safety of every trip participant and community we will be serving.

Do I have to get a Covid test to go on a trip?

Yes, all trips will require a negative at home Covid test within 24-48 hours prior to departure unless otherwise stated.

Will we be getting Covid tested while we are on the trip?

No, you will not be subject to a Covid test during the trip unless it is necessary due to illness.


When on a GO Trip, is it possible to volunteer for half the day? That would allow for me to work while on the trip.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We typically depart our lodging facility in the morning to go work in the community. Logistics and transportation would make this challenging. We also encourage you to disconnect from your normal day-to-day life and really engage in what we are doing.

As a first time GO Trip person, can you suggest a trip that would be good for me to start with?

Any trip will be impactful. If you like rolling up your sleeves and building up a sweat as you work to rebuild at-risk communities, check out Nicaragua, Appalachia, and Puerto Rico. Any of these trips are great to jump into without any prior trip experience. If you prefer to work with vulnerable children, take a look at South Africa and Guatemala. And, if your heart breaks at the thought of human exploitation, you'll want to look into Alabama, India & Nepal. Check out the location pages to see where we work and determine which trip is the best fit for you.

Can you address the typical meals for the locations?

Three meals will be provided every day. The fare varies by country, but we generally eat what is provided by our partner or hotel, so expect to eat Indian food in India, etc. There are usually some American meal options on international trips. If you have allergies, let your trip leader know so we can find alternatives. That being said though, we like to say that the meals are both good and plentiful and sometimes neither, so prepare accordingly. Pack a few granola bars, keep an open mind, and be flexible. It's all part of the experience.

Is the food & water safe on a GO trip?

As with any international travel, you need to be careful with water & food in hotels, restaurants, and other places you visit. We take special precautions in India, Nepal, South Africa, Nicaraguan villages, and Gautemala. Bottled water is provided to you. We also work with our partners to find restaurants that practice safety protocols. On some trips you will also be offered food by locals, which you can eat or skip at your own discretion.

I’m vegan and wonder if my plant-based diet will be OK for a GO Trip; will vegan options be available?

Yes. Some people choose to also bring granola or protein bars just in case.

I’m curious about language barriers. Will there be a translator?

Our partners have translators that are fluent in both English and the native language.

Can you participate in GO Trips if you have some physical limitations?

Each trips lists the activity level for the trip...some are extremely high and some low. If you have specific circumstances, email us at go@crossroads.net.

I know there is a fun activity one day, but is there time to have solo time or can we explore for a set amount of time apart from the group at any time during the trip or is the group together for the whole duration?

Trip schedules and safety considerations vary per trip. Each trip is designed for you to be immersed in the culture. We typically don’t want participants to go off on their own. However, there will be time carved out for solitude and solo processing.

What are the safety protocols in place while we are there? As missionaries in another country, do we find ourselves as potential targets?

Generally, if there is a major concern, we would not make the trip. Otherwise, we practice safety protocols (like staying together as a group) while we are in another country.

Once a trip is full, is there any possible way to still GO?

No, sorry! Once a trip is full, it’s full. However, please complete this interest list form and we can notify you of new trips.

We are interested in going on a trip as a family of six. Is lodging possible together or should we plan/prepare to be separated?

For some trips, it’s possible. But expect that you’d be split into different rooms. Talk to your trip leader.

Besides fundraising, what sort of time commitment is there to meetings and planning between now and the trip?

There are two pre-trip meetings you should plan on attending. You will get those dates as soon as you register and are approved for the trip. There are also 2 meetings that you will have with your GO group and a post trip serve day.

What if you are not able to get off work to attend the two pre-trip meetings?

Meetings will have a Zoom option and will also be recorded. They are also in the evenings to accommodate most schedules. Talk to your trip leader.

After deciding our trip, how soon will we meet others from the trip as well as the team leader?

It depends on the trip, but in general you will meet everyone at your first pre-trip meeting which is two months before departure.

I have a MAJOR phobia with spiders! Terrified of them. Are spiders an issue at any of the locations?

This is an adventure! In Nepal, you may see monkeys. In South Africa, you might wake up to a wildebeest outside of your hut. Anything can happen :)

What if I can't go on the trip after I've already paid the deposit and done some fundraising?

If you withdraw from a trip more than 120 days prior to trip departure, everything except $300 is refundable from Crossroads.
If you withdraw from a trip more than 60 days prior to trip departure, everything except $600 is refundable for Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, or the Student Alabama Trip. For all other trips, everything except $1200 is refundable from Crossroads.
If you withdraw from a trip less than 60 days prior to trip departure, none of the funding is refundable from Crossroads.
However, if you have purchased the optional trip cancellation and interruption policy, and your reason for dropping off the trip meets the policy criteria, you can be refunded all payments towards your trip from the insurance company (not Crossroads).
https://www.faithventures.com/tcti/ has a description of this coverage


What happens if I test positive for Covid and cannot return to the U.S. with the group?

Every international trip(including Puerto Rico) participant will have Travel Protection Insurance (included in the cost of your trip). Local trips rely on your personal insurance. This covers medical emergencies, the cost of lodging, and flight changes if you would need to quarantine. We will make sure you are immediately quarantined to keep everyone safe. Our partners will ensure your safety and that you are taken care of. You will head back home once you have tested negative.

Will there be access to call home to notify family members that we arrived safely? Can my family notify me if there is a problem at home?

Yes, in most locations you should be able to use your cellphone...just make sure you have an international calling plan. We will also provide contact info to leave with your family in case of an emergency.

What happens if someone were to get sick/injured while on the trip?

Every international trip participant will have Travel Protection Insurance (included in the cost of your trip). Domestic trips rely on your personal insurance to cover any medical emergencies.

What are the different types of insurance I should know about for a Go Trip?

Travel Protection Insurance is included in your trip fees, and it includes medical, trip delay, lost baggage, and more coverages. Most trips include the Premium Plan from faithventures.com. Separately, you can purchase Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance outside of your trip fees, and it includes coverage to reimburse payments towards your trip in case you have to miss the trip due to illness, personal tragedy, or other covered reasons.

Where can I find out more about the optional Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance?

https://www.faithventures.com/tcti/ has a description of this coverage. It can only be purcahsed after we have purchased your travel protection policy, and must be purchased at least 21 days prior to trip departure.


What is your ratio of students to chaparones on the Student Ministry Trip?

The ratio is 1 chaperone per 8 students.

As a parent, can I go on the Student Ministry trip with my child?

Unless a parent is leading a group they cannot go with their student.

What special safety precautions are in place since this trip is primarily minors?

We will follow the same safety precautions as student ministry camp. We will also plan to have a nurse/group leader to handle medicine, however we won’t bring additional security people. In Nicaragua, our partner handles all security needs.

What are the sleeping arrangements and how are roomates determined?

The sleeping accomodations vary between trips. If staying in a hotel, students will be assigned 4 to a room by gender. If accomodations are more bunk style, students will be assigned to a bunk room by gender. Students can request roommates and we will do our best to accommodate those requests.

How do you handle on-the-ground travel?

Alabama OTG travel will be via charter bus. Nicaragua OTG travel will be on school busses provided by our partner.

Will there be a nightly curfew?

Yes, there will be a curfew and that will be determined by the trip schedule and enforced by our chaperones and staff.

What if my child has special needs?

We will do everything we possibly can to work with families, however we can’t promise that we can accommodate every situation.


Can I room with my family?

For our Martin County Family Trip you will be able to stay with your family in hotel style rooms which each include a private full bath. In Puerto Rico, we rent hostels to be shared by trip participants. Each comes with a few bunk rooms and shared bathrooms. Sleeping arrangements are usually divided between male and female. However, children with parents will take precedent.

Will my family be working together throughout the day?

Yes, a family that serves together, grows together. We will have serving on these trips for families to be able to work on together and will keep all ages in mind.

How is safety handled for younger kids while we're on a work site

We are working closly with partners to provide serving opportunities with all registered ages in mind. With this said, it is important for families to stay together and focused on the work site and keep safety in mind.

If my child is under 7 years old, is there any way s/he can still join?

To be sure that we stay safe on the work sites and have serving opportunities that cover all family ages, we require all children to be 7 years old or older on the trip.

Are we able to fundraise as a family?

Each trip participant will receive a personal funding link upon registration. Once your family is registered for the trip, you can let us know whose personal funding link will be used for fundraising. We will then reduce the funding amount for the other family members.

Will you be providing any programming to help us bond as a family during the trip?

Absolutely. We are working with Kids Club to have fun and interactive programming throughout the trip for families to growth and strengthen relationships.

What if my child has special needs?

If you have specfiic questions about trip accomodations you can email us at go@crossroads.net.


Do I have to be a teacher or educator in order to go on an educator trip?

No, the educator trip is open to both educators and non-educators.

What skills are required for Educator Trips?

No major skills required other than the ability to teach others.

What will we be doing to serve during this trip?

Educators will be working with educators in the location of the trip to train on best practices in education. Providing education tools that will help them in their classrooms. Non-educators will assist in the classrooms with the students while their teachers are learning or participate in other necessary work projects per the partners instruction.

What education supplies are provided as part of the trip?

The educator lead team will plan out what is needed for this trip. This cost is covered by the project fee included in your trip cost.


Are these trips actually safe?

Yes! We work with an amazing partner who is the expert in adventure tourism.

What if there's an emergency? Will we be able to communicate with others when we're hiking in remote areas?

Yes, our partner will work with the Crossroads team in the US to make sure you are taken care of and that your family is informed, if there would be an emergency. Don't worry, we have a whole plan in place should there be an emergency.

Does the included Travel Protection Insurance cover all our adventure activities? What coverage does it provide?

Yes. The insurance coverage includes medical and medical evacuation coverage.

Are special safety precautions taken for high adventure trips?

Our partner will provided you with information to keep you safe. Remember, this is what they do all day every day so you are in good hands!

Where will we stay?

You will stay at what is called a Homestay. This is kind of like an airbnb, but is more like camping. It is indoors. You will have access to clean bottled water.

What does the work include?

Village projects will vary based on need, but in the past they have built a chicken coop and helped repair a roof.

Are any special skills required?

Being able to hike.

Do I have to be physically fit to join the trip?

Yes. You should be able to hike for a day (men's trip) or up to 8 days (general adventure trip).

Do I need to bring any special supplies or gear?

A packing list will be provided once you get closer to your trip, but in general - no, you won't need to break the bank at REI for this trip.

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