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Discover what it’s like to find a group of people who’ll bring you food when life gets rough, help you change a tire in the rain, take your kids for a couple hours, or make you laugh until you pee your pants a little.

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Be a part of something big, while making this big place feel small.

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Connect to people, to yourself and to God.

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Free of distractions and noise. Free of timelines and daily grind.

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You were born to make a difference.

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A life-changing adventure awaits.

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Give it a shot

Finding your fit at Crossroads will probably take more than a one-time volunteer gig or attending a couple group meetings. There’s no formula for friendship, so be willing to stick it out for a little while. If the first group doesn’t gel, it’s totally okay to try something else. Your people are out there. And we know that because over 20+ years we’ve seen thousands get in community, find real friends, and see their lives change.

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Say Yes

None of these people truly knew what they were getting into when they said “yes” to a trip or a group or volunteer role. But they sure don’t regret it.


Crossroads Senior Pastor and Author, Brian Tome, visits the Sigma Chi Fraternity at The University of Cincinnati, to have dinner and give a teaching on his new book, The Five Marks of a Man.

Man camp

Lives are being changed at camp. Check out this story and how getting out of their comfort zone, pushed these men to new places.

Go Somewhere

Hear how one man's trip changed his perspective on fatherhood.

The power of an inclusion team

A recent national study found the odds of a child with disabilities never attending church are twice as high as other children. At Crossroads, that’s not okay. Check out the group of people making a difference on the Inclusion Team.

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