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The second most populous country in the world, India is a land full of vivid colors, smells and cultures. India is also a major source, destination, and transit country for women and children subjected to sex trafficking. Join us as we support Indian partners providing housing, education, job readiness, social enterprise and community to rescued survivors of trafficking. We are fighting along side of the Indian Christian Church to fully eradicate this harrowing form of oppression.

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South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is a land of incredible potential, but it faces barriers of extreme poverty, the AIDS epidemic, and a heartbreaking lack of fathers and mothers for thousands of orphans and vulnerable children. Join the work that’s changing the destiny of a nation.

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Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Contaminated water is one of the many problems that plagues a large percentage of it’s citizens. Crossroads has a connection with Nicaragua through the 5000+ kids that are sponsored there through Compassion International.

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Bolivia is a land-locked nation in Central South America that has a population of roughly 11 million people. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America where the majority live on less than 5 dollars a day. Spanish is the primary language with some areas speaking native dialects. Bolivia has fascinating and beautiful geography from the mountainous northern regions to the eastern jungles and southern deserts. The majority of Bolivians identify as Catholic in religious background.

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New Orleans

New Orleans

What started as a disaster relief trip in 2008 to New Orleans has turned into a trip filled with strong relationships and friends. We aren't going to New Orleans to provide relief from Hurricane Katrina, we are going to help our friends and their community transform lives through relationships and hard work.

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“This trip has been an incredible experience and one of great growth. It has impacted me in many ways and I believe that it is the beginning of a great journey to follow the path of our Lord, to be a better man, a great husband and a family leader.”

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Each year, hundreds of people change their lives by taking GO trips around the world to India, New Orleans, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and South Africa. Each trip builds cross-cultural bridges, sustainability improves the lives of locals, and creates lasting friendships for those sharing the experience.

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