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Kids' Club at Home

We're all about helping kids have fun and engage with God in a language they understand. Whether you’re a parent or you’ve got families that bring their kids to your gathering, you might be wondering, “How do I do that in my home?”

Here are some possible ways to help the kiddos (and parents) have a great time: 

  • Include the kids for part of the service

    Most services begin with music. Just make a little room for the kids to dance around. You’ll get a chance to model what it looks like to connect with God through music, and you might find that their youthful energy helps everyone engage more freely.  

  • Ask someone to help

    Pick an adult or an older child that you trust and ask them to watch the kids for the rest of service. They can play a few games and then do the Kids’ Club Anywhere lesson together. Giving that person a role will help them feel more included and invested in your community. And it doesn’t have to be the same person every week. 

  • Invite more families

    The more the merrier! Inviting more families will help your gathering grow, give you more adults to rotate in with the kids, and the kids will have more friends to play with.

Get Kids' Club Lesson Plan 

Invitation Pro Tip

When inviting other families, you can try something like this: “Hey, every Sunday I get together with some friends to watch a service together, and I’ve found that it’s really inspiring. While we watch, our kids get to play together and learn about God. I know my kids would love a few more friends to play with during that time. Would you and your family like to join us?”


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