An Abundant, Adventurous Life Awaits

Put aside the stress of worldly expectation and follow God’s path to a life of abundance.

growth path

7 ancient practices to a better life

How do you find meaning? How do you find yourself? There are 7 proven practices — each one is a step in your journey to embrace the life God has for you.

Share Your Story

Your words have power. Learn how to use them.

Get Baptized

A one time event. A lifelong transformation.

Receive Teaching Weekly

Regularly challenge yourself and grow your understanding of God.

Connect With God Daily

Experience God IRL.

Live Generously

Generosity makes an impact. It’ll change you most of all.

Serve Others

The world isn’t going to fix itself. Let’s get our hands dirty.

Join Community

Build relationships that restore, stretch, and inspire.

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Focused on improving

Stream unlimited shows, listen to truth-seeking podcasts, and read articles you can relate to with your free subscription. You can also browse our ever-expanding catalog of teachers and authors — normal people willing to share their life experiences with you.


How to Change the World

Brian Tome explores how the early church, fueled by the Holy Spirit, became change agents to the world around them. That same power is available to you today.

The Power to Change Your Future

May 28

WK 4
How God Can Use You To Impact Others

May 21

WK 3 Thumbnail
How to Live a Faithful Life

May 14

WK 2 Thumbnail V 1
Access God’s power source for your life.

May 7

WK 1 Thumbnail
Can I Get a Witness?

April 30

Born Wild Thumbnail 11 AM
Born Wild: Sunday 11am

April 23

Born Wild Thumbnail 9 PM
Born Wild: Sunday 9am

April 23

Born Wild Thumbnail 5 PM
Born Wild: Saturday 5pm

April 22

Born Wild Thumbnail 3 PM
Born Wild: Saturday 3pm

April 22

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groups + coaches + more

real people. real connection

You weren't made to do life alone. We're here to help you find your people and help you grow. That could look like connecting you with a life coach or the power of prayer.

Meet With People

Meet With People

The people you surround yourself with have a direct impact on the quality of your life. From lifestage to shared interests, there are hundreds of groups ready for you.

Receive Care

Receive Care

Sometimes the challenges of life are so demanding we need help from others, including those who are professionally trained.

Go set out to change the world.

Go set out to change the world.

And you too will be changed. There are people all over the world who would benefit from what you have to offer. You can choose from over 15 trips to six countries across four continents.

A new kind of church that will make your life better

This isn't your typical church. The days of just sitting in a church pew on Sunday morning, listening to boring speakers and even worse singing, and expecting life transformation to happen are gone. Let's be honest, those days were always a myth. Jesus wants so much more for you. He promises a life of adventure, and we want to help you find it. Create a profile to access spiritual training, life-changing experiences, and deep connections with a community of growing Christ-followers who are changing the world.

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