The Weekend Follow-Up

The Weekend Follow-Up

The Chaser is now the Weekend Follow-Up. Add Crossroads to your group chat in the Crossroads App for discussion prompts to help your group unpack the weekend. You’ll get a couple messages each week, all designed to help you move further and faster toward the full life you were made for.
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Welcome to the Weekend Follow Up.

  1. Let’s start by doing a little group imagination exercise. Let’s say Jesus was here today, ran for mayor of your city and was elected. How would your city look and feel if Jesus was at the helm?

  2. Next, let’s talk about taxes. (Cause who doesn’t love taxes?) In Matthew 22:15-22 Jesus was asked about paying taxes. His response was, “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” According to you, what do you believe is Caesar’s & what is God’s?

  3. Your faith can and should drive your vote. Let’s say you’ve got 100% of one vote to give. (That makes sense, right?) What percent of your vote is dictated by your faith, and what percent it dictated by the world? And why?

  4. In John 17:16 Jesus is praying about being in the world but not of the world. Is that something we can do? How?

  5. In John 17:17 Jesus asks God to purify us with his truth. Each take turns praying for God to show us what his truth is.

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