3 Days Under Water?! | Jonah (For Older Kids)

A man named Jonah decides to travel to a different city than the one God tells him to go to. So a giant fish swallows him, but not for the reason you think! Join us as we learn more about Jonah’s story and how we can confess and ask God to forgive us for anything. After you’ve watched the video, use these convo starters to talk about it.

Plus, find coloring pages and activity sheets here.

Convo Starters:

  • Have you ever done something you were afraid to tell your parents about? (like eating a snack they said to not touch, or lying to friend)
  • What would you have done if you were Jonah?
  • When we make bad choices, why is it important that we confess and ask for forgiveness?

Featuring Kids' Club

Aug 7, 2021 16 mins 22 sec