The New Mind | Week 2: Mental Health Checklist

Approximately 1 of every 5 Americans currently struggles with some type of mental health issue. Shocking as that fact is, it means that we need more than just medication. As a culture, we need better awareness and a different perspective on mental health. Today we’re going walk through a basic checklist for the kind of mental health God wants for us, no matter where we are or where we’ve been.

Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling...

Welcome to the Chaser–a few questions after the weekend service to start conversations and push a little deeper. Go on. Dive in.

  1. You’re going to build a highway from your front door to where you work. Tell your group the two end points, and what (building, cities, neighborhoods) you would need to move, rearrange, or demolish to get the job done. Ready? Go. (Go on. Be ridiculous)

    Renewing your mind is just like that. But sometimes harder. Fortunately, we’ve got some help. We’re going to spend the next three questions unpacking some of the Checklist for Mental Health.

  2. Are the right messages getting in my brain? Netflix. Instagram. Books. Scripture. There’s a ton of messages competing for your brain space. Share where you get most of your information and spend most of your digital time. Better yet, fire up Screentime on iOS or Digital Wellbeing on Android and take your group through a tour of where you spend your time. #nojudgement.

  3. Do I have vibrant relational networks? Loneliness could be the biggest issue in our culture. Take some time and unpack that. Do you believe it? Do you experience it? Share the relationships you have in your life, or the ones you need to build. (And don’t forget this group. It’s awesome.)

  4. Do I expect pain to come my way? Read John 16:33 out loud. Do you expect pain to come your way? Why or why not? Is there freedom in expecting pain to come your way? Can you expect pain without becoming paranoid?

  5. Hearing God’s quiet voice doesn’t have to be a rare thing. It’s something that can happen. Right now. What’s the thing you want renewal in this year? Tell your group. Then, pray for each other.

More from the Weekend

Pick one of the checklist items we learned about this week (not necessarily one we talked about it in group) and focus on it this week.

Here’s the full list:

  • Do I expect pain to come my way?
  • Are the right messages getting in my brain?
  • Am I living a physical life?
  • Is there a purpose I’m working against?
  • Am I disappointed in something?
  • Do I have vibrant relational networks?
  • Have I been getting adequate rest?

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Jan 12, 2019 59 mins


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