You Become What You Trust | Faithful in a Faithless World Week 5 - Live Service

We’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and constantly on edge, right? Each day brings new chaos with no end in sight—which leaves us wondering who or what to trust. Ironically enough, that’s exactly the question we SHOULD be asking. Join us today as Chuck walks through what our misplaced trust is costing us and how to turn that trust toward Jesus.

Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling...

This is the group part of the Bible Challenge, so your questions are based on a specific Bible passage like the weekend message. Each week, your group will discover what God might be saying to you, and how you can respond through a group discussion.

  1. Where do you find yourself getting the most impatient? In traffic? The line at the grocery store? The DMV?

  2. What stood out to you in this week’s message?

  3. Daniel lived his entire life in the “in between” — he knew there was a promise from God and was waiting to see it fulfilled. What’s a part of your life that feels stuck in the “in between” right now?

  4. What do you most often put your trust in your “in between’’ moments? Some examples could be your boss or spouse, Joe Burrow, your body image, your job, your bank account, etc.

  5. Read Galatians 6:9. What is one way you can choose faithfulness and trust in God this week in that “in between” area?

  6. Now close your time in prayer. Here’s an example: “God, thank you for standing by our side through every struggle. Give us the wisdom and the strength to cast our idols aside and follow you. Help us to be faithful to you like Daniel while we wait on you. Amen.

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Bonus Questions Check these out if you’re on a roll and want to go a little deeper!

1) God provided Daniel hope in the midst of suffering through speaking to Daniel, mostly in dreams and visions. Do you believe God speaks to you? Unpack your answer with the group.

2) What is an area in your life you’re struggling to find hope?

3) Daniel 7 is a strange, yet hopeful, dream that reveals God’s plan for all things to be made right through Jesus. How could you ask God to give you hope in the midst of your struggle? After someone shares, pray for them in that area.

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Jan 30, 2022 1 hr 8 mins 13 sec

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