What Are Your Predictable Patterns? | Faithful in a Faithless World Week 4 - Live Service

“Predictable.” Ugh. That’s an insult, right? After all, who wants to be predictable? It might feel bad on a personality quiz, but it turns out that having predictable patterns is a major way to create growth in our lives. Join us today as Brian talks about how Daniel’s predictability led to his success—and a close encounter with a lion.

Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling...

This is the group part of the Bible Challenge, so your questions are based on a specific Bible passage like the weekend message. Each week, your group will discover what God might be saying to you, and how you can respond through a group discussion.

  1. Taylor Swift says to “shake it off, shake it off” when the haters come our way. What’s your comfort show, song, or speech that gets you going again when you need a boost?

  2. What stood out to you in this weekend’s message?

  3. Read Daniel 6:1-4. When faced with a test, which character do you naturally identify with most: the satraps (jealous, angry or insecure), Daniel (faithful, courageous, consistent), and Darius (prideful, conflicted and eventually repentant)? Why do you think that’s your default response?

  4. What is a current area in your life where you feel like you’re being tested? What is your instinctual response to that test?

  5. Now read Daniel 6:21-22. Consistency comes from being tested and remaining faithful. In your current test, what’s one way you can remain consistent, or take a step towards faith?

  6. A huge point in this story is how Daniel’s consistent faith impacted Darius to change. Brainstorm as a group some ways that your consistency might rub off on others around you.

  7. Now close your time in prayer. Here’s an example: “God, thank you for the examples from others before us that give us the strength to be faithful in our time. Jesus we invite you into our lives and the places of doubt and fear that come our way. We are thankful for you. Amen.

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Bonus Questions Check these out if you’re on a roll and want to go a little deeper!

Read Daniel 6:16-18. Darius didn’t continue to act in his pride. He was repentant (which is a fancy church word for changing direction to choose God’s way). Where can you turn away from pride and towards God?

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Jan 23, 2022 1 hr 8 mins 20 sec

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