How it Ends | Week 3: Real Hope

It’s easy to lose hope when thinking about the end of the world. Heck, it’s easy to lose hope thinking about what we have to do the rest of our day today. We can have hope now even in the painful parts of our life because the end is coming and the end is only the beginning.

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    I<00:00:00.710> have<00:00:01.670> a<00:00:01.730> question<00:00:02.560> who<00:00:03.560> thinks<00:00:04.160> they<00:00:04.370> woke
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    I have a question who thinks they woke up<00:00:04.640> the<00:00:05.120> earliest<00:00:05.660> today<00:00:06.020> anybody<00:00:06.589> who<00:00:07.220> thinks
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    up the earliest today anybody who thinks okay<00:00:07.729> ma'am<00:00:08.029> can<00:00:08.210> you<00:00:08.240> come<00:00:08.420> up<00:00:08.510> here<00:00:08.660> go<00:00:09.559> ahead
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    okay ma'am can you come up here go ahead it's<00:00:10.190> okay<00:00:10.540> awesome<00:00:11.540> you<00:00:11.809> didn't<00:00:11.960> know<00:00:12.049> that
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    it's okay awesome you didn't know that was<00:00:12.259> part<00:00:12.440> of<00:00:12.500> the<00:00:12.589> deal<00:00:12.679> when<00:00:12.860> you<00:00:12.920> raise<00:00:13.070> your
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    hand but<00:00:14.030> that's<00:00:14.179> Austin<00:00:14.570> thank<00:00:14.839> you<00:00:14.960> let's
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    but that's Austin thank you let's welcome<00:00:15.169> her<00:00:15.379> to<00:00:15.440> the<00:00:15.469> stage<00:00:16.570> amazing<00:00:18.100> this<00:00:19.100> is
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    welcome her to the stage amazing this is microphone<00:00:19.670> for<00:00:19.850> you<00:00:19.970> what's<00:00:20.900> your<00:00:20.960> name
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    microphone for you what's your name rosemary<00:00:22.970> awesome<00:00:23.510> hey<00:00:23.720> what<00:00:23.930> time<00:00:24.110> did<00:00:24.260> you
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    rosemary awesome hey what time did you wake<00:00:24.500> up<00:00:24.650> today<00:00:24.710> 5:15<00:00:25.640> whew<00:00:26.080> five<00:00:27.080> why<00:00:27.320> did<00:00:27.500> you
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    wake up today 5:15 whew five why did you do<00:00:27.710> that<00:00:27.890> because<00:00:28.430> my<00:00:28.760> sister<00:00:29.030> and<00:00:29.150> I<00:00:29.180> had<00:00:29.390> a
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    do that because my sister and I had a prayer<00:00:29.750> on<00:00:30.020> the<00:00:30.440> phone<00:00:30.860> over<00:00:31.100> the<00:00:31.250> phone<00:00:31.430> oh
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    prayer on the phone over the phone oh that's<00:00:32.029> amazing<00:00:32.390> that<00:00:32.870> is<00:00:32.960> the<00:00:33.050> best<00:00:33.260> reason
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    that's amazing that is the best reason ever<00:00:33.710> incredible<00:00:34.489> 5:15<00:00:35.179> okay<00:00:35.600> no<00:00:36.199> keep<00:00:36.379> that
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    ever incredible 5:15 okay no keep that for<00:00:36.620> a<00:00:36.649> minute<00:00:36.859> going<00:00:37.010> to<00:00:37.160> go<00:00:37.219> back<00:00:37.370> to<00:00:37.429> me<00:00:37.489> yeah
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    for a minute going to go back to me yeah yeah<00:00:37.789> I<00:00:38.149> just<00:00:38.269> have<00:00:38.510> a<00:00:38.539> couple<00:00:38.749> of<00:00:38.989> questions
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    yeah I just have a couple of questions about<00:00:39.530> time<00:00:39.920> since<00:00:40.129> you're<00:00:40.249> a<00:00:40.280> time<00:00:40.489> expert
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    about time since you're a time expert 5:15<00:00:41.809> you're<00:00:41.989> here<00:00:42.170> on<00:00:42.260> time<00:00:42.499> just<00:00:42.530> this<00:00:42.980> is
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    just perfect okay<00:00:43.699> so<00:00:44.170> if<00:00:45.170> you<00:00:45.350> could<00:00:45.499> clear<00:00:45.710> up<00:00:45.739> for<00:00:45.949> me
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    okay so if you could clear up for me when<00:00:46.399> you<00:00:46.609> say<00:00:46.820> five<00:00:47.269> like<00:00:47.870> five<00:00:48.260> five<00:00:49.100> what
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    when you say five like five five what what<00:00:49.820> does<00:00:49.909> that<00:00:49.940> refer<00:00:50.120> to<00:00:50.289> five<00:00:51.289> gallons<00:00:51.739> or
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    what does that refer to five gallons or five<00:00:52.280> five<00:00:52.760> hours<00:00:53.210> hour<00:00:53.480> hours<00:00:54.379> okay<00:00:54.739> cool<00:00:54.920> no
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    five five hours hour hours okay cool no I<00:00:55.159> just<00:00:55.339> I<00:00:55.609> mean<00:00:55.760> I<00:00:55.819> knew<00:00:55.940> that<00:00:55.969> I<00:00:56.120> just<00:00:56.300> don't
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    I just I mean I knew that I just don't know<00:00:56.510> if<00:00:56.569> anybody<00:00:56.839> else
  • 00:00:57
    know if anybody else maybe<00:00:57.469> somebody<00:00:57.769> was<00:00:57.829> confused<00:00:58.219> so<00:00:59.229> another
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    maybe somebody was confused so another question<00:01:00.559> when<00:01:00.829> you<00:01:00.920> say<00:01:01.069> an<00:01:01.159> hour<00:01:01.370> though
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    question when you say an hour though like<00:01:02.149> what's<00:01:02.600> an<00:01:02.719> hour<00:01:02.899> exactly<00:01:04.120> 60<00:01:05.120> minutes
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    like what's an hour exactly 60 minutes perfect<00:01:05.900> I<00:01:06.110> only<00:01:06.500> have<00:01:06.650> two<00:01:06.740> more<00:01:06.830> questions
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    perfect I only have two more questions you're<00:01:07.310> gonna<00:01:07.430> nail<00:01:07.610> this<00:01:08.500> what's<00:01:09.500> a<00:01:09.620> minute
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    you're gonna nail this what's a minute 60<00:01:11.210> seconds<00:01:11.840> yes<00:01:12.170> one<00:01:12.500> more<00:01:12.710> you're<00:01:12.830> so<00:01:13.010> close
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    60 seconds yes one more you're so close what's<00:01:13.550> a<00:01:13.640> second<00:01:14.140> moments<00:01:15.160> moments<00:01:16.160> how<00:01:16.670> many
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    what's a second moments moments how many as<00:01:17.510> many<00:01:17.810> as<00:01:18.020> you<00:01:18.170> want<00:01:18.380> as<00:01:18.680> many<00:01:18.980> is<00:01:19.070> that<00:01:19.100> you
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    as many as you want as many is that you think<00:01:19.700> that's<00:01:20.360> not<00:01:20.510> quite<00:01:20.720> the<00:01:20.780> right<00:01:20.990> answer
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    think that's not quite the right answer actually<00:01:22.840> don't<00:01:23.840> worry<00:01:24.050> though<00:01:24.380> last<00:01:25.130> yeah<00:01:25.340> I
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    actually don't worry though last yeah I like<00:01:25.640> them<00:01:25.880> for<00:01:26.080> visitors<00:01:27.080> you<00:01:27.170> did<00:01:27.350> really
  • 00:01:27
    like them for visitors you did really good<00:01:27.620> I'm<00:01:27.800> gonna<00:01:27.950> put<00:01:28.130> the<00:01:28.220> answer<00:01:28.460> in<00:01:28.490> your
  • 00:01:28
    good I'm gonna put the answer in your hand<00:01:28.880> so<00:01:29.150> I'll<00:01:29.300> let<00:01:29.420> your<00:01:29.540> other<00:01:29.660> hand<00:01:29.870> here
  • 00:01:30
    hand so I'll let your other hand here I'll<00:01:30.920> hold<00:01:31.010> those<00:01:31.190> things<00:01:31.340> for<00:01:31.460> you<00:01:31.550> okay<00:01:31.700> I'll
  • 00:01:32
    I'll hold those things for you okay I'll give<00:01:32.630> them<00:01:32.720> right<00:01:32.840> back<00:01:32.960> I<00:01:32.990> promise<00:01:33.110> we'll<00:01:33.500> put
  • 00:01:33
    them right here and<00:01:34.160> then<00:01:34.610> this<00:01:34.700> is<00:01:34.850> the<00:01:34.970> answer<00:01:35.450> so<00:01:35.870> that
  • 00:01:36
    and then this is the answer so that should<00:01:36.740> do<00:01:36.860> enough<00:01:37.100> just<00:01:37.430> go<00:01:37.550> ahead<00:01:37.610> and<00:01:37.790> tell
  • 00:01:37
    should do enough just go ahead and tell people<00:01:37.970> the<00:01:38.660> answer<00:01:39.020> go<00:01:39.200> ahead<00:01:44.050> okay<00:01:45.050> Oh<00:01:45.230> kind
  • 00:01:45
    people the answer go ahead okay Oh kind of<00:01:45.710> it<00:01:45.980> kind<00:01:46.190> of<00:01:46.370> it's<00:01:46.550> not<00:01:46.670> the<00:01:46.790> tesseract
  • 00:01:47
    of it kind of it's not the tesseract which<00:01:47.390> might<00:01:47.600> you<00:01:47.750> might<00:01:47.990> thought<00:01:48.200> it<00:01:48.290> was<00:01:48.410> and
  • 00:01:48
    which might you might thought it was and this<00:01:49.100> is<00:01:49.250> cesium<00:01:49.550> okay<00:01:50.210> now<00:01:50.450> tell<00:01:50.510> them<00:01:53.020> okay<00:01:54.020> I
  • 00:01:54
    this is cesium okay now tell them okay I thought<00:01:54.440> you<00:01:54.530> were<00:01:54.590> gonna<00:01:54.710> say<00:01:54.890> more<00:01:55.040> than
  • 00:01:55
    thought you were gonna say more than that<00:01:55.370> didn't<00:01:56.210> you<00:01:56.750> can<00:01:56.840> hold<00:01:56.990> it<00:01:57.050> back<00:01:57.110> this
  • 00:01:57
    that didn't you can hold it back this actually<00:01:57.710> this<00:01:57.800> is<00:01:57.950> explosive<00:01:58.430> so<00:01:58.520> if<00:01:58.610> you
  • 00:01:58
    actually this is explosive so if you were<00:01:58.730> to<00:01:58.820> drop<00:01:58.970> it<00:01:59.210> it<00:01:59.870> would<00:01:59.990> be<00:02:00.110> really<00:02:00.260> bad
  • 00:02:00
    were to drop it it would be really bad you're<00:02:00.740> making<00:02:00.980> me<00:02:01.070> nervous<00:02:01.190> when<00:02:01.550> you're
  • 00:02:01
    you're making me nervous when you're kind<00:02:01.850> of<00:02:01.910> so<00:02:02.360> I'm<00:02:02.450> gonna<00:02:02.570> hold<00:02:02.750> it<00:02:02.900> I'm<00:02:02.960> gonna
  • 00:02:03
    kind of so I'm gonna hold it I'm gonna put<00:02:03.200> it<00:02:03.260> back<00:02:03.290> over<00:02:03.560> here<00:02:03.740> well<00:02:04.520> this<00:02:04.640> is<00:02:04.760> this
  • 00:02:04
    put it back over here well this is this is<00:02:05.000> this<00:02:05.120> is<00:02:05.270> the<00:02:05.330> answer<00:02:05.570> this<00:02:05.690> is<00:02:05.840> cesium<00:02:06.350> I
  • 00:02:06
    is this is the answer this is cesium I mean<00:02:06.980> we<00:02:07.070> all<00:02:07.190> know<00:02:07.370> that<00:02:07.550> a<00:02:07.610> second<00:02:08.119> is
  • 00:02:09
    mean we all know that a second is 9,192,631,770<00:02:11.170> cycles<00:02:12.170> of<00:02:12.230> the<00:02:12.290> radiation
  • 00:02:12
    9,192,631,770 cycles of the radiation that<00:02:12.739> corresponds<00:02:13.249> the<00:02:13.310> transitions<00:02:13.730> between
  • 00:02:13
    that corresponds the transitions between the<00:02:13.969> two
  • 00:02:14
    the two electron<00:02:14.840> spend<00:02:15.380> energy<00:02:15.620> cycles<00:02:16.190> of<00:02:16.280> the
  • 00:02:16
    electron spend energy cycles of the cesium<00:02:17.480> atom<00:02:18.320> right<00:02:19.240> y'all<00:02:20.240> know<00:02:20.360> that<00:02:20.390> we
  • 00:02:21
    cesium atom right y'all know that we trust<00:02:21.560> you<00:02:21.740> we<00:02:22.430> didn't<00:02:22.580> know<00:02:22.670> that<00:02:22.700> did<00:02:23.060> we<00:02:23.150> no
  • 00:02:23
    trust you we didn't know that did we no I<00:02:24.110> had<00:02:24.500> no<00:02:24.620> idea<00:02:24.890> that<00:02:25.070> that<00:02:25.190> was<00:02:25.310> true<00:02:25.580> until<00:02:26.570> I
  • 00:02:26
    I had no idea that that was true until I given<00:02:27.020> it<00:02:27.110> the<00:02:27.710> other<00:02:27.890> day<00:02:28.250> Thank<00:02:29.030> You
  • 00:02:29
    given it the other day Thank You rosemary<00:02:29.360> is<00:02:29.780> so<00:02:29.960> so<00:02:30.230> well<00:02:30.410> he's<00:02:30.620> gonna<00:02:30.740> have
  • 00:02:30
    rosemary is so so well he's gonna have these<00:02:31.010> things<00:02:31.130> back<00:02:31.340> here<00:02:31.550> I'll<00:02:32.000> move<00:02:32.180> the
  • 00:02:32
    these things back here I'll move the dangerous<00:02:32.630> object<00:02:33.050> you<00:02:33.980> can<00:02:34.100> have<00:02:34.250> those<00:02:34.400> back
  • 00:02:34
    dangerous object you can have those back thank<00:02:35.480> you<00:02:35.660> well<00:02:35.900> done<00:02:36.160> you<00:02:37.160> got<00:02:37.280> them<00:02:37.490> almost
  • 00:02:37
    thank you well done you got them almost all<00:02:38.120> right<00:02:38.330> I<00:02:38.570> think<00:02:38.780> it's<00:02:38.900> impressive<00:02:39.610> no
  • 00:02:40
    all right I think it's impressive no today<00:02:41.000> we<00:02:41.330> are<00:02:41.450> talking<00:02:41.660> about<00:02:42.050> time<00:02:42.530> which
  • 00:02:43
    today we are talking about time which that's<00:02:43.670> true<00:02:44.120> by<00:02:44.390> the<00:02:44.450> way<00:02:44.660> that's<00:02:45.380> what<00:02:45.560> a
  • 00:02:45
    that's true by the way that's what a second<00:02:46.040> is<00:02:46.510> it's<00:02:47.510> true
  • 00:02:47
    second is it's true so<00:02:48.530> here's<00:02:48.710> the<00:02:48.770> thing<00:02:48.920> about<00:02:48.950> time<00:02:49.400> time
  • 00:02:50
    so here's the thing about time time governs<00:02:51.110> our<00:02:51.350> lives<00:02:51.860> it<00:02:52.580> is<00:02:52.730> the<00:02:52.880> master<00:02:53.150> of<00:02:53.390> us
  • 00:02:53
    governs our lives it is the master of us and<00:02:54.050> yet<00:02:54.580> the<00:02:55.580> truth<00:02:55.790> is<00:02:56.180> we<00:02:56.600> understand<00:02:57.140> very
  • 00:02:57
    and yet the truth is we understand very little<00:02:58.150> about<00:02:59.150> it<00:02:59.209> does<00:02:59.900> it<00:03:00.020> make<00:03:00.110> you<00:03:00.200> nervous
  • 00:03:00
    little about it does it make you nervous we<00:03:01.940> understand<00:03:02.360> very<00:03:02.390> little<00:03:02.630> about<00:03:02.959> it<00:03:03.290> see
  • 00:03:04
    we understand very little about it see what<00:03:04.250> we<00:03:04.340> would<00:03:04.790> like<00:03:04.970> to<00:03:05.000> be<00:03:05.270> the<00:03:05.420> masters<00:03:05.959> of
  • 00:03:05
    what we would like to be the masters of time<00:03:06.590> the<00:03:07.010> truth<00:03:07.250> is<00:03:07.490> that<00:03:07.790> time<00:03:08.120> is<00:03:08.630> the
  • 00:03:09
    time the truth is that time is the master<00:03:09.740> of<00:03:10.060> us<00:03:11.060> so<00:03:11.900> we're<00:03:12.050> digging<00:03:12.140> into<00:03:12.410> today
  • 00:03:13
    master of us so we're digging into today but<00:03:13.310> before<00:03:13.760> we<00:03:13.880> do<00:03:14.060> that<00:03:14.090> before<00:03:14.360> you<00:03:14.570> to<00:03:14.660> the
  • 00:03:14
    but before we do that before you to the end<00:03:14.959> in<00:03:15.530> the<00:03:16.130> beginning<00:03:16.580> of<00:03:17.150> the<00:03:17.360> service
  • 00:03:17
    end in the beginning of the service we're<00:03:18.410> gonna<00:03:18.500> start<00:03:18.860> by<00:03:19.040> singing<00:03:19.459> so<00:03:19.880> if<00:03:19.910> you
  • 00:03:20
    we're gonna start by singing so if you would<00:03:20.300> go<00:03:20.450> ahead<00:03:20.510> and<00:03:20.660> stand<00:03:20.900> on<00:03:21.140> up<00:03:21.200> wherever
  • 00:03:21
    would go ahead and stand on up wherever you<00:03:21.860> are<00:03:21.890> if<00:03:22.580> you<00:03:22.760> are<00:03:22.850> in<00:03:22.970> the<00:03:23.030> room<00:03:23.209> with<00:03:23.239> me
  • 00:03:23
    you are if you are in the room with me here<00:03:23.870> in<00:03:23.989> another<00:03:24.170> site<00:03:24.860> or<00:03:25.130> maybe<00:03:25.459> you're
  • 00:03:25
    here in another site or maybe you're watching<00:03:25.730> online<00:03:26.330> wherever<00:03:26.510> you<00:03:26.870> are<00:03:26.900> stand
  • 00:03:27
    watching online wherever you are stand up<00:03:27.560> get<00:03:27.709> ready<00:03:27.860> to<00:03:27.980> sing<00:03:28.220> turn<00:03:28.459> the<00:03:28.610> volume<00:03:28.760> up
  • 00:03:29
    up get ready to sing turn the volume up then<00:03:29.959> we're<00:03:30.080> gonna<00:03:30.170> sing<00:03:30.410> some<00:03:30.620> songs<00:03:30.860> right
  • 00:03:31
    then we're gonna sing some songs right now<00:03:31.220> to<00:03:31.910> the<00:03:32.060> God<00:03:32.300> who<00:03:32.690> get<00:03:33.110> this<00:03:33.380> claims<00:03:34.220> to
  • 00:03:34
    now to the God who get this claims to exist<00:03:35.090> outside<00:03:35.300> of<00:03:36.050> time<00:03:36.260> who<00:03:37.070> says<00:03:37.370> that
  • 00:03:37
    exist outside of time who says that while<00:03:37.790> time<00:03:38.120> is<00:03:38.450> the<00:03:38.600> master<00:03:39.080> of<00:03:39.110> us<00:03:39.610> good<00:03:40.610> news
  • 00:03:40
    while time is the master of us good news he's<00:03:41.420> the<00:03:41.630> master<00:03:42.050> of<00:03:42.260> time
  • 00:03:44
    he's the master of time [Music]
  • 00:04:05
  • 00:04:12
    the<00:04:12.680> mercy<00:04:13.670> of<00:04:13.940> our<00:04:14.330> God
  • 00:04:18
  • 00:04:20
    [Music] no<00:04:21.139> question
  • 00:04:24
  • 00:04:37
    the<00:04:38.340> crowd
  • 00:04:41
    the<00:04:41.810> throw
  • 00:04:44
  • 00:04:50
  • 00:04:58
  • 00:05:00
    [Music] penis
  • 00:05:14
  • 00:05:16
    [Music] poor<00:05:16.379> shot
  • 00:05:29
  • 00:05:39
  • 00:05:59
  • 00:06:13
  • 00:06:14
    maybe<00:06:15.000> uh<00:06:16.100> crown<00:06:17.100> him<00:06:17.550> for<00:06:18.200> her<00:06:19.970> for<00:06:20.970> the<00:06:21.330> Lamb
  • 00:06:21
    maybe uh crown him for her for the Lamb who<00:06:22.050> was<00:06:22.260> slain<00:06:23.240> He<00:06:24.240> is<00:06:24.810> risen
  • 00:06:28
  • 00:06:37
  • 00:06:41
  • 00:06:53
  • 00:06:59
  • 00:07:05
  • 00:07:19
  • 00:07:39
  • 00:07:57
  • 00:08:01
  • 00:08:05
    [Applause] [Music]
  • 00:08:18
    we<00:08:18.940> know<00:08:19.270> where<00:08:19.690> else<00:08:19.960> to<00:08:20.229> go<00:08:21.240> we<00:08:22.240> know<00:08:22.509> where
  • 00:08:22
    we know where else to go we know where else<00:08:23.229> to<00:08:23.380> turn<00:08:24.479> but<00:08:25.479> nearly<00:08:25.840> nets<00:08:26.440> you<00:08:26.620> don't
  • 00:08:27
    else to turn but nearly nets you don't see<00:08:28.560> coming
  • 00:08:29
    see coming [Music]
  • 00:08:31
    [Music] we<00:08:32.120> need<00:08:32.419> your<00:08:32.750> kingdom<00:08:34.719> exchange<00:08:35.719> it<00:08:36.050> for<00:08:36.079> our
  • 00:08:36
    we need your kingdom exchange it for our down<00:08:37.659> when<00:08:38.659> nearly<00:08:39.019> that's<00:08:39.649> your<00:08:40.389> Dorsey<00:08:41.709> call
  • 00:08:42
    down when nearly that's your Dorsey call me
  • 00:08:43
    me [Music]
  • 00:08:45
    [Music] Conny
  • 00:08:47
    Conny here<00:08:48.029> God
  • 00:08:48
    here God [Music]
  • 00:08:49
    [Music] god<00:08:50.549> of<00:08:50.579> the<00:08:51.529> breakthrough<00:08:52.529> the<00:08:53.309> promised
  • 00:08:54
    god of the breakthrough the promised answer
  • 00:08:56
    answer you<00:08:56.759> haven't<00:08:57.299> failed<00:08:57.660> us
  • 00:08:59
    you haven't failed us you<00:09:00.029> haven't<00:09:00.600> failed<00:09:00.959> us<00:09:01.410> yet<00:09:03.499> miracle<00:09:04.499> maker
  • 00:09:05
    you haven't failed us yet miracle maker I<00:09:06.059> hope<00:09:06.899> and<00:09:07.379> I<00:09:07.739> say<00:09:08.160> go<00:09:08.959> you<00:09:09.959> had<00:09:10.259> a<00:09:10.290> fair<00:09:10.859> to
  • 00:09:11
    I hope and I say go you had a fair to say<00:09:12.259> you<00:09:13.259> had<00:09:13.529> a<00:09:13.559> failed<00:09:14.129> is
  • 00:09:15
    say you had a failed is [Music]
  • 00:09:17
    [Music] so<00:09:18.379> soon<00:09:19.360> you<00:09:21.129> rested<00:09:22.129> on
  • 00:09:23
    so soon you rested on so
  • 00:09:26
    Oh [Music]
  • 00:09:29
    [Music] here's<00:09:30.820> a<00:09:31.270> for<00:09:31.540> your<00:09:31.899> spirit
  • 00:09:33
    here's a for your spirit this<00:09:34.370> appraises<00:09:35.240> rising<00:09:35.870> yeah<00:09:36.850> we're<00:09:37.850> crying
  • 00:09:39
    this appraises rising yeah we're crying singing
  • 00:09:48
    god<00:09:49.690> of<00:09:49.720> the
  • 00:10:18
  • 00:10:42
    you<00:10:43.589> show<00:10:43.889> us<00:10:44.250> who<00:10:44.519> you<00:10:44.879> are<00:10:45.379> who<00:10:46.379> you<00:10:46.860> vets<00:10:47.189> did
  • 00:10:48
    you show us who you are who you vets did so<00:10:49.980> try<00:10:50.460> it<00:10:50.490> out<00:10:54.860> come<00:10:55.860> here<00:10:56.250> so<00:10:56.760> far
  • 00:11:01
  • 00:11:04
    [Music] [Applause]
  • 00:11:15
  • 00:11:18
  • 00:12:01
  • 00:12:11
  • 00:12:18
    with<00:12:19.010> nowhere<00:12:19.280> else<00:12:19.730> to<00:12:20.240> go
  • 00:12:21
    with nowhere else to go we've<00:12:22.250> nowhere<00:12:22.940> else<00:12:23.150> to<00:12:23.480> turn
  • 00:12:24
    we've nowhere else to turn so<00:12:25.340> we're<00:12:25.520> nearly<00:12:25.820> that's<00:12:26.450> your<00:12:26.750> door<00:12:27.050> was
  • 00:12:27
    so we're nearly that's your door was singing<00:12:28.510> come
  • 00:12:30
    singing come come<00:12:31.140> here<00:12:31.910> I<00:12:35.840> love<00:12:36.840> when<00:12:37.140> we<00:12:37.170> get<00:12:37.440> to<00:12:37.710> worship
  • 00:12:38
    come here I love when we get to worship together<00:12:38.400> I<00:12:39.470> feel<00:12:40.470> a<00:12:40.860> special<00:12:41.190> connection
  • 00:12:41
    together I feel a special connection with<00:12:41.910> Godwin
  • 00:12:42
    with Godwin I<00:12:42.690> get<00:12:43.080> to<00:12:43.230> sing<00:12:43.560> to<00:12:43.800> him<00:12:44.040> and<00:12:44.310> sing<00:12:44.670> about<00:12:45.060> him
  • 00:12:45
    I get to sing to him and sing about him and<00:12:45.690> when<00:12:45.870> those<00:12:46.050> words<00:12:46.410> just<00:12:46.950> pour<00:12:47.340> over<00:12:47.970> my
  • 00:12:48
    and when those words just pour over my ears<00:12:48.750> in<00:12:49.110> my<00:12:49.230> mind<00:12:49.650> in<00:12:50.070> the<00:12:50.820> midst<00:12:51.180> of<00:12:51.390> worship
  • 00:12:52
    ears in my mind in the midst of worship and<00:12:52.500> our<00:12:52.650> services<00:12:53.130> and<00:12:53.940> I'll<00:12:54.030> also<00:12:54.270> say<00:12:54.720> man
  • 00:12:55
    and our services and I'll also say man it<00:12:55.590> is<00:12:55.800> a<00:12:56.030> powerful<00:12:57.110> experience<00:12:58.110> to<00:12:58.860> get<00:12:59.010> to<00:12:59.160> be
  • 00:12:59
    it is a powerful experience to get to be in<00:12:59.400> a<00:12:59.730> room<00:13:00.090> of<00:13:00.420> other<00:13:01.020> people<00:13:01.620> who<00:13:01.890> are<00:13:01.980> also
  • 00:13:02
    in a room of other people who are also worshiping<00:13:03.360> together<00:13:04.140> whether<00:13:04.680> that's<00:13:04.920> in<00:13:05.130> a
  • 00:13:05
    worshiping together whether that's in a living<00:13:05.700> room<00:13:05.940> with<00:13:05.970> four<00:13:06.540> or<00:13:06.660> five<00:13:06.690> people<00:13:07.170> or
  • 00:13:07
    living room with four or five people or that's<00:13:08.130> in<00:13:08.310> a<00:13:08.460> crossroads<00:13:09.120> building<00:13:09.660> with<00:13:10.170> a
  • 00:13:10
    that's in a crossroads building with a thousand<00:13:11.340> other<00:13:11.580> people<00:13:11.880> the<00:13:12.840> Bible<00:13:13.170> says
  • 00:13:13
    thousand other people the Bible says that<00:13:13.380> where<00:13:13.650> two<00:13:13.920> or<00:13:14.070> three<00:13:14.100> are<00:13:14.310> gathered<00:13:14.940> in
  • 00:13:15
    that where two or three are gathered in the<00:13:15.540> name<00:13:15.690> of<00:13:15.720> Jesus<00:13:16.230> he's<00:13:16.650> there<00:13:17.040> with<00:13:17.580> us<00:13:17.850> and
  • 00:13:18
    the name of Jesus he's there with us and so<00:13:18.660> man<00:13:19.110> if<00:13:19.260> you<00:13:19.560> regularly<00:13:20.220> watch<00:13:20.730> service<00:13:21.690> by
  • 00:13:21
    so man if you regularly watch service by yourself<00:13:22.410> if<00:13:22.590> you<00:13:22.710> regularly<00:13:23.250> participate<00:13:24.000> in
  • 00:13:24
    yourself if you regularly participate in the<00:13:24.330> church<00:13:24.600> by<00:13:25.140> yourself<00:13:25.860> I<00:13:26.100> would<00:13:26.550> encourage
  • 00:13:26
    the church by yourself I would encourage you<00:13:27.240> why<00:13:27.900> don't<00:13:27.960> you<00:13:28.290> test<00:13:28.710> that<00:13:28.950> verse<00:13:29.490> in<00:13:29.730> the
  • 00:13:29
    you why don't you test that verse in the Bible<00:13:30.180> that<00:13:30.210> says<00:13:30.570> where<00:13:30.780> there's<00:13:30.960> two<00:13:31.230> or
  • 00:13:31
    Bible that says where there's two or three<00:13:31.410> more<00:13:31.980> Jesus<00:13:32.640> is<00:13:32.970> there<00:13:33.240> with<00:13:33.840> them<00:13:34.140> why
  • 00:13:34
    three more Jesus is there with them why don't<00:13:34.740> you<00:13:35.040> test<00:13:35.280> that<00:13:35.400> and<00:13:35.670> get<00:13:35.850> together
  • 00:13:36
    don't you test that and get together with<00:13:36.300> two<00:13:36.990> or<00:13:37.140> three<00:13:37.410> other<00:13:37.560> people<00:13:37.650> and<00:13:38.190> see
  • 00:13:38
    with two or three other people and see if<00:13:38.490> you<00:13:38.700> feel<00:13:39.150> something<00:13:39.960> different<00:13:40.140> see<00:13:40.860> if
  • 00:13:40
    if you feel something different see if you<00:13:41.190> feel<00:13:41.730> the<00:13:42.060> presence<00:13:42.330> of<00:13:42.660> God<00:13:42.810> in<00:13:43.230> a<00:13:43.350> new
  • 00:13:43
    you feel the presence of God in a new way<00:13:43.800> if<00:13:44.190> you<00:13:44.640> go<00:13:44.850> to<00:13:44.910> Crossroads<00:13:45.240> net<00:13:45.870> you<00:13:46.080> can
  • 00:13:46
    way if you go to Crossroads net you can see<00:13:46.380> where<00:13:46.500> all<00:13:46.680> of<00:13:46.710> our<00:13:46.890> locations<00:13:47.340> and
  • 00:13:47
    see where all of our locations and different<00:13:48.510> communities<00:13:49.290> are<00:13:49.530> gathering<00:13:50.130> for
  • 00:13:50
    different communities are gathering for you<00:13:50.670> to<00:13:50.760> actually<00:13:51.260> experience<00:13:52.260> the<00:13:52.620> church
  • 00:13:52
    you to actually experience the church alongside<00:13:53.280> of<00:13:53.790> other<00:13:54.000> people<00:13:54.420> maybe<00:13:54.780> next
  • 00:13:55
    alongside of other people maybe next week<00:13:55.380> maybe<00:13:56.010> you<00:13:56.190> start<00:13:56.550> that<00:13:56.760> in<00:13:56.970> this<00:13:57.150> next
  • 00:13:57
    week maybe you start that in this next series<00:13:57.690> that<00:13:57.960> we're<00:13:58.080> going<00:13:58.200> into<00:13:58.790> you<00:13:59.790> know<00:13:59.910> I
  • 00:14:00
    series that we're going into you know I have<00:14:00.690> been<00:14:00.780> married<00:14:01.080> now<00:14:01.170> for<00:14:01.380> almost<00:14:01.530> three
  • 00:14:01
    have been married now for almost three years<00:14:02.010> coming<00:14:02.850> up<00:14:03.000> on<00:14:03.150> three<00:14:03.360> years<00:14:03.630> here<00:14:03.990> this
  • 00:14:04
    years coming up on three years here this month<00:14:04.410> and<00:14:04.680> my<00:14:05.280> husband<00:14:05.760> and<00:14:05.880> I<00:14:05.970> actually<00:14:06.270> met
  • 00:14:07
    month and my husband and I actually met through<00:14:08.120> volunteering<00:14:09.120> he<00:14:09.360> was<00:14:09.480> a<00:14:09.510> volunteer
  • 00:14:10
    through volunteering he was a volunteer on<00:14:10.830> a<00:14:10.890> team<00:14:11.280> that<00:14:11.310> I<00:14:11.520> was<00:14:11.670> leading<00:14:11.910> I<00:14:12.180> know<00:14:12.240> I
  • 00:14:12
    on a team that I was leading I know I dated<00:14:12.720> a<00:14:12.810> volunteer<00:14:13.260> but<00:14:14.250> nevertheless<00:14:15.000> about
  • 00:14:15
    dated a volunteer but nevertheless about a<00:14:15.480> year<00:14:15.750> later<00:14:15.930> we<00:14:16.290> ended<00:14:16.560> up<00:14:17.130> getting<00:14:17.940> married
  • 00:14:18
    a year later we ended up getting married and<00:14:18.690> not<00:14:19.590> only<00:14:20.210> did<00:14:21.210> we<00:14:21.270> meet<00:14:21.780> volunteering
  • 00:14:22
    and not only did we meet volunteering but<00:14:22.710> we<00:14:22.890> met<00:14:23.100> some<00:14:23.310> of<00:14:23.340> our<00:14:23.610> best<00:14:24.060> friends
  • 00:14:25
    but we met some of our best friends volunteering<00:14:26.010> and<00:14:26.220> then<00:14:26.370> we<00:14:26.490> were<00:14:26.580> in<00:14:26.610> each
  • 00:14:27
    volunteering and then we were in each other's<00:14:27.420> weddings<00:14:27.720> and<00:14:28.200> we<00:14:28.590> got<00:14:28.860> to<00:14:29.160> celebrate
  • 00:14:29
    other's weddings and we got to celebrate with<00:14:30.570> those<00:14:30.810> people<00:14:31.140> and<00:14:31.560> now<00:14:32.040> I<00:14:32.070> mean<00:14:32.370> we<00:14:32.430> have
  • 00:14:32
    with those people and now I mean we have a<00:14:32.880> couples<00:14:33.420> group<00:14:33.750> that<00:14:34.260> gets<00:14:34.470> together<00:14:34.800> to
  • 00:14:35
    a couples group that gets together to celebrate<00:14:36.060> things<00:14:36.300> like<00:14:36.600> new<00:14:36.870> houses<00:14:37.380> and<00:14:37.410> new
  • 00:14:37
    celebrate things like new houses and new babies<00:14:38.370> and<00:14:38.670> just<00:14:39.210> meet<00:14:39.420> on<00:14:39.450> a<00:14:39.600> regular<00:14:39.990> basis
  • 00:14:40
    babies and just meet on a regular basis to<00:14:40.560> go<00:14:40.680> what's<00:14:41.250> hard<00:14:41.580> and<00:14:41.880> what's<00:14:42.090> great
  • 00:14:42
    to go what's hard and what's great your<00:14:42.899> marriage<00:14:43.170> right<00:14:43.500> now<00:14:43.680> it's<00:14:44.129> been<00:14:44.279> so
  • 00:14:44
    your marriage right now it's been so good<00:14:45.029> for<00:14:45.089> us<00:14:45.389> and<00:14:45.839> that<00:14:46.079> group<00:14:46.319> we<00:14:46.470> actually
  • 00:14:46
    good for us and that group we actually got<00:14:47.009> to<00:14:47.100> go<00:14:47.220> to<00:14:47.279> couples<00:14:47.550> camp<00:14:48.060> together<00:14:48.480> and
  • 00:14:48
    got to go to couples camp together and experience
  • 00:14:49
    experience got<00:14:50.370> in<00:14:50.550> a<00:14:50.670> new<00:14:51.060> and<00:14:51.389> powerful<00:14:51.600> way<00:14:52.170> through
  • 00:14:52
    got in a new and powerful way through camp<00:14:52.949> and<00:14:53.310> it<00:14:53.730> deepened<00:14:54.209> our<00:14:54.300> friendships<00:14:54.930> and
  • 00:14:55
    camp and it deepened our friendships and really<00:14:55.680> spectacular<00:14:56.519> ways<00:14:56.759> and<00:14:57.209> I<00:14:57.389> want<00:14:57.540> that
  • 00:14:57
    really spectacular ways and I want that for<00:14:57.990> you
  • 00:14:58
    for you I<00:14:58.439> want<00:14:58.920> you<00:14:58.980> to<00:14:59.069> maybe<00:14:59.189> meet<00:14:59.550> your<00:14:59.730> husband<00:15:00.120> or
  • 00:15:00
    I want you to maybe meet your husband or your<00:15:00.449> wife<00:15:00.509> I<00:15:01.019> want<00:15:01.379> you<00:15:01.589> to<00:15:01.680> get<00:15:01.829> to<00:15:01.920> have<00:15:02.040> best
  • 00:15:02
    your wife I want you to get to have best friends<00:15:02.550> whose<00:15:03.089> weddings<00:15:03.600> that<00:15:03.839> you're<00:15:03.959> in<00:15:04.170> I
  • 00:15:04
    friends whose weddings that you're in I want<00:15:04.829> you<00:15:04.860> to<00:15:05.009> get<00:15:05.129> to<00:15:05.250> have<00:15:05.370> friends<00:15:05.790> so<00:15:05.819> you
  • 00:15:05
    want you to get to have friends so you get<00:15:06.209> to<00:15:06.389> go<00:15:06.600> outside<00:15:07.110> of<00:15:07.379> your<00:15:07.500> comfort<00:15:07.620> zone
  • 00:15:08
    get to go outside of your comfort zone with<00:15:08.399> and<00:15:08.610> experience<00:15:09.389> something<00:15:09.629> like<00:15:09.779> camps
  • 00:15:10
    with and experience something like camps and<00:15:11.009> you<00:15:11.189> can<00:15:11.339> find<00:15:11.519> out<00:15:11.699> all<00:15:11.970> kinds<00:15:12.660> of
  • 00:15:12
    and you can find out all kinds of opportunities<00:15:13.379> like<00:15:13.620> this<00:15:13.949> and<00:15:14.250> more<00:15:14.759> at
  • 00:15:15
    opportunities like this and more at Crossroads<00:15:15.569> dotnet<00:15:16.110> slash<00:15:16.560> get<00:15:17.040> connected
  • 00:15:17
    Crossroads dotnet slash get connected where<00:15:18.180> you<00:15:18.389> can<00:15:18.600> get<00:15:19.110> involved<00:15:19.439> in<00:15:19.649> some
  • 00:15:19
    where you can get involved in some things<00:15:20.129> where<00:15:20.370> you<00:15:20.490> might<00:15:20.519> actually<00:15:20.670> meet
  • 00:15:21
    things where you might actually meet people<00:15:22.259> you<00:15:22.470> might<00:15:22.560> actually<00:15:22.769> meet<00:15:23.160> your
  • 00:15:23
    people you might actually meet your people<00:15:24.600> because<00:15:24.930> life<00:15:25.199> is<00:15:25.470> so<00:15:25.500> much<00:15:26.160> better
  • 00:15:26
    people because life is so much better with<00:15:27.089> other<00:15:27.329> people<00:15:27.810> when<00:15:28.019> you're<00:15:28.199> not<00:15:28.410> doing
  • 00:15:29
    with other people when you're not doing it<00:15:29.490> alone<00:15:29.699> and<00:15:30.410> all<00:15:31.410> of<00:15:31.560> those<00:15:31.709> things<00:15:31.949> that<00:15:32.129> we
  • 00:15:32
    it alone and all of those things that we get<00:15:32.339> to<00:15:32.399> experience<00:15:33.290> camps<00:15:34.290> and<00:15:34.550> worship
  • 00:15:35
    get to experience camps and worship experiences<00:15:36.509> and<00:15:37.009> weekend<00:15:38.009> services<00:15:38.490> in<00:15:38.639> the
  • 00:15:38
    experiences and weekend services in the video<00:15:39.149> that<00:15:39.420> you're<00:15:39.540> watching<00:15:39.569> right<00:15:40.290> now<00:15:40.350> all
  • 00:15:40
    video that you're watching right now all
  • 00:15:41
    video that you're watching right now all of<00:15:41.459> that<00:15:41.639> is<00:15:41.850> possible<00:15:42.240> because<00:15:43.230> there<00:15:43.649> is<00:15:43.769> a
  • 00:15:43
    of that is possible because there is a team<00:15:44.279> of<00:15:44.310> generous<00:15:45.000> givers<00:15:45.389> who<00:15:45.569> said<00:15:45.839> hey<00:15:46.319> we
  • 00:15:46
    team of generous givers who said hey we want<00:15:46.980> more<00:15:47.490> people<00:15:47.759> to<00:15:47.910> meet<00:15:48.180> Jesus<00:15:48.540> and<00:15:49.170> we
  • 00:15:49
    want more people to meet Jesus and we want<00:15:49.439> more<00:15:49.740> people<00:15:50.040> to<00:15:50.309> have<00:15:50.459> meaningful
  • 00:15:51
    want more people to have meaningful relationships<00:15:51.990> with<00:15:52.230> each<00:15:52.259> other<00:15:52.559> and<00:15:52.860> so
  • 00:15:53
    relationships with each other and so we're<00:15:53.550> gonna<00:15:53.699> fuel<00:15:54.180> the<00:15:54.930> things<00:15:55.290> that<00:15:55.529> God's
  • 00:15:55
    we're gonna fuel the things that God's doing<00:15:55.980> in<00:15:56.279> Crossroads<00:15:56.689> so<00:15:57.689> that<00:15:57.930> that's
  • 00:15:58
    doing in Crossroads so that that's possible<00:15:58.860> and<00:15:59.100> so<00:15:59.490> if<00:15:59.790> you<00:16:00.149> want<00:16:00.329> to<00:16:00.420> join<00:16:00.720> the
  • 00:16:00
    possible and so if you want to join the team<00:16:00.990> and<00:16:01.439> you<00:16:01.589> want<00:16:01.769> to<00:16:01.860> fuel<00:16:02.100> more<00:16:02.399> people
  • 00:16:02
    team and you want to fuel more people meeting<00:16:02.910> Jesus<00:16:03.209> and<00:16:03.660> more<00:16:04.139> people<00:16:04.589> getting
  • 00:16:04
    meeting Jesus and more people getting connected<00:16:05.490> to<00:16:05.639> each<00:16:05.759> other<00:16:05.970> and<00:16:06.329> in<00:16:06.629> deep
  • 00:16:06
    connected to each other and in deep meaningful<00:16:07.920> and<00:16:08.129> fun<00:16:08.459> friendships<00:16:09.269> through
  • 00:16:09
    meaningful and fun friendships through the<00:16:10.019> church<00:16:10.290> you<00:16:10.860> can<00:16:11.040> do<00:16:11.160> that<00:16:11.309> by<00:16:11.430> going<00:16:11.550> to
  • 00:16:11
    the church you can do that by going to Crossroads<00:16:11.970> dotnet<00:16:12.720> slash<00:16:13.199> give<00:16:13.980> and<00:16:14.279> become
  • 00:16:15
    Crossroads dotnet slash give and become one<00:16:15.449> of<00:16:15.569> our<00:16:15.689> teammates<00:16:16.110> we're<00:16:16.949> ending<00:16:17.639> this
  • 00:16:17
    one of our teammates we're ending this series<00:16:18.300> today<00:16:18.569> called<00:16:18.990> how<00:16:19.439> it<00:16:19.649> ends<00:16:20.250> and<00:16:20.490> we
  • 00:16:21
    series today called how it ends and we get<00:16:21.180> to<00:16:21.300> hear<00:16:21.540> from<00:16:21.569> my<00:16:21.839> friend<00:16:22.110> Kyle<00:16:22.230> I<00:16:22.769> think
  • 00:16:23
    get to hear from my friend Kyle I think you're<00:16:23.339> really<00:16:23.730> going<00:16:23.910> to<00:16:24.000> enjoy<00:16:24.420> it<00:16:24.449> and<00:16:24.720> I
  • 00:16:24
    you're really going to enjoy it and I think<00:16:25.050> maybe<00:16:25.529> we<00:16:25.740> need<00:16:25.889> a<00:16:25.920> little<00:16:26.009> prep<00:16:26.639> for
  • 00:16:27
    think maybe we need a little prep for how<00:16:27.329> the<00:16:27.389> world's<00:16:27.839> gonna<00:16:27.959> end<00:16:28.050> let's<00:16:28.529> check
  • 00:16:28
    how the world's gonna end let's check this<00:16:28.920> out<00:16:31.430> across<00:16:32.430> America<00:16:33.089> there's<00:16:33.420> a
  • 00:16:33
    this out across America there's a growing<00:16:33.779> concern<00:16:34.379> that<00:16:34.980> the<00:16:35.129> end<00:16:35.309> of<00:16:35.670> days<00:16:35.970> is
  • 00:16:36
    growing concern that the end of days is near
  • 00:16:37
    near today<00:16:38.500> we<00:16:39.100> meet<00:16:39.310> heaven<00:16:39.700> a<00:16:39.880> Kentucky<00:16:40.870> native
  • 00:16:41
    today we meet heaven a Kentucky native who's<00:16:41.800> convinced<00:16:42.400> he's<00:16:42.580> prepared<00:16:43.090> the<00:16:43.330> best
  • 00:16:43
    who's convinced he's prepared the best bunker<00:16:44.200> possible<00:16:44.830> for<00:16:45.250> the<00:16:45.340> inevitable
  • 00:16:45
    bunker possible for the inevitable zombie<00:16:46.510> robot<00:16:46.750> apocalypse<00:16:48.990> careful<00:16:49.990> down
  • 00:16:50
    zombie robot apocalypse careful down these<00:16:50.260> steps<00:16:51.510> watch<00:16:52.510> your<00:16:52.750> head
  • 00:16:53
    these steps watch your head how<00:16:54.400> long<00:16:54.580> have<00:16:54.670> you<00:16:54.700> been<00:16:54.790> working<00:16:55.120> on<00:16:55.420> this
  • 00:16:55
    how long have you been working on this ah<00:16:55.900> about<00:16:56.650> 19<00:16:57.070> years<00:16:57.100> ever<00:16:57.910> since<00:16:59.130> y2k<00:17:00.130> and<00:17:00.640> a
  • 00:17:00
    ah about 19 years ever since y2k and a housing<00:17:01.180> crisis<00:17:01.870> in<00:17:02.610> sync<00:17:03.610> 10<00:17:04.300> to<00:17:04.420> 12<00:17:04.630> hours<00:17:04.780> a
  • 00:17:04
    housing crisis in sync 10 to 12 hours a day<00:17:05.050> that<00:17:05.830> goes<00:17:06.100> to<00:17:07.080> creating<00:17:08.080> my<00:17:08.260> stockpile
  • 00:17:09
    day that goes to creating my stockpile [Music]
  • 00:17:11
    [Music] this<00:17:12.010> is<00:17:12.190> some<00:17:12.400> adjust<00:17:12.700> like<00:17:12.880> the<00:17:14.130> essentials
  • 00:17:15
    this is some adjust like the essentials that<00:17:15.400> I'm<00:17:16.180> gonna<00:17:16.450> need<00:17:16.720> when<00:17:17.050> it<00:17:17.080> all<00:17:17.260> goes
  • 00:17:17
    that I'm gonna need when it all goes down<00:17:19.320> tissues<00:17:20.320> there's<00:17:21.280> gonna<00:17:21.400> be<00:17:21.490> a<00:17:21.520> lot<00:17:21.730> of
  • 00:17:21
    down tissues there's gonna be a lot of tears<00:17:22.240> when<00:17:22.930> the<00:17:23.020> aliens<00:17:23.470> come<00:17:23.680> I<00:17:23.740> want<00:17:24.010> to
  • 00:17:24
    look good these<00:17:24.940> are<00:17:25.090> diffusers<00:17:25.750> put<00:17:26.380> a<00:17:26.410> little<00:17:26.590> CBD<00:17:27.070> in
  • 00:17:27
    these are diffusers put a little CBD in there<00:17:27.370> and<00:17:27.520> calm<00:17:27.730> down<00:17:27.760> when<00:17:28.150> I<00:17:28.180> start
  • 00:17:28
    there and calm down when I start freaking<00:17:28.810> out<00:17:28.930> bubble<00:17:29.500> bath<00:17:29.710> the<00:17:30.010> loofah
  • 00:17:30
    freaking out bubble bath the loofah that's<00:17:31.000> gonna<00:17:31.210> come<00:17:31.420> in<00:17:31.510> handy<00:17:31.630> like<00:17:32.200> when<00:17:32.440> I'm
  • 00:17:32
    that's gonna come in handy like when I'm running<00:17:32.770> from<00:17:33.160> whatever<00:17:33.370> it<00:17:33.610> is<00:17:33.760> I'm<00:17:34.090> gonna
  • 00:17:34
    running from whatever it is I'm gonna take<00:17:34.540> some<00:17:34.750> of<00:17:34.840> that<00:17:34.870> body<00:17:35.110> power<00:17:35.380> throw<00:17:35.770> it<00:17:35.890> up
  • 00:17:35
    take some of that body power throw it up under<00:17:36.220> my<00:17:36.340> undercarriage<00:17:36.760> and<00:17:37.360> that'll
  • 00:17:37
    under my undercarriage and that'll that'll<00:17:38.110> keep<00:17:38.410> me<00:17:38.470> going<00:17:38.920> what<00:17:39.160> about<00:17:39.250> those
  • 00:17:39
    that'll keep me going what about those fuzzy<00:17:39.910> socks<00:17:40.330> right<00:17:40.810> so<00:17:41.530> when<00:17:41.680> the<00:17:41.740> end
  • 00:17:41
    fuzzy socks right so when the end happens<00:17:42.280> I'll<00:17:42.430> be<00:17:42.460> thankful<00:17:42.760> to<00:17:42.940> have<00:17:43.060> any
  • 00:17:43
    happens I'll be thankful to have any clothes<00:17:43.510> at<00:17:43.660> all<00:17:43.780> and<00:17:44.500> there<00:17:44.650> might<00:17:44.800> be<00:17:44.830> a<00:17:44.980> day
  • 00:17:45
    clothes at all and there might be a day where<00:17:45.310> these<00:17:45.430> are<00:17:45.550> all<00:17:45.670> I<00:17:45.700> wear<00:17:46.060> you<00:17:46.930> have<00:17:47.050> so
  • 00:17:47
    where these are all I wear you have so or<00:17:47.500> yeah<00:17:48.130> so<00:17:48.340> we'll<00:17:48.460> go<00:17:48.580> we'll<00:17:48.850> check<00:17:49.060> that<00:17:49.210> out
  • 00:17:49
    or yeah so we'll go we'll check that out I<00:17:50.880> need<00:17:51.880> to<00:17:51.970> move<00:17:52.120> that<00:17:52.410> what<00:17:53.410> I'm<00:17:53.530> about<00:17:53.650> to
  • 00:17:53
    I need to move that what I'm about to show<00:17:54.040> you<00:17:54.070> is<00:17:54.310> like<00:17:54.600> like<00:17:55.600> the<00:17:55.750> MTV<00:17:56.170> Cribs<00:17:56.530> of
  • 00:17:56
    show you is like like the MTV Cribs of the<00:17:57.670> apocalypse<00:17:58.210> this<00:17:58.990> is<00:17:59.170> enough<00:17:59.410> supplies
  • 00:17:59
    the apocalypse this is enough supplies that<00:18:00.280> will<00:18:00.460> last<00:18:00.820> for<00:18:01.240> at<00:18:01.930> least<00:18:02.400> 330<00:18:03.400> years
  • 00:18:03
    that will last for at least 330 years everything<00:18:04.870> I<00:18:05.290> could<00:18:05.470> ever<00:18:05.500> want<00:18:05.740> or<00:18:06.160> need<00:18:06.370> is
  • 00:18:07
    everything I could ever want or need is out<00:18:07.360> here<00:18:07.980> so<00:18:08.980> we<00:18:09.010> have<00:18:09.280> alien<00:18:10.120> and<00:18:10.300> Star<00:18:10.540> Wars
  • 00:18:10
    out here so we have alien and Star Wars I'm<00:18:10.900> sure<00:18:11.020> that's<00:18:11.200> gonna<00:18:11.320> come<00:18:11.530> in<00:18:11.560> handy
  • 00:18:11
    I'm sure that's gonna come in handy something<00:18:12.430> extraterrestrial<00:18:12.730> comes<00:18:13.360> here
  • 00:18:13
    something extraterrestrial comes here and<00:18:13.870> tries<00:18:14.590> to<00:18:14.710> probe<00:18:15.070> me<00:18:15.400> it's<00:18:16.120> a<00:18:16.210> DVD
  • 00:18:16
    and tries to probe me it's a DVD collection<00:18:16.810> yeah<00:18:17.440> just<00:18:17.650> a<00:18:17.740> DVD<00:18:18.040> collection<00:18:18.190> I
  • 00:18:18
    collection yeah just a DVD collection I don't<00:18:19.300> have<00:18:19.450> a<00:18:19.480> DVD<00:18:19.840> player<00:18:19.930> because<00:18:20.230> I<00:18:20.290> sold
  • 00:18:20
    don't have a DVD player because I sold it<00:18:20.650> a<00:18:20.710> few<00:18:20.890> years<00:18:20.920> ago<00:18:21.130> so<00:18:21.820> I'll<00:18:21.880> probably<00:18:22.030> have
  • 00:18:22
    it a few years ago so I'll probably have to<00:18:22.360> steal<00:18:22.570> one<00:18:22.720> of<00:18:22.750> those<00:18:22.900> you<00:18:23.080> know<00:18:23.200> when<00:18:23.320> the
  • 00:18:23
    to steal one of those you know when the end<00:18:23.410> happens<00:18:23.890> a<00:18:24.070> lot<00:18:24.820> of<00:18:25.090> vacuums<00:18:25.600> yeah<00:18:26.560> these
  • 00:18:27
    end happens a lot of vacuums yeah these are<00:18:27.190> great<00:18:27.310> for<00:18:27.430> picking<00:18:28.090> up<00:18:28.300> cat<00:18:28.510> litter<00:18:28.720> and
  • 00:18:28
    are great for picking up cat litter and I<00:18:29.830> take<00:18:30.130> on<00:18:30.280> a<00:18:30.310> lot<00:18:30.520> of<00:18:30.610> cats<00:18:30.990> what<00:18:31.990> about<00:18:32.200> water
  • 00:18:32
    I take on a lot of cats what about water did<00:18:33.430> you<00:18:33.580> read<00:18:33.850> do<00:18:34.000> you<00:18:34.060> guys<00:18:34.210> read<00:18:34.450> at<00:18:35.200> all<00:18:35.640> no
  • 00:18:36
    did you read do you guys read at all no you<00:18:36.700> don't<00:18:36.970> read<00:18:37.120> well<00:18:37.680> newsflash
  • 00:18:39
    you don't read well newsflash water<00:18:40.249> is<00:18:40.580> our<00:18:40.820> worst<00:18:41.240> enemy<00:18:41.870> do<00:18:41.990> you<00:18:42.080> have
  • 00:18:42
    water is our worst enemy do you have firearms<00:18:42.529> check<00:18:43.399> this<00:18:43.519> out<00:18:45.759> whoa<00:18:46.779> it's<00:18:47.779> called
  • 00:18:47
    firearms check this out whoa it's called a<00:18:48.110> duck<00:18:48.799> hunt<00:18:49.070> so<00:18:49.580> you<00:18:49.639> don't<00:18:49.820> have<00:18:49.909> any<00:18:50.090> food
  • 00:18:50
    a duck hunt so you don't have any food water<00:18:51.590> or<00:18:51.799> firearms<00:18:52.730> no<00:18:53.470> I<00:18:54.470> don't<00:18:55.370> and<00:18:55.700> I<00:18:56.210> don't
  • 00:18:56
    water or firearms no I don't and I don't who<00:18:56.809> sent<00:18:57.110> you<00:18:57.230> is<00:18:57.470> the<00:18:57.590> NPR<00:18:58.039> or<00:18:58.460> the<00:18:58.850> CIA<00:18:59.179> or
  • 00:18:59
    who sent you is the NPR or the CIA or coca-cola<00:19:00.499> but<00:19:01.279> I<00:19:01.490> think<00:19:02.059> you<00:19:02.149> guys<00:19:02.299> need<00:19:02.480> to
  • 00:19:02
    coca-cola but I think you guys need to leave<00:19:02.779> get<00:19:03.470> that<00:19:03.590> camera<00:19:03.769> out<00:19:03.950> of<00:19:03.980> my<00:19:04.039> face<00:19:04.100> get
  • 00:19:04
    leave get that camera out of my face get the<00:19:05.029> camera<00:19:05.299> I'm<00:19:05.570> serious
  • 00:19:06
    the camera I'm serious get<00:19:06.409> out<00:19:08.559> you<00:19:09.559> want<00:19:09.679> to<00:19:09.740> play<00:19:09.830> duck<00:19:10.009> hunt<00:19:10.269> Hey
  • 00:19:11
    get out you want to play duck hunt Hey look<00:19:11.389> when<00:19:11.779> the<00:19:11.869> end<00:19:12.049> comes<00:19:12.350> that<00:19:12.590> guy's<00:19:12.740> gonna
  • 00:19:12
    look when the end comes that guy's gonna be<00:19:13.039> ready<00:19:13.279> right<00:19:13.519> I<00:19:13.580> mean<00:19:13.850> I<00:19:13.940> don't<00:19:13.999> know<00:19:14.119> for
  • 00:19:14
    be ready right I mean I don't know for what<00:19:14.419> exactly<00:19:14.659> he's<00:19:15.649> gonna<00:19:15.740> be<00:19:15.889> ready<00:19:16.100> you<00:19:16.490> be
  • 00:19:16
    what exactly he's gonna be ready you be ready<00:19:16.879> well<00:19:17.299> hey<00:19:17.389> welcome<00:19:17.600> my<00:19:17.809> name<00:19:17.929> is<00:19:17.960> Kyle
  • 00:19:18
    ready well hey welcome my name is Kyle um<00:19:18.950> today<00:19:19.369> is<00:19:19.669> kind<00:19:19.940> of<00:19:20.029> part<00:19:20.299> three<00:19:20.659> of<00:19:20.690> a
  • 00:19:20
    um today is kind of part three of a three-part<00:19:21.529> trilogy<00:19:22.100> we're<00:19:22.309> doing<00:19:22.610> called
  • 00:19:23
    three-part trilogy we're doing called how<00:19:23.659> it<00:19:24.080> ends<00:19:24.799> spoiler<00:19:25.399> alert<00:19:25.789> it's<00:19:26.119> amazing
  • 00:19:26
    how it ends spoiler alert it's amazing and<00:19:27.080> so<00:19:27.230> spoiler<00:19:27.740> alert<00:19:28.100> I'm<00:19:28.279> gonna<00:19:28.429> tell<00:19:28.639> you
  • 00:19:28
    and so spoiler alert I'm gonna tell you what<00:19:28.879> I<00:19:28.909> hope<00:19:29.059> happens<00:19:29.090> at<00:19:29.509> the<00:19:29.600> end<00:19:29.720> of<00:19:29.899> this
  • 00:19:29
    what I hope happens at the end of this message<00:19:30.139> the<00:19:30.440> very<00:19:30.619> beginning<00:19:31.039> here's<00:19:31.669> what<00:19:31.789> I
  • 00:19:31
    message the very beginning here's what I hope<00:19:31.970> happens<00:19:31.999> I<00:19:32.509> hope<00:19:33.379> that<00:19:33.590> no<00:19:33.710> matter<00:19:33.860> who
  • 00:19:34
    hope happens I hope that no matter who you<00:19:34.309> are<00:19:34.340> no<00:19:34.669> matter<00:19:34.700> what<00:19:34.909> you<00:19:35.090> currently
  • 00:19:35
    you are no matter what you currently believe<00:19:35.869> whether<00:19:36.110> you're<00:19:36.289> having<00:19:36.440> a<00:19:36.619> great
  • 00:19:36
    believe whether you're having a great day<00:19:36.889> or<00:19:37.340> whether<00:19:37.490> right<00:19:37.759> now<00:19:37.909> it<00:19:37.970> happens<00:19:38.299> to
  • 00:19:38
    day or whether right now it happens to be<00:19:38.480> the<00:19:38.629> worst<00:19:38.840> day<00:19:39.080> of<00:19:39.289> your<00:19:39.769> whole<00:19:39.950> life<00:19:40.159> I
  • 00:19:40
    be the worst day of your whole life I hope<00:19:41.389> today<00:19:41.629> that<00:19:41.779> you<00:19:41.840> walk<00:19:42.080> out<00:19:42.289> of<00:19:42.320> here
  • 00:19:42
    hope today that you walk out of here with<00:19:42.740> more<00:19:42.919> hope<00:19:43.249> more<00:19:44.119> joy<00:19:44.539> more<00:19:44.960> peace<00:19:45.740> than
  • 00:19:46
    with more hope more joy more peace than you<00:19:46.369> had<00:19:46.639> when<00:19:46.669> you<00:19:46.999> walked<00:19:47.269> in<00:19:47.539> maybe<00:19:47.990> just
  • 00:19:48
    you had when you walked in maybe just maybe<00:19:48.710> more<00:19:49.519> than<00:19:49.700> you've<00:19:49.850> ever<00:19:50.029> had<00:19:50.210> in<00:19:50.720> your
  • 00:19:50
    maybe more than you've ever had in your whole<00:19:51.529> life<00:19:52.399> I'm<00:19:53.179> gonna<00:19:53.299> pray<00:19:53.570> right<00:19:53.749> now<00:19:53.960> that
  • 00:19:54
    whole life I'm gonna pray right now that that<00:19:54.139> would<00:19:54.350> happen<00:19:54.499> a<00:19:54.999> god<00:19:55.999> I<00:19:56.029> thank<00:19:56.749> you<00:19:56.869> for
  • 00:19:57
    that would happen a god I thank you for being<00:19:57.289> a<00:19:57.440> God<00:19:57.619> who<00:19:57.860> loves<00:19:58.070> laughter<00:19:58.519> for
  • 00:19:59
    being a God who loves laughter for stupid<00:19:59.600> videos<00:19:59.899> and<00:20:00.200> for<00:20:00.289> things<00:20:00.470> that<00:20:00.559> make
  • 00:20:00
    stupid videos and for things that make us<00:20:00.830> laugh<00:20:00.889> to<00:20:01.190> remind<00:20:01.519> us<00:20:01.639> of<00:20:01.759> the<00:20:01.820> joy<00:20:01.909> that's
  • 00:20:02
    us laugh to remind us of the joy that's only<00:20:02.659> found<00:20:03.049> in<00:20:03.350> you<00:20:03.590> the<00:20:03.799> hope<00:20:04.129> that's<00:20:04.460> only
  • 00:20:04
    only found in you the hope that's only found<00:20:04.909> in<00:20:05.059> you<00:20:05.179> I<00:20:05.269> asked<00:20:05.629> for<00:20:05.749> me<00:20:05.929> and<00:20:06.080> for
  • 00:20:06
    found in you I asked for me and for everybody<00:20:06.590> here<00:20:06.830> that<00:20:06.950> you'd<00:20:07.070> fill<00:20:07.309> up<00:20:07.460> our
  • 00:20:07
    everybody here that you'd fill up our hope<00:20:07.730> tank<00:20:07.970> today<00:20:08.119> so<00:20:08.929> we<00:20:09.019> walk<00:20:09.259> out<00:20:09.470> of<00:20:09.499> here
  • 00:20:10
    hope tank today so we walk out of here overflowing<00:20:11.269> because<00:20:11.450> of<00:20:11.899> your<00:20:12.019> goodness
  • 00:20:12
    overflowing because of your goodness because<00:20:12.919> of<00:20:13.039> our<00:20:13.129> belief<00:20:13.399> in<00:20:13.580> you<00:20:13.730> no<00:20:14.299> matter
  • 00:20:14
    because of our belief in you no matter our<00:20:14.690> starting<00:20:15.019> point<00:20:15.200> today<00:20:15.639> amen<00:20:16.639> oh<00:20:17.590> that
  • 00:20:18
    our starting point today amen oh that was<00:20:18.679> bad<00:20:18.769> that's<00:20:19.009> loud
  • 00:20:19
    was bad that's loud amen<00:20:20.179> uh<00:20:20.210> well<00:20:21.759> this<00:20:22.759> is<00:20:22.879> part<00:20:23.119> three<00:20:23.480> and<00:20:23.509> last
  • 00:20:23
    amen uh well this is part three and last week<00:20:24.259> Chuck<00:20:24.619> talked<00:20:24.919> it<00:20:25.129> was<00:20:25.159> part<00:20:25.490> two<00:20:25.669> and<00:20:25.789> I
  • 00:20:25
    week Chuck talked it was part two and I just<00:20:25.999> want<00:20:26.119> you<00:20:26.210> to<00:20:26.299> know<00:20:26.480> similar<00:20:26.899> to<00:20:27.019> a<00:20:27.200> movie
  • 00:20:27
    just want you to know similar to a movie trilogy<00:20:27.769> if<00:20:28.129> you<00:20:28.460> missed<00:20:28.669> the<00:20:28.820> second<00:20:29.269> movie
  • 00:20:29
    trilogy if you missed the second movie the<00:20:29.600> third<00:20:29.809> one<00:20:29.960> makes<00:20:30.139> no<00:20:30.320> sense<00:20:30.590> okay<00:20:31.220> so<00:20:31.669> if
  • 00:20:32
    the third one makes no sense okay so if you<00:20:32.509> haven't<00:20:33.080> if<00:20:33.409> you<00:20:33.559> haven't<00:20:33.889> go<00:20:34.129> back<00:20:34.369> and
  • 00:20:34
    you haven't if you haven't go back and watch<00:20:34.879> Chex<00:20:35.720> Chuck<00:20:36.320> stock<00:20:36.590> from<00:20:36.799> last<00:20:37.009> week
  • 00:20:37
    watch Chex Chuck stock from last week watch<00:20:37.549> part<00:20:38.149> two<00:20:38.360> and<00:20:38.720> it'll<00:20:38.899> help<00:20:39.049> this<00:20:39.320> one<00:20:39.499> a
  • 00:20:39
    watch part two and it'll help this one a lot<00:20:40.220> last<00:20:40.730> week<00:20:40.999> he<00:20:41.210> talked<00:20:41.480> about<00:20:41.629> how<00:20:42.200> your
  • 00:20:42
    lot last week he talked about how your present<00:20:43.100> our<00:20:43.429> present<00:20:44.059> effects<00:20:44.659> greatly<00:20:45.409> our
  • 00:20:45
    present our present effects greatly our future<00:20:46.190> how<00:20:46.639> some<00:20:46.940> day<00:20:47.149> Jesus<00:20:47.509> will<00:20:47.629> be<00:20:47.750> the
  • 00:20:47
    future how some day Jesus will be the judge<00:20:48.169> and<00:20:48.409> will<00:20:48.500> stand<00:20:48.769> before<00:20:48.980> him<00:20:49.309> and<00:20:49.429> what
  • 00:20:49
    judge and will stand before him and what we<00:20:49.669> do<00:20:49.820> now<00:20:50.149> will<00:20:50.809> very<00:20:51.139> much<00:20:51.259> matter<00:20:51.679> then
  • 00:20:52
    we do now will very much matter then today<00:20:53.320> is<00:20:53.710> kind<00:20:54.399> of<00:20:54.519> the<00:20:55.059> opposite<00:20:55.419> of<00:20:55.509> that
  • 00:20:55
    today is kind of the opposite of that it's<00:20:55.809> about<00:20:55.960> how<00:20:56.169> you're<00:20:56.830> your<00:20:57.639> future<00:20:58.210> can
  • 00:20:59
    it's about how you're your future can positively<00:21:00.190> impact<00:21:00.549> your<00:21:01.590> present<00:21:02.649> Brian
  • 00:21:03
    positively impact your present Brian kicked<00:21:03.399> off<00:21:03.519> the<00:21:03.700> whole<00:21:03.850> series<00:21:04.239> with<00:21:04.509> an<00:21:04.989> idea
  • 00:21:05
    kicked off the whole series with an idea that<00:21:05.440> he<00:21:05.529> called<00:21:05.739> the<00:21:05.799> scratch<00:21:06.190> and<00:21:06.340> it<00:21:06.460> was
  • 00:21:06
    that he called the scratch and it was kind<00:21:06.700> of<00:21:06.730> about<00:21:07.419> time<00:21:07.809> because<00:21:08.200> as<00:21:08.320> it<00:21:08.409> turns
  • 00:21:08
    kind of about time because as it turns out<00:21:08.889> revelation<00:21:09.669> is<00:21:09.820> a<00:21:09.850> book<00:21:10.179> about<00:21:10.570> time<00:21:10.869> and
  • 00:21:11
    out revelation is a book about time and so<00:21:11.559> we're<00:21:11.649> gonna<00:21:11.769> start<00:21:12.129> with<00:21:12.340> a<00:21:12.369> video<00:21:12.759> clip
  • 00:21:13
    so we're gonna start with a video clip that's<00:21:13.570> kind<00:21:13.779> of<00:21:13.840> like<00:21:13.960> the<00:21:14.109> turducken<00:21:14.470> of
  • 00:21:14
    that's kind of like the turducken of video<00:21:14.980> clips<00:21:15.279> the<00:21:15.519> order<00:21:15.700> turducken<00:21:15.940> is
  • 00:21:16
    video clips the order turducken is anybody<00:21:16.749> yeah<00:21:17.499> it's<00:21:17.950> not<00:21:18.009> it's<00:21:18.580> a<00:21:18.700> it's<00:21:18.940> a
  • 00:21:18
    anybody yeah it's not it's a it's a chicken<00:21:19.269> shoved<00:21:20.109> inside<00:21:20.259> a<00:21:20.470> duck<00:21:20.769> shoved
  • 00:21:21
    chicken shoved inside a duck shoved inside<00:21:21.609> a<00:21:21.789> turkey<00:21:22.179> it's<00:21:22.539> amazing<00:21:22.929> okay<00:21:23.019> so
  • 00:21:23
    inside a turkey it's amazing okay so this<00:21:23.320> is<00:21:23.470> this<00:21:23.769> is<00:21:23.889> a<00:21:23.919> clip<00:21:24.190> of<00:21:24.309> this<00:21:25.059> is<00:21:25.179> a<00:21:25.210> clip
  • 00:21:25
    this is this is a clip of this is a clip of<00:21:25.539> Brian<00:21:25.899> shoved<00:21:26.679> inside<00:21:27.039> a<00:21:27.070> chip<00:21:27.309> a<00:21:27.429> cup<00:21:28.359> of
  • 00:21:28
    of Brian shoved inside a chip a cup of chalk<00:21:28.720> shoved<00:21:29.259> inside<00:21:29.409> a<00:21:29.619> message<00:21:29.950> by<00:21:30.129> me<00:21:30.309> so
  • 00:21:30
    chalk shoved inside a message by me so here<00:21:30.609> you<00:21:30.700> go<00:21:30.789> you're<00:21:30.970> welcome<00:21:31.269> I<00:21:32.070> want<00:21:33.070> you<00:21:33.159> to
  • 00:21:33
    here you go you're welcome I want you to get<00:21:33.399> the<00:21:33.580> full<00:21:33.879> picture<00:21:34.179> and<00:21:34.629> really<00:21:35.109> to<00:21:35.320> do
  • 00:21:35
    get the full picture and really to do that<00:21:35.529> it's<00:21:36.009> gonna<00:21:36.340> be<00:21:36.669> this<00:21:36.879> journey<00:21:37.239> of
  • 00:21:37
    that it's gonna be this journey of engaging<00:21:37.840> and<00:21:38.139> tying<00:21:38.379> all<00:21:38.649> three<00:21:38.980> of<00:21:39.369> these
  • 00:21:39
    engaging and tying all three of these messages<00:21:40.029> together<00:21:40.359> in<00:21:40.509> fact<00:21:40.779> if<00:21:41.019> you<00:21:41.109> weren't
  • 00:21:41
    messages together in fact if you weren't here<00:21:41.679> last<00:21:41.739> week<00:21:42.100> or<00:21:42.249> even<00:21:42.489> if<00:21:42.580> you<00:21:42.700> were<00:21:42.879> I
  • 00:21:43
    here last week or even if you were I want<00:21:43.600> to<00:21:43.659> remind<00:21:44.049> you<00:21:44.350> of<00:21:44.379> just<00:21:44.799> the<00:21:44.950> specific
  • 00:21:45
    want to remind you of just the specific snippet<00:21:45.940> of<00:21:46.059> something<00:21:46.720> Brian<00:21:47.019> shared<00:21:48.989> God
  • 00:21:49
    snippet of something Brian shared God has<00:21:50.139> been<00:21:50.289> doing<00:21:50.320> something<00:21:50.679> for<00:21:50.859> a<00:21:50.919> very<00:21:51.279> very
  • 00:21:51
    has been doing something for a very very very<00:21:51.909> long<00:21:52.210> time<00:21:52.450> he's<00:21:52.690> going<00:21:52.809> to<00:21:52.899> be<00:21:53.019> doing
  • 00:21:53
    very long time he's going to be doing things<00:21:53.529> for<00:21:53.710> a<00:21:53.769> very<00:21:53.859> very<00:21:54.460> very<00:21:54.669> long<00:21:54.879> time
  • 00:21:54
    things for a very very very long time I've<00:21:55.269> described<00:21:55.720> it<00:21:55.899> before<00:21:56.529> I'm<00:21:56.619> gonna
  • 00:21:56
    I've described it before I'm gonna strive<00:21:57.070> it<00:21:57.220> again<00:21:57.429> this<00:21:57.549> way<00:21:57.730> very<00:21:57.999> very
  • 00:21:58
    strive it again this way very very briefly<00:21:58.480> imagine<00:21:59.109> a<00:21:59.230> rope<00:21:59.619> if<00:21:59.889> you<00:22:00.039> will<00:22:00.220> a
  • 00:22:00
    briefly imagine a rope if you will a very<00:22:01.239> very<00:22:01.659> very<00:22:01.989> long<00:22:02.379> rope<00:22:02.799> that<00:22:03.070> comes<00:22:03.340> from
  • 00:22:03
    very very very long rope that comes from forever<00:22:04.149> and<00:22:04.480> ever<00:22:04.659> and<00:22:04.929> ever<00:22:05.109> and<00:22:05.440> ever<00:22:05.619> and
  • 00:22:05
    forever and ever and ever and ever and ever<00:22:06.100> and<00:22:06.369> goes<00:22:07.090> for<00:22:07.749> forever<00:22:08.139> and<00:22:08.440> ever<00:22:08.859> and
  • 00:22:09
    ever and goes for forever and ever and ever<00:22:09.369> and<00:22:09.700> ever<00:22:09.909> and<00:22:10.179> on<00:22:10.869> this<00:22:11.259> rope<00:22:11.739> that
  • 00:22:12
    ever and ever and on this rope that should<00:22:12.399> be<00:22:12.549> dropping<00:22:13.090> down<00:22:13.299> from<00:22:13.330> the<00:22:13.600> ceiling
  • 00:22:13
    should be dropping down from the ceiling right<00:22:14.350> now<00:22:14.529> as<00:22:14.769> I<00:22:14.799> talk<00:22:15.249> about<00:22:15.489> a<00:22:15.639> rope<00:22:15.999> on<00:22:16.899> this
  • 00:22:17
    right now as I talk about a rope on this rope<00:22:18.039> on<00:22:18.489> this<00:22:19.090> rope<00:22:19.389> any<00:22:19.779> or<00:22:20.019> no<00:22:20.200> there<00:22:20.710> it<00:22:21.070> is
  • 00:22:21
    rope on this rope any or no there it is on<00:22:21.820> this<00:22:22.059> rope<00:22:22.470> on<00:22:23.470> this<00:22:23.769> rope<00:22:24.039> this<00:22:24.220> rope<00:22:24.519> goes
  • 00:22:24
    on this rope on this rope this rope goes forever<00:22:25.210> comes<00:22:25.690> from<00:22:25.869> forever<00:22:26.109> and<00:22:26.379> goes
  • 00:22:26
    forever comes from forever and goes forever<00:22:26.980> and<00:22:27.220> on<00:22:27.580> this<00:22:27.820> rope<00:22:28.090> is<00:22:28.299> a<00:22:28.330> is<00:22:28.600> a
  • 00:22:28
    forever and on this rope is a is a little<00:22:29.259> a<00:22:29.350> little<00:22:29.649> patch<00:22:29.950> of<00:22:30.249> time<00:22:30.519> we'll<00:22:31.119> just
  • 00:22:31
    little a little patch of time we'll just put<00:22:31.600> it<00:22:31.720> right<00:22:31.749> here<00:22:32.619> this<00:22:33.070> on<00:22:33.580> this<00:22:34.179> rope<00:22:34.480> is
  • 00:22:37
    earth<00:22:39.179> the<00:22:40.179> history<00:22:40.840> of<00:22:41.080> the<00:22:41.409> world<00:22:41.649> as<00:22:42.190> we
  • 00:22:42
    earth the history of the world as we know<00:22:42.669> it<00:22:42.700> that's<00:22:42.940> it<00:22:43.210> right<00:22:43.419> here<00:22:43.629> God's<00:22:43.869> been
  • 00:22:44
    know it that's it right here God's been doing<00:22:44.259> stuff<00:22:44.499> long<00:22:44.739> long<00:22:44.980> before<00:22:45.090> planet
  • 00:22:46
    doing stuff long long before planet Earth<00:22:46.210> got<00:22:46.450> created<00:22:47.320> and<00:22:47.529> we'll<00:22:47.619> be<00:22:47.710> doing
  • 00:22:47
    Earth got created and we'll be doing something<00:22:48.190> long<00:22:48.549> long<00:22:48.879> long<00:22:49.149> long<00:22:49.210> after
  • 00:22:49
    something long long long long after there<00:22:50.109> is<00:22:50.259> the<00:22:50.409> end<00:22:50.590> of<00:22:50.679> the<00:22:50.830> world<00:22:51.009> as<00:22:51.190> we<00:22:51.309> know
  • 00:22:51
    there is the end of the world as we know it<00:22:51.580> here<00:22:51.759> on<00:22:51.940> planet<00:22:52.359> earth<00:22:52.480> and<00:22:52.659> here<00:22:53.139> on
  • 00:22:53
    it here on planet earth and here on planet<00:22:53.889> earth<00:22:54.039> here<00:22:54.519> on<00:22:54.669> planet<00:22:54.999> Earth<00:22:55.119> we
  • 00:22:55
    planet earth here on planet Earth we have<00:22:55.419> a<00:22:55.450> we<00:22:56.109> have<00:22:56.139> another<00:22:56.440> little<00:22:56.679> event<00:22:57.070> that
  • 00:22:57
    have a we have another little event that happened<00:22:57.460> on<00:22:57.519> planet<00:22:57.789> Earth
  • 00:22:58
    happened on planet Earth now<00:22:58.330> on<00:22:58.480> the<00:22:58.659> scratch<00:22:59.019> on<00:22:59.409> the<00:22:59.590> scratch<00:22:59.980> that's
  • 00:23:00
    now on the scratch on the scratch that's you<00:23:01.119> right<00:23:01.419> there<00:23:02.039> that's<00:23:03.039> you<00:23:03.159> all<00:23:03.399> these
  • 00:23:03
    you right there that's you all these things<00:23:04.299> God's<00:23:04.599> been<00:23:04.809> doing<00:23:05.080> going<00:23:05.259> and<00:23:05.559> right
  • 00:23:06
    things God's been doing going and right there<00:23:06.130> is<00:23:06.550> is<00:23:07.090> you<00:23:07.420> that<00:23:07.690> that's<00:23:08.080> it<00:23:08.230> right
  • 00:23:08
    there is is you that that's it right right<00:23:08.500> right<00:23:08.710> there<00:23:10.740> the<00:23:11.740> scratch<00:23:12.190> the
  • 00:23:13
    right right there the scratch the scratch<00:23:13.450> I<00:23:13.690> don't<00:23:14.020> know<00:23:14.080> how<00:23:14.170> that<00:23:14.230> concept
  • 00:23:14
    scratch I don't know how that concept strikes<00:23:15.100> you<00:23:15.280> maybe<00:23:15.550> that<00:23:15.760> makes<00:23:16.000> you<00:23:16.150> hopeful
  • 00:23:16
    strikes you maybe that makes you hopeful maybe<00:23:17.140> that<00:23:17.350> makes<00:23:17.560> you<00:23:17.710> fearful<00:23:18.070> but<00:23:18.880> I
  • 00:23:19
    maybe that makes you fearful but I believe<00:23:19.540> that<00:23:19.570> what<00:23:19.840> Brian<00:23:20.080> was<00:23:20.260> illustrating
  • 00:23:20
    believe that what Brian was illustrating there<00:23:20.920> is<00:23:21.010> absolutely<00:23:21.700> true<00:23:22.000> that<00:23:22.030> there<00:23:22.750> is
  • 00:23:22
    there is absolutely true that there is eternity<00:23:23.680> there<00:23:24.190> is<00:23:24.340> eternity<00:23:24.670> God's<00:23:24.880> been
  • 00:23:25
    eternity there is eternity God's been doing<00:23:25.270> things<00:23:25.480> long<00:23:25.690> before<00:23:25.990> we<00:23:26.140> came<00:23:26.320> on<00:23:26.380> the
  • 00:23:26
    doing things long before we came on the planet<00:23:26.920> he's<00:23:27.040> going<00:23:27.250> to<00:23:27.340> be<00:23:27.400> doing<00:23:27.670> things<00:23:27.850> the
  • 00:23:28
    planet he's going to be doing things the Bible<00:23:28.930> teaches<00:23:29.110> us<00:23:29.260> long<00:23:29.650> after<00:23:29.680> we<00:23:30.100> leave<00:23:30.280> and
  • 00:23:30
    Bible teaches us long after we leave and yet<00:23:30.760> we<00:23:31.030> have<00:23:31.240> this<00:23:31.360> little<00:23:31.630> snippet<00:23:31.990> of<00:23:32.320> time
  • 00:23:32
    yet we have this little snippet of time that<00:23:33.820> little<00:23:34.000> snippet<00:23:34.330> of<00:23:34.510> time<00:23:34.780> is<00:23:35.080> the
  • 00:23:35
    that little snippet of time is the scratch<00:23:36.310> and<00:23:37.030> so<00:23:37.180> this<00:23:37.390> right<00:23:37.780> here<00:23:38.020> this<00:23:38.290> is
  • 00:23:38
    scratch and so this right here this is the<00:23:38.830> scratch<00:23:39.160> I<00:23:39.580> want<00:23:40.240> you<00:23:40.330> to<00:23:40.450> imagine<00:23:40.810> that
  • 00:23:41
    the scratch I want you to imagine that time<00:23:41.710> is<00:23:41.980> on<00:23:42.070> a<00:23:42.130> line<00:23:42.430> now<00:23:42.820> and<00:23:43.240> then<00:23:43.330> it<00:23:43.450> goes
  • 00:23:43
    time is on a line now and then it goes forever<00:23:44.080> that<00:23:44.470> way<00:23:44.650> into<00:23:44.950> the<00:23:45.070> past<00:23:45.340> and<00:23:45.760> it
  • 00:23:45
    forever that way into the past and it
  • 00:23:46
    forever that way into the past and it goes<00:23:46.120> forever<00:23:46.510> this<00:23:46.840> way<00:23:47.080> into<00:23:47.320> the<00:23:47.410> future
  • 00:23:47
    goes forever this way into the future but<00:23:48.340> your<00:23:48.580> life<00:23:48.910> and<00:23:49.180> my<00:23:49.360> life<00:23:49.390> is<00:23:49.870> this<00:23:50.110> little
  • 00:23:50
    but your life and my life is this little mark<00:23:50.740> called<00:23:51.430> the<00:23:52.210> scratch<00:23:52.710> called<00:23:53.710> the
  • 00:23:53
    mark called the scratch called the scratch<00:23:54.070> you<00:23:54.580> know<00:23:54.640> today<00:23:54.820> we're<00:23:54.940> talking
  • 00:23:55
    scratch you know today we're talking about<00:23:55.210> time<00:23:55.540> I've<00:23:55.840> been<00:23:55.900> thinking<00:23:56.110> about<00:23:56.170> this
  • 00:23:56
    about time I've been thinking about this for<00:23:56.440> a<00:23:56.830> while<00:23:57.160> I<00:23:57.640> started<00:23:57.970> thinking<00:23:58.210> about
  • 00:23:58
    for a while I started thinking about time<00:23:58.570> in<00:23:58.750> college<00:23:59.290> I<00:23:59.560> did<00:24:00.100> a<00:24:00.130> summer<00:24:00.520> study
  • 00:24:00
    time in college I did a summer study abroad<00:24:01.210> at<00:24:01.450> Oxford<00:24:01.900> University<00:24:02.040> over<00:24:03.040> in
  • 00:24:03
    abroad at Oxford University over in England<00:24:03.430> it<00:24:03.850> was<00:24:03.970> amazing<00:24:04.570> there<00:24:04.990> was<00:24:05.110> all
  • 00:24:05
    England it was amazing there was all different<00:24:05.530> kinds<00:24:05.980> of<00:24:06.010> electives<00:24:06.520> than<00:24:06.880> the
  • 00:24:06
    different kinds of electives than the
  • 00:24:07
    different kinds of electives than the kind<00:24:07.210> I<00:24:07.330> could<00:24:07.390> take<00:24:07.660> at<00:24:07.870> my<00:24:07.990> engineering
  • 00:24:08
    kind I could take at my engineering school<00:24:08.890> which<00:24:09.280> were<00:24:09.430> things<00:24:09.640> like<00:24:09.700> fluid
  • 00:24:10
    school which were things like fluid dynamics<00:24:11.050> calculus<00:24:11.650> 12<00:24:11.950> and<00:24:12.310> how<00:24:12.580> to<00:24:12.640> talk<00:24:12.820> to
  • 00:24:12
    dynamics calculus 12 and how to talk to
  • 00:24:13
    dynamics calculus 12 and how to talk to girls<00:24:13.150> without<00:24:13.780> feeling<00:24:14.020> super<00:24:14.290> awkward<00:24:14.470> you
  • 00:24:14
    girls without feeling super awkward you know<00:24:14.830> there's<00:24:15.130> like<00:24:15.220> that<00:24:15.370> kind<00:24:15.610> of<00:24:15.640> stuff
  • 00:24:16
    know there's like that kind of stuff that<00:24:16.570> wasn't<00:24:16.810> really<00:24:16.900> helpful<00:24:17.260> actually
  • 00:24:17
    that wasn't really helpful actually they've<00:24:18.010> been<00:24:18.100> really<00:24:18.250> good<00:24:18.870> and<00:24:19.870> over<00:24:20.560> there
  • 00:24:20
    they've been really good and over there I<00:24:20.770> got<00:24:20.860> to<00:24:20.980> take<00:24:21.100> this<00:24:21.220> a<00:24:21.280> whole<00:24:21.460> different<00:24:21.790> set
  • 00:24:21
    I got to take this a whole different set of<00:24:21.970> courses<00:24:22.420> and<00:24:22.660> to<00:24:22.720> be<00:24:22.810> honest<00:24:23.140> I<00:24:23.170> forget
  • 00:24:23
    of courses and to be honest I forget most<00:24:23.770> of<00:24:24.040> them<00:24:24.190> except<00:24:24.850> for<00:24:24.970> this<00:24:25.030> one<00:24:25.360> class
  • 00:24:25
    most of them except for this one class that's<00:24:26.380> stuck<00:24:26.680> in<00:24:26.830> my<00:24:26.950> mind<00:24:27.220> it<00:24:27.370> was<00:24:27.400> called
  • 00:24:27
    that's stuck in my mind it was called the<00:24:27.730> philosophy<00:24:28.570> of<00:24:28.780> time<00:24:29.530> the<00:24:30.130> philosophy<00:24:30.700> of
  • 00:24:30
    the philosophy of time the philosophy of time<00:24:31.030> you<00:24:31.930> know<00:24:31.990> the<00:24:32.110> science<00:24:32.710> of<00:24:32.950> time<00:24:33.220> is
  • 00:24:33
    time you know the science of time is relatively<00:24:34.030> new
  • 00:24:34
    relatively new that's<00:24:34.840> a<00:24:34.960> physics<00:24:35.500> joke<00:24:35.650> for<00:24:36.040> you<00:24:36.130> I<00:24:36.310> mean<00:24:36.750> ok
  • 00:24:37
    that's a physics joke for you I mean ok physics<00:24:38.080> jokes<00:24:38.230> don't<00:24:38.380> work<00:24:38.500> write<00:24:38.800> that<00:24:38.950> down
  • 00:24:40
    physics jokes don't work write that down but<00:24:41.500> the<00:24:41.620> philosophy<00:24:41.890> of<00:24:42.190> time<00:24:43.000> is<00:24:43.270> quite<00:24:43.540> old
  • 00:24:43
    but the philosophy of time is quite old very<00:24:44.230> old<00:24:44.500> in<00:24:44.650> fact<00:24:44.890> I<00:24:45.190> think<00:24:46.030> from<00:24:46.150> the<00:24:46.240> very
  • 00:24:46
    very old in fact I think from the very beginning<00:24:46.870> humans<00:24:47.230> have<00:24:47.350> been<00:24:47.410> wrestling
  • 00:24:47
    beginning humans have been wrestling with<00:24:47.920> this<00:24:48.070> thing<00:24:48.430> called<00:24:48.850> time<00:24:49.600> know<00:24:49.960> time<00:24:50.200> is
  • 00:24:50
    with this thing called time know time is the<00:24:50.530> central<00:24:51.010> part<00:24:51.280> of<00:24:51.520> the<00:24:51.850> very<00:24:52.030> first<00:24:52.420> story
  • 00:24:52
    the central part of the very first story ever<00:24:53.050> told<00:24:53.260> about<00:24:53.800> humanity<00:24:54.280> in<00:24:54.430> the<00:24:54.580> Bible
  • 00:24:54
    ever told about humanity in the Bible the<00:24:55.000> story<00:24:55.030> of<00:24:55.360> Adam<00:24:55.660> and<00:24:55.780> Eve<00:24:56.110> and<00:24:56.290> whether
  • 00:24:56
    the story of Adam and Eve and whether you<00:24:57.040> think<00:24:57.160> that's<00:24:57.400> a<00:24:57.550> hard<00:24:58.120> fact<00:24:58.450> story<00:24:58.840> or
  • 00:24:59
    you think that's a hard fact story or whether<00:24:59.290> it's<00:24:59.560> an<00:24:59.650> allegorical<00:25:00.130> tale<00:25:00.340> it
  • 00:25:00
    whether it's an allegorical tale it doesn't<00:25:01.090> really<00:25:01.180> matter<00:25:01.420> for<00:25:01.960> this<00:25:02.020> point<00:25:02.350> and
  • 00:25:02
    doesn't really matter for this point and what<00:25:02.980> happens<00:25:03.250> in<00:25:03.340> the<00:25:03.430> story<00:25:03.670> is<00:25:03.880> is<00:25:04.060> the
  • 00:25:04
    what happens in the story is is the world<00:25:04.510> is<00:25:04.810> created<00:25:05.350> and<00:25:05.530> it's<00:25:05.650> perfect<00:25:06.190> I'm
  • 00:25:06
    world is created and it's perfect I'm like<00:25:06.550> perfect<00:25:06.910> like<00:25:07.480> brand-new<00:25:08.260> new<00:25:09.070> car<00:25:09.460> new
  • 00:25:10
    like perfect like brand-new new car new smell<00:25:10.450> new<00:25:10.720> look<00:25:10.900> perfect<00:25:11.380> perfect<00:25:11.710> perfect
  • 00:25:11
    smell new look perfect perfect perfect new<00:25:12.190> and<00:25:12.970> then<00:25:13.300> Adam<00:25:13.600> and<00:25:13.720> Eve<00:25:13.780> come<00:25:13.930> along<00:25:14.170> and
  • 00:25:14
    new and then Adam and Eve come along and they<00:25:14.380> sin<00:25:14.850> and<00:25:15.850> there's<00:25:15.970> a<00:25:16.030> whole<00:25:16.210> list<00:25:16.450> of
  • 00:25:16
    they sin and there's a whole list of consequences<00:25:17.230> but<00:25:17.350> the<00:25:17.440> center<00:25:17.800> point<00:25:18.100> of<00:25:18.160> the
  • 00:25:18
    consequences but the center point of the consequences<00:25:18.790> for<00:25:18.940> them
  • 00:25:19
    consequences for them is<00:25:19.750> that<00:25:19.900> they<00:25:20.200> would<00:25:20.710> now<00:25:21.010> die<00:25:22.260> for<00:25:23.260> the<00:25:23.320> very
  • 00:25:23
    is that they would now die for the very first<00:25:23.680> time<00:25:23.860> time<00:25:24.820> had<00:25:25.570> an<00:25:25.900> end<00:25:26.680> it<00:25:27.160> was<00:25:27.250> the
  • 00:25:27
    first time time had an end it was the beginning<00:25:27.700> of<00:25:28.300> the<00:25:28.960> end<00:25:29.140> it<00:25:29.440> was<00:25:29.560> the<00:25:29.740> birth<00:25:30.010> of
  • 00:25:30
    beginning of the end it was the birth of the<00:25:31.600> scratch<00:25:32.070> and<00:25:33.070> I<00:25:33.130> think<00:25:33.310> ever<00:25:33.430> since<00:25:33.520> time
  • 00:25:33
    the scratch and I think ever since time
  • 00:25:34
    the scratch and I think ever since time began<00:25:34.810> to<00:25:35.350> have<00:25:35.680> an<00:25:35.950> end<00:25:36.430> we've<00:25:37.180> been
  • 00:25:37
    began to have an end we've been wrestling<00:25:37.630> with<00:25:38.560> that<00:25:38.590> end<00:25:39.010> trying<00:25:39.430> to
  • 00:25:39
    wrestling with that end trying to understand<00:25:40.120> it<00:25:40.360> the<00:25:40.600> difference<00:25:40.990> between<00:25:41.290> the
  • 00:25:41
    understand it the difference between the beginning<00:25:41.620> in<00:25:42.130> the<00:25:43.120> end<00:25:43.300> you<00:25:43.420> know<00:25:43.510> I've<00:25:43.870> said
  • 00:25:44
    beginning in the end you know I've said this<00:25:44.080> before<00:25:44.230> but<00:25:44.620> I<00:25:45.370> think<00:25:45.400> it's<00:25:45.610> worth
  • 00:25:45
    this before but I think it's worth saying<00:25:45.760> again<00:25:45.970> so<00:25:46.270> we<00:25:46.360> all<00:25:46.450> remember<00:25:46.780> it<00:25:46.870> kids
  • 00:25:47
    saying again so we all remember it kids are<00:25:48.130> pretty<00:25:49.000> dumb<00:25:49.300> right<00:25:50.110> I<00:25:50.350> mean<00:25:50.740> they<00:25:50.920> are
  • 00:25:51
    are pretty dumb right I mean they are you<00:25:51.430> know<00:25:51.520> don't<00:25:51.700> get<00:25:51.790> mad<00:25:51.940> at<00:25:52.060> me<00:25:52.090> I'm<00:25:52.240> here<00:25:52.390> to
  • 00:25:52
    you know don't get mad at me I'm here to tell<00:25:52.630> the<00:25:52.660> truth<00:25:52.840> they<00:25:53.320> are<00:25:53.500> they're<00:25:53.740> very
  • 00:25:53
    tell the truth they are they're very cute<00:25:54.250> they're<00:25:55.060> very<00:25:55.270> cute<00:25:55.420> though
  • 00:25:56
    cute they're very cute though take<00:25:56.590> my<00:25:56.710> daughter<00:25:56.890> for<00:25:57.160> instance<00:25:57.400> she's<00:25:57.520> five
  • 00:25:57
    take my daughter for instance she's five she's<00:25:58.570> very<00:25:58.780> cute<00:25:59.110> I'm<00:25:59.500> but<00:25:59.710> get<00:25:59.830> this<00:25:59.950> she
  • 00:26:00
    she's very cute I'm but get this she can't<00:26:01.060> tell<00:26:01.450> the<00:26:01.810> beginning<00:26:02.590> of<00:26:02.920> the<00:26:03.070> day<00:26:03.310> from
  • 00:26:03
    can't tell the beginning of the day from the<00:26:04.120> end<00:26:04.570> of<00:26:04.960> the<00:26:05.110> day<00:26:05.290> she<00:26:05.530> can't<00:26:05.710> sure<00:26:05.920> run
  • 00:26:06
    the end of the day she can't sure run downstairs<00:26:06.370> and<00:26:07.120> should<00:26:07.240> be<00:26:07.330> oxide<00:26:07.690> it's<00:26:07.960> like
  • 00:26:08
    downstairs and should be oxide it's like daddy<00:26:08.410> what's<00:26:08.950> for<00:26:09.160> dinner
  • 00:26:09
    daddy what's for dinner never<00:26:10.120> like<00:26:10.270> you<00:26:10.390> mean<00:26:10.510> breakfast<00:26:10.960> and<00:26:11.080> she's
  • 00:26:11
    never like you mean breakfast and she's like<00:26:11.350> no<00:26:11.800> I<00:26:11.830> mean<00:26:12.010> dinner<00:26:12.220> you<00:26:12.610> know
  • 00:26:12
    like no I mean dinner you know or<00:26:13.480> other<00:26:13.870> times<00:26:13.930> I'll<00:26:14.380> be<00:26:14.410> putting<00:26:14.680> her<00:26:14.740> to
  • 00:26:14
    or other times I'll be putting her to bed<00:26:14.860> and<00:26:15.370> I'll<00:26:16.120> say<00:26:16.300> baby<00:26:16.900> it's<00:26:17.080> it's<00:26:17.440> bedtime
  • 00:26:17
    bed and I'll say baby it's it's bedtime and<00:26:18.070> just<00:26:18.250> say<00:26:18.340> but<00:26:18.520> daddy<00:26:18.730> I<00:26:18.820> haven't<00:26:19.270> had
  • 00:26:19
    lunch yet and<00:26:20.440> I'm<00:26:20.530> like<00:26:20.740> oh<00:26:20.830> yes<00:26:21.070> you<00:26:21.280> did<00:26:21.580> I<00:26:21.760> bought<00:26:22.000> you
  • 00:26:22
    and I'm like oh yes you did I bought you five<00:26:22.330> dollars<00:26:22.600> with<00:26:22.870> a<00:26:22.900> Chipotle<00:26:23.350> and<00:26:23.530> I
  • 00:26:23
    five dollars with a Chipotle and I washed<00:26:23.740> you<00:26:23.890> waste<00:26:24.070> 450<00:26:24.610> of<00:26:24.700> it<00:26:24.820> I<00:26:24.910> remember<00:26:25.090> I
  • 00:26:25
    washed you waste 450 of it I remember I remember<00:26:25.900> very<00:26:26.320> well<00:26:26.470> you<00:26:27.190> know<00:26:27.220> or<00:26:28.060> will<00:26:28.810> be
  • 00:26:28
    remember very well you know or will be put<00:26:29.050> her<00:26:29.110> to<00:26:29.200> bed<00:26:29.230> and<00:26:29.470> she'll<00:26:29.590> look<00:26:29.680> out<00:26:29.800> the
  • 00:26:29
    put her to bed and she'll look out the windows<00:26:30.220> and<00:26:30.370> she'll<00:26:30.490> see<00:26:30.640> the<00:26:30.820> sky<00:26:31.240> painted
  • 00:26:31
    windows and she'll see the sky painted with<00:26:31.900> oranges<00:26:32.470> and<00:26:32.650> in<00:26:33.160> purples<00:26:33.700> and<00:26:33.820> pinks
  • 00:26:34
    with oranges and in purples and pinks and<00:26:34.660> she'll<00:26:35.170> say<00:26:35.380> oh<00:26:35.560> it's<00:26:36.040> them<00:26:36.280> morning
  • 00:26:37
    and she'll say oh it's them morning they'll<00:26:38.620> say<00:26:38.740> no<00:26:38.890> that's<00:26:39.070> the<00:26:39.190> sunset<00:26:39.730> nothing
  • 00:26:40
    they'll say no that's the sunset nothing surprise<00:26:40.860> it's<00:26:41.860> crazy<00:26:42.100> right<00:26:42.400> she<00:26:42.670> can't<00:26:42.850> tell
  • 00:26:42
    surprise it's crazy right she can't tell there's<00:26:43.210> between<00:26:43.420> the<00:26:43.510> beginning<00:26:44.140> in<00:26:44.470> the<00:26:44.830> end
  • 00:26:45
    there's between the beginning in the end of<00:26:45.400> the<00:26:45.730> day<00:26:45.940> now<00:26:46.240> we<00:26:46.660> are<00:26:46.990> adults<00:26:47.290> and<00:26:47.650> we<00:26:47.770> are
  • 00:26:47
    of the day now we are adults and we are much<00:26:47.980> more<00:26:48.060> advanced<00:26:49.060> than<00:26:49.270> her<00:26:49.450> obviously
  • 00:26:50
    much more advanced than her obviously and<00:26:50.410> that's<00:26:50.560> we<00:26:50.680> need<00:26:50.800> to<00:26:50.890> prove<00:26:51.070> this<00:26:51.250> we
  • 00:26:51
    and that's we need to prove this we don't<00:26:51.550> need<00:26:51.700> to<00:26:51.820> prove<00:26:51.970> it<00:26:52.090> but<00:26:52.150> I<00:26:52.210> thought
  • 00:26:52
    don't need to prove it but I thought it'd<00:26:52.450> be<00:26:52.510> fun<00:26:52.660> to<00:26:52.780> prove<00:26:52.960> it<00:26:53.110> and<00:26:53.260> so<00:26:53.650> I'm<00:26:53.890> we
  • 00:26:54
    it'd be fun to prove it and so I'm we can<00:26:54.520> tell<00:26:54.670> the<00:26:54.730> difference<00:26:54.760> between<00:26:55.150> the
  • 00:26:55
    can tell the difference between the sunset<00:26:55.780> and<00:26:55.900> the<00:26:55.960> sunrise<00:26:55.990> the<00:26:56.560> beginning<00:26:56.830> in
  • 00:26:56
    sunset and the sunrise the beginning in the<00:26:56.980> end<00:26:57.100> right<00:26:57.340> you<00:26:58.000> we<00:26:58.090> can<00:26:58.210> we<00:26:58.270> probably<00:26:58.420> can
  • 00:26:58
    the end right you we can we probably can so<00:26:58.780> use<00:26:58.900> just<00:26:58.930> a<00:26:59.080> little<00:26:59.110> test<00:26:59.440> at<00:26:59.620> a<00:26:59.680> Google
  • 00:26:59
    so use just a little test at a Google image<00:27:00.100> search<00:27:00.570> right<00:27:01.570> here<00:27:01.630> this<00:27:02.200> is<00:27:02.260> sunsets
  • 00:27:03
    image search right here this is sunsets these<00:27:04.120> are<00:27:04.240> sunsets<00:27:04.750> okay<00:27:05.440> just<00:27:05.920> look<00:27:06.040> at
  • 00:27:06
    these are sunsets okay just look at those<00:27:06.310> and<00:27:06.520> now<00:27:07.150> here<00:27:07.450> our<00:27:07.480> Sun<00:27:07.840> rises<00:27:08.460> okay
  • 00:27:09
    those and now here our Sun rises okay now<00:27:10.240> you<00:27:10.360> can<00:27:10.390> probably<00:27:10.570> notice<00:27:10.810> like<00:27:11.050> the
  • 00:27:11
    now you can probably notice like the subtle<00:27:11.530> differences<00:27:12.100> because<00:27:12.400> you<00:27:12.520> know
  • 00:27:12
    subtle differences because you know you're<00:27:12.970> smart<00:27:13.120> you've<00:27:13.390> been<00:27:13.510> here<00:27:13.630> for<00:27:13.720> a
  • 00:27:13
    you're smart you've been here for a while<00:27:13.900> right<00:27:14.080> yeah<00:27:14.950> well<00:27:15.700> I<00:27:15.730> switch<00:27:16.060> them<00:27:16.240> on
  • 00:27:16
    you those<00:27:17.470> were<00:27:17.620> backwards<00:27:18.070> if<00:27:18.550> you<00:27:18.670> thought<00:27:18.820> you
  • 00:27:18
    those were backwards if you thought you were<00:27:19.060> right<00:27:19.270> you<00:27:19.360> were<00:27:19.390> wrong<00:27:19.890> so<00:27:20.890> you<00:27:20.950> turns
  • 00:27:21
    were right you were wrong so you turns out<00:27:21.400> the<00:27:21.520> beginning<00:27:21.970> in<00:27:22.090> the<00:27:22.210> end<00:27:22.240> or
  • 00:27:22
    out the beginning in the end or sometimes<00:27:23.260> very<00:27:23.710> very<00:27:24.040> difficult<00:27:24.280> to<00:27:24.970> tell
  • 00:27:25
    sometimes very very difficult to tell apart<00:27:25.470> sometimes<00:27:26.470> what<00:27:26.860> looks<00:27:26.890> like<00:27:27.460> the<00:27:27.640> end
  • 00:27:27
    apart sometimes what looks like the end get<00:27:28.750> this<00:27:29.020> is<00:27:29.260> actually<00:27:30.130> the<00:27:30.580> beginning
  • 00:27:32
    get this is actually the beginning and<00:27:32.330> sometimes<00:27:33.170> what<00:27:33.410> we<00:27:33.470> hope<00:27:33.710> is<00:27:33.890> still<00:27:34.070> just
  • 00:27:34
    and sometimes what we hope is still just the<00:27:34.430> beginning<00:27:35.060> tragically<00:27:35.690> turns<00:27:36.080> out<00:27:36.320> to
  • 00:27:36
    the beginning tragically turns out to look<00:27:36.740> more<00:27:37.100> like<00:27:37.160> the<00:27:38.150> end<00:27:38.980> the<00:27:39.980> end<00:27:40.600> you<00:27:41.600> know
  • 00:27:41
    look more like the end the end you know we<00:27:42.200> have<00:27:42.320> a<00:27:42.350> vague<00:27:42.590> notion<00:27:43.070> of<00:27:43.280> when<00:27:43.520> someone's
  • 00:27:43
    we have a vague notion of when someone's time<00:27:44.240> on<00:27:44.450> earth<00:27:44.660> has<00:27:45.080> ended<00:27:45.620> too<00:27:46.250> soon<00:27:46.280> right
  • 00:27:46
    time on earth has ended too soon right you<00:27:47.780> know<00:27:47.900> or<00:27:48.710> when<00:27:49.040> they<00:27:49.130> get<00:27:49.250> extra<00:27:49.550> time<00:27:49.730> we
  • 00:27:49
    you know or when they get extra time we know<00:27:50.090> that<00:27:50.240> too<00:27:50.480> we<00:27:50.840> get<00:27:51.020> extra<00:27:51.200> time<00:27:51.410> we<00:27:51.590> say
  • 00:27:51
    know that too we get extra time we say things<00:27:51.950> like<00:27:52.070> you<00:27:52.220> know<00:27:52.250> it<00:27:52.550> was<00:27:52.670> just<00:27:52.910> her
  • 00:27:53
    things like you know it was just her time<00:27:53.060> we<00:27:54.020> just<00:27:54.170> code<00:27:54.380> for<00:27:54.410> let's<00:27:54.710> be<00:27:54.830> honest
  • 00:27:55
    time we just code for let's be honest we've<00:27:55.280> got<00:27:55.460> great-grandma<00:27:55.970> was<00:27:56.000> gonna<00:27:56.180> kick
  • 00:27:56
    we've got great-grandma was gonna kick the<00:27:56.510> bucket<00:27:56.660> at<00:27:56.960> least<00:27:57.140> five<00:27:57.290> years<00:27:57.320> ago<00:27:57.740> and
  • 00:27:57
    the bucket at least five years ago and she<00:27:58.010> was<00:27:58.190> still<00:27:58.310> here<00:27:58.430> 104<00:27:58.970> that's<00:27:59.150> amazing
  • 00:27:59
    she was still here 104 that's amazing right<00:28:00.970> but<00:28:01.970> when<00:28:02.150> they<00:28:02.270> win<00:28:02.690> anything<00:28:02.960> short
  • 00:28:03
    right but when they win anything short of<00:28:03.410> that<00:28:03.560> doesn't<00:28:04.160> feel<00:28:04.520> the<00:28:04.880> same<00:28:05.240> does<00:28:05.780> it
  • 00:28:06
    of that doesn't feel the same does it when<00:28:07.220> the<00:28:07.310> end<00:28:07.490> comes<00:28:07.910> too<00:28:08.870> soon<00:28:09.820> my
  • 00:28:10
    when the end comes too soon my father-in-law<00:28:11.420> was<00:28:12.350> 62<00:28:13.010> when<00:28:13.940> he<00:28:14.180> died<00:28:14.390> of
  • 00:28:14
    father-in-law was 62 when he died of suicide<00:28:14.960> I<00:28:15.590> will<00:28:16.550> tell<00:28:16.730> you<00:28:16.850> that<00:28:16.880> end
  • 00:28:17
    suicide I will tell you that end surprised<00:28:17.900> me<00:28:18.190> CI<00:28:19.190> I<00:28:19.880> thought<00:28:20.420> it<00:28:20.510> was<00:28:20.600> still
  • 00:28:20
    surprised me CI I thought it was still the<00:28:20.810> beginning<00:28:20.900> in<00:28:21.590> fact<00:28:22.250> the<00:28:22.370> the
  • 00:28:22
    the beginning in fact the the grandparent<00:28:23.180> stage<00:28:23.390> hadn't<00:28:23.900> even<00:28:24.080> begun<00:28:24.410> yet
  • 00:28:24
    grandparent stage hadn't even begun yet for<00:28:25.100> him<00:28:25.220> I<00:28:25.250> thought<00:28:25.550> there<00:28:25.760> was<00:28:25.850> a<00:28:25.910> new
  • 00:28:26
    for him I thought there was a new beginning<00:28:26.570> right<00:28:26.690> around<00:28:26.930> the<00:28:27.110> corner<00:28:27.440> and
  • 00:28:27
    beginning right around the corner and instead<00:28:27.950> the<00:28:28.700> end<00:28:30.250> a<00:28:31.250> couple<00:28:32.030> months<00:28:32.180> ago<00:28:32.360> my
  • 00:28:32
    instead the end a couple months ago my my<00:28:33.170> coworker<00:28:33.620> and<00:28:34.520> friend<00:28:34.780> Cathy<00:28:35.780> Beecham
  • 00:28:36
    my coworker and friend Cathy Beecham passed<00:28:36.530> away<00:28:36.830> she<00:28:37.670> was<00:28:37.760> in<00:28:37.850> her<00:28:37.940> mid<00:28:38.120> 60's<00:28:38.540> she
  • 00:28:38
    passed away she was in her mid 60's she had<00:28:38.810> gray<00:28:39.020> hair<00:28:39.050> but<00:28:39.530> if<00:28:39.710> you<00:28:39.830> knew<00:28:39.950> Cathy<00:28:40.370> and
  • 00:28:40
    had gray hair but if you knew Cathy and I<00:28:40.550> know<00:28:40.610> many<00:28:40.940> of<00:28:41.090> us<00:28:41.270> did<00:28:41.690> know<00:28:41.840> Cathy<00:28:42.370> she<00:28:43.370> was
  • 00:28:43
    I know many of us did know Cathy she was full<00:28:43.760> of<00:28:43.790> energy<00:28:43.970> she<00:28:44.450> was<00:28:44.540> full<00:28:44.750> of<00:28:44.780> life
  • 00:28:44
    full of energy she was full of life there<00:28:45.500> was<00:28:45.680> nothing<00:28:46.160> at<00:28:46.490> all<00:28:46.820> about<00:28:47.300> her<00:28:47.750> that
  • 00:28:47
    there was nothing at all about her that would<00:28:48.020> make<00:28:48.170> you<00:28:48.350> say<00:28:48.560> she's<00:28:48.800> probably<00:28:49.040> at<00:28:49.340> the
  • 00:28:49
    would make you say she's probably at the end<00:28:49.570> nothing<00:28:50.680> you<00:28:51.680> know<00:28:51.770> both<00:28:51.950> those<00:28:52.160> endings
  • 00:28:52
    end nothing you know both those endings surprised<00:28:53.510> me<00:28:53.780> shocked<00:28:54.740> me<00:28:54.980> yeah<00:28:55.790> I<00:28:55.820> thought
  • 00:28:56
    surprised me shocked me yeah I thought it<00:28:56.510> was<00:28:56.600> still<00:28:56.690> the<00:28:56.810> beginning<00:28:57.200> from<00:28:57.770> honest<00:28:58.130> I
  • 00:28:58
    it was still the beginning from honest I thought<00:28:58.940> it<00:28:59.060> was<00:28:59.150> the<00:28:59.240> beginning<00:28:59.630> um<00:29:00.530> it<00:29:00.800> turns
  • 00:29:00
    thought it was the beginning um it turns out<00:29:01.250> I'm<00:29:01.910> not<00:29:01.970> much<00:29:02.540> more<00:29:02.840> advanced<00:29:03.170> than<00:29:03.440> my
  • 00:29:03
    out I'm not much more advanced than my daughter<00:29:03.890> I<00:29:04.250> can't<00:29:04.940> tell<00:29:05.180> the<00:29:05.270> difference
  • 00:29:05
    daughter I can't tell the difference between<00:29:05.780> beginnings<00:29:06.500> and<00:29:06.710> endings<00:29:07.490> I<00:29:07.820> am
  • 00:29:08
    between beginnings and endings I am trapped<00:29:08.720> in<00:29:09.380> time<00:29:10.780> just<00:29:11.780> like<00:29:11.870> the<00:29:12.020> rest<00:29:12.170> of<00:29:12.290> us
  • 00:29:12
    trapped in time just like the rest of us you<00:29:12.440> know<00:29:12.670> but<00:29:13.670> God<00:29:13.910> God<00:29:14.630> in<00:29:14.840> time<00:29:15.050> are<00:29:15.230> very
  • 00:29:15
    you know but God God in time are very different<00:29:15.700> God<00:29:16.700> says<00:29:17.060> he<00:29:17.480> exists<00:29:17.990> differently
  • 00:29:18
    different God says he exists differently in<00:29:18.860> regards<00:29:19.250> of<00:29:19.340> time<00:29:19.610> than<00:29:20.090> we<00:29:20.300> do
  • 00:29:20
    in regards of time than we do second<00:29:21.590> Peter<00:29:21.710> puts<00:29:21.980> it<00:29:22.070> this<00:29:22.190> way<00:29:22.510> but
  • 00:29:23
    second Peter puts it this way but beloved<00:29:24.050> do<00:29:24.320> not<00:29:24.350> forget<00:29:24.950> this<00:29:25.130> one<00:29:25.190> thing
  • 00:29:25
    beloved do not forget this one thing pause<00:29:26.360> when<00:29:27.320> the<00:29:27.410> Bible<00:29:27.740> says<00:29:27.920> don't<00:29:28.130> forget
  • 00:29:28
    pause when the Bible says don't forget this<00:29:28.610> one<00:29:28.940> thing<00:29:29.300> what<00:29:29.720> it<00:29:29.810> means<00:29:30.020> is<00:29:30.290> if<00:29:30.470> you
  • 00:29:30
    this one thing what it means is if you forget<00:29:30.920> all<00:29:31.190> the<00:29:31.430> other<00:29:31.670> stuff
  • 00:29:32
    forget all the other stuff just<00:29:32.660> remember<00:29:33.020> this<00:29:33.170> please<00:29:33.530> just<00:29:34.070> remember
  • 00:29:34
    just remember this please just remember this<00:29:34.400> one<00:29:34.580> thing<00:29:34.850> and<00:29:35.000> now<00:29:35.870> the<00:29:35.930> one<00:29:36.140> thing<00:29:36.260> the
  • 00:29:36
    this one thing and now the one thing the thing<00:29:36.440> that<00:29:36.500> follows<00:29:36.890> is<00:29:37.040> probably<00:29:37.280> something
  • 00:29:37
    thing that follows is probably something about<00:29:37.700> faith<00:29:37.940> or<00:29:38.240> salvation<00:29:38.780> or<00:29:38.900> something
  • 00:29:39
    about faith or salvation or something big<00:29:39.350> and<00:29:39.500> important<00:29:39.830> right<00:29:40.010> probably<00:29:40.600> well
  • 00:29:41
    big and important right probably well know<00:29:41.830> but<00:29:42.830> beloved<00:29:43.160> do<00:29:43.790> not<00:29:43.820> forget<00:29:44.300> this<00:29:44.480> one
  • 00:29:44
    know but beloved do not forget this one thing
  • 00:29:45
    thing with<00:29:46.130> the<00:29:46.490> Lord<00:29:46.820> one<00:29:47.330> day<00:29:47.360> is<00:29:47.990> as<00:29:48.320> a<00:29:48.500> thousand
  • 00:29:49
    with the Lord one day is as a thousand years<00:29:49.159> and<00:29:49.549> a<00:29:49.820> thousand<00:29:50.360> years<00:29:50.390> as<00:29:50.690> one<00:29:51.169> day
  • 00:29:51
    years and a thousand years as one day what<00:29:53.500> the<00:29:54.500> one<00:29:54.679> thing<00:29:54.950> in<00:29:55.070> the<00:29:55.130> Bible<00:29:55.250> not<00:29:55.580> to
  • 00:29:55
    what the one thing in the Bible not to forget<00:29:56.000> is<00:29:56.149> some<00:29:56.299> weird<00:29:56.539> riddle<00:29:56.870> about<00:29:56.899> time
  • 00:29:57
    forget is some weird riddle about time that's<00:29:58.429> strange<00:29:58.820> right<00:29:59.769> unexpected<00:30:00.769> I<00:30:01.539> don't
  • 00:30:02
    that's strange right unexpected I don't know<00:30:02.600> what<00:30:02.720> all<00:30:02.840> that<00:30:02.960> means<00:30:03.200> and<00:30:03.380> really
  • 00:30:03
    know what all that means and really don't<00:30:03.620> have<00:30:03.830> no<00:30:03.950> idea<00:30:04.159> but<00:30:04.940> I<00:30:05.000> do<00:30:05.090> meet<00:30:05.390> though
  • 00:30:05
    don't have no idea but I do meet though it<00:30:05.750> means<00:30:05.840> that<00:30:06.019> God<00:30:06.169> in<00:30:06.350> time<00:30:06.529> are<00:30:06.710> different
  • 00:30:07
    it means that God in time are different than<00:30:07.640> me<00:30:07.850> in<00:30:07.970> time<00:30:08.210> I'm<00:30:08.390> smart<00:30:08.690> enough<00:30:08.720> to
  • 00:30:08
    than me in time I'm smart enough to understand<00:30:09.380> that<00:30:09.470> I<00:30:09.830> am<00:30:10.419> you<00:30:11.419> know<00:30:11.480> one<00:30:11.690> of<00:30:11.720> the
  • 00:30:11
    understand that I am you know one of the things<00:30:11.929> I<00:30:12.019> love<00:30:12.169> about<00:30:12.200> the<00:30:12.380> Bible<00:30:12.500> is<00:30:12.890> that<00:30:12.950> as
  • 00:30:13
    things I love about the Bible is that as time<00:30:13.640> passes<00:30:14.000> the<00:30:14.480> Bible<00:30:14.870> I<00:30:14.990> think<00:30:15.110> is<00:30:15.500> proven
  • 00:30:15
    time passes the Bible I think is proven smarter<00:30:16.429> I<00:30:16.519> think<00:30:16.640> it<00:30:16.730> gets<00:30:16.820> smarter<00:30:17.390> with
  • 00:30:17
    smarter I think it gets smarter with time<00:30:18.250> which<00:30:19.250> you<00:30:19.429> know<00:30:19.549> it<00:30:19.760> might<00:30:20.240> be<00:30:20.269> a
  • 00:30:20
    time which you know it might be a different<00:30:20.840> thought<00:30:21.019> for<00:30:21.230> you<00:30:21.370> people<00:30:22.370> who
  • 00:30:22
    different thought for you people who want<00:30:22.669> to<00:30:22.700> sound<00:30:22.909> smart<00:30:23.090> what<00:30:23.419> they'll<00:30:23.539> do<00:30:23.630> is
  • 00:30:23
    want to sound smart what they'll do is they'll<00:30:23.960> grab<00:30:24.080> a<00:30:24.110> bit<00:30:24.590> of<00:30:24.679> the<00:30:24.740> Bible<00:30:25.100> usually
  • 00:30:25
    they'll grab a bit of the Bible usually from<00:30:25.700> the<00:30:25.760> Old<00:30:26.000> Testament<00:30:26.510> they'll<00:30:26.779> pull<00:30:26.960> it
  • 00:30:27
    from the Old Testament they'll pull it wildly<00:30:27.409> out<00:30:27.590> of<00:30:27.620> context<00:30:28.220> and<00:30:28.250> they're<00:30:28.399> posted
  • 00:30:28
    wildly out of context and they're posted on<00:30:28.850> the<00:30:29.210> internet<00:30:29.539> to<00:30:29.720> show<00:30:29.929> how<00:30:30.320> smart<00:30:30.500> they
  • 00:30:30
    on the internet to show how smart they are<00:30:30.950> and<00:30:31.190> say<00:30:31.549> that<00:30:31.669> the<00:30:31.760> Bible<00:30:32.090> is<00:30:32.179> now
  • 00:30:32
    are and say that the Bible is now irrelevant<00:30:32.659> that<00:30:32.990> the<00:30:33.080> more<00:30:33.289> that<00:30:33.409> we<00:30:33.470> learn
  • 00:30:33
    irrelevant that the more that we learn about<00:30:33.799> science<00:30:34.460> in<00:30:34.549> the<00:30:34.610> universe<00:30:34.970> the<00:30:35.179> more
  • 00:30:35
    about science in the universe the more the<00:30:35.539> Bible<00:30:35.899> is<00:30:35.990> proven<00:30:36.260> to<00:30:36.350> be<00:30:36.440> this<00:30:36.529> outdated
  • 00:30:36
    the Bible is proven to be this outdated book<00:30:37.309> it's<00:30:38.210> proven<00:30:38.539> is<00:30:38.720> disproven<00:30:39.200> I<00:30:39.440> actually
  • 00:30:40
    book it's proven is disproven I actually find<00:30:40.610> the<00:30:40.760> opposite<00:30:41.299> to<00:30:41.389> be<00:30:41.419> true<00:30:41.570> I<00:30:41.990> think
  • 00:30:42
    find the opposite to be true I think that<00:30:42.830> there's<00:30:42.980> a<00:30:43.039> tragic<00:30:43.639> and<00:30:43.820> complete
  • 00:30:44
    that there's a tragic and complete missing<00:30:44.899> of<00:30:45.019> the<00:30:45.440> truth<00:30:45.919> I<00:30:46.159> actually<00:30:46.669> find
  • 00:30:47
    missing of the truth I actually find that<00:30:47.360> the<00:30:47.630> further<00:30:47.840> along<00:30:47.960> we<00:30:48.200> go<00:30:48.409> in<00:30:48.590> time<00:30:48.830> and
  • 00:30:49
    that the further along we go in time and the<00:30:49.279> more<00:30:49.490> we<00:30:49.610> understand<00:30:50.029> about<00:30:50.120> science<00:30:50.600> in
  • 00:30:50
    the more we understand about science in the<00:30:50.840> universe<00:30:51.320> the<00:30:51.740> more<00:30:51.889> that<00:30:52.100> we<00:30:52.190> realize
  • 00:30:52
    the universe the more that we realize there's<00:30:53.090> even<00:30:53.480> more<00:30:53.510> truth<00:30:54.200> in<00:30:54.350> the<00:30:54.710> Bible
  • 00:30:55
    there's even more truth in the Bible than<00:30:55.250> we<00:30:55.370> ever<00:30:55.610> thought<00:30:56.380> take<00:30:57.380> this<00:30:57.500> verse<00:30:57.679> for
  • 00:30:57
    than we ever thought take this verse for instance<00:30:58.159> this<00:30:58.730> is<00:30:58.880> 1st<00:30:59.120> John<00:30:59.360> 1:5<00:30:59.779> this<00:31:00.110> is
  • 00:31:00
    instance this is 1st John 1:5 this is the<00:31:00.409> message<00:31:00.710> which<00:31:01.159> we<00:31:01.279> have<00:31:01.309> heard<00:31:01.429> from<00:31:01.820> him
  • 00:31:01
    the message which we have heard from him and<00:31:02.149> declare<00:31:02.389> to<00:31:02.779> you<00:31:02.990> that<00:31:03.830> God<00:31:04.159> is<00:31:04.519> light<00:31:05.450> and
  • 00:31:05
    and declare to you that God is light and in<00:31:06.649> him<00:31:06.710> is<00:31:06.980> no<00:31:07.130> darkness<00:31:07.490> at<00:31:07.820> all<00:31:08.029> now<00:31:08.600> that
  • 00:31:08
    in him is no darkness at all now that was<00:31:08.870> written<00:31:09.080> 2,000<00:31:09.590> years<00:31:09.740> ago<00:31:09.980> and<00:31:10.190> back
  • 00:31:10
    was written 2,000 years ago and back then<00:31:10.669> God<00:31:10.970> is<00:31:11.000> light<00:31:11.360> was<00:31:11.570> confined<00:31:11.929> to<00:31:12.049> what
  • 00:31:12
    then God is light was confined to what we<00:31:12.260> knew<00:31:12.380> about<00:31:12.409> light<00:31:12.799> which<00:31:13.010> is<00:31:13.130> that<00:31:13.279> it
  • 00:31:13
    we knew about light which is that it made<00:31:13.549> things<00:31:13.789> you<00:31:14.389> know<00:31:14.510> able<00:31:14.750> to<00:31:14.870> be<00:31:14.960> seen
  • 00:31:15
    made things you know able to be seen that's<00:31:16.460> what<00:31:16.580> it<00:31:16.669> did<00:31:16.730> which<00:31:16.880> is<00:31:16.909> great<00:31:17.149> it's
  • 00:31:17
    that's what it did which is great it's awesome<00:31:17.450> but<00:31:18.139> now<00:31:18.380> thanks<00:31:19.010> to<00:31:19.039> modern<00:31:19.250> science
  • 00:31:19
    awesome but now thanks to modern science we<00:31:20.179> know<00:31:20.419> much<00:31:20.630> more<00:31:20.870> things<00:31:21.139> about<00:31:21.409> light
  • 00:31:21
    we know much more things about light like<00:31:21.950> light<00:31:22.490> travels<00:31:23.029> at<00:31:23.179> light<00:31:23.570> speed<00:31:23.600> and<00:31:24.049> we
  • 00:31:24
    like light travels at light speed and we know<00:31:24.230> that<00:31:24.350> things<00:31:24.710> traveling<00:31:25.460> at<00:31:25.610> light
  • 00:31:25
    know that things traveling at light
  • 00:31:26
    know that things traveling at light speed<00:31:26.799> exist<00:31:27.799> differently<00:31:28.639> with<00:31:28.850> time<00:31:29.179> they
  • 00:31:29
    speed exist differently with time they exist<00:31:29.809> almost<00:31:30.320> out<00:31:30.529> side<00:31:31.220> of<00:31:31.460> time<00:31:31.760> you<00:31:32.360> could
  • 00:31:32
    exist almost out side of time you could put<00:31:32.690> it<00:31:32.779> poetically<00:31:33.320> you<00:31:33.529> might<00:31:33.710> say<00:31:34.039> that<00:31:34.340> to
  • 00:31:34
    put it poetically you might say that to light<00:31:35.059> a<00:31:35.980> thousand<00:31:36.980> years<00:31:37.610> is<00:31:37.820> like<00:31:38.149> a<00:31:38.450> day
  • 00:31:39
    light a thousand years is like a day like<00:31:40.399> a<00:31:40.460> day<00:31:40.730> you<00:31:41.000> know<00:31:41.090> Jesus<00:31:41.450> and<00:31:41.600> time<00:31:41.779> are
  • 00:31:41
    like a day you know Jesus and time are also<00:31:42.139> different<00:31:42.820> also<00:31:43.820> different<00:31:44.210> yeah<00:31:44.630> he
  • 00:31:44
    also different also different yeah he was<00:31:44.960> born<00:31:45.230> in<00:31:45.529> Israel<00:31:46.100> like<00:31:46.510> 2,000<00:31:47.510> years<00:31:48.110> ago
  • 00:31:48
    was born in Israel like 2,000 years ago or<00:31:48.710> so<00:31:49.010> but<00:31:49.519> the<00:31:49.760> Bible<00:31:50.120> says<00:31:50.330> that<00:31:50.360> he
  • 00:31:50
    or so but the Bible says that he actually<00:31:50.840> existed<00:31:51.559> long<00:31:51.799> before<00:31:51.830> then<00:31:52.519> that
  • 00:31:52
    actually existed long before then that he<00:31:52.760> predates<00:31:53.299> time<00:31:53.539> he<00:31:53.720> was<00:31:53.840> in<00:31:53.929> this<00:31:54.049> part<00:31:54.350> way
  • 00:31:54
    he predates time he was in this part way back<00:31:54.860> here<00:31:55.690> John<00:31:56.690> who<00:31:57.049> wrote<00:31:57.260> the<00:31:57.409> book<00:31:57.559> of
  • 00:31:57
    back here John who wrote the book of Revelation<00:31:58.220> that<00:31:58.250> we've<00:31:58.460> been<00:31:58.580> looking<00:31:58.820> at
  • 00:31:58
    Revelation that we've been looking at here
  • 00:31:59
    here other<00:31:59.690> books<00:31:59.930> in<00:32:00.050> the<00:32:00.140> Bible<00:32:00.440> like<00:32:00.590> first<00:32:00.890> John
  • 00:32:01
    other books in the Bible like first John earlier<00:32:01.880> and<00:32:02.150> in<00:32:02.240> the<00:32:02.360> Gospel<00:32:02.810> of<00:32:02.870> John
  • 00:32:03
    earlier and in the Gospel of John usually<00:32:03.440> puts<00:32:03.590> his<00:32:03.680> name<00:32:03.830> on<00:32:04.040> it<00:32:04.190> makes<00:32:04.730> it
  • 00:32:04
    usually puts his name on it makes it kind<00:32:04.970> of<00:32:05.090> easy<00:32:05.630> to<00:32:05.780> understand<00:32:06.230> and<00:32:06.770> in<00:32:07.250> John
  • 00:32:07
    kind of easy to understand and in John the<00:32:07.730> Gospel<00:32:08.030> of<00:32:08.390> John<00:32:08.600> was<00:32:08.900> his<00:32:09.170> first<00:32:09.410> book<00:32:09.740> in
  • 00:32:09
    the Gospel of John was his first book in the<00:32:10.160> first<00:32:10.460> chapter<00:32:10.910> in<00:32:11.060> the<00:32:11.150> first<00:32:11.420> book<00:32:11.720> that
  • 00:32:12
    the first chapter in the first book that he<00:32:12.260> ever<00:32:12.470> wrote<00:32:12.800> about<00:32:13.490> Jesus<00:32:13.550> he<00:32:14.480> says<00:32:14.720> this
  • 00:32:14
    he ever wrote about Jesus he says this in<00:32:15.860> the<00:32:16.550> beginning<00:32:17.060> was<00:32:17.750> the<00:32:17.780> word<00:32:17.990> the<00:32:18.710> word
  • 00:32:19
    in the beginning was the word the word is<00:32:19.400> one<00:32:19.730> of<00:32:19.820> the<00:32:19.880> names<00:32:20.030> for<00:32:20.240> Jesus<00:32:20.600> the<00:32:20.870> word
  • 00:32:21
    is one of the names for Jesus the word in<00:32:21.470> the<00:32:22.250> Word<00:32:22.430> was<00:32:22.460> with<00:32:22.790> God<00:32:23.060> and<00:32:23.630> the<00:32:23.720> Word
  • 00:32:23
    in the Word was with God and the Word was<00:32:24.260> God<00:32:25.070> he<00:32:25.760> was<00:32:25.970> with<00:32:26.270> God<00:32:26.600> in<00:32:26.960> the<00:32:27.470> beginning
  • 00:32:28
    was God he was with God in the beginning what's<00:32:28.790> that<00:32:28.940> mean<00:32:29.260> it<00:32:30.260> means<00:32:30.380> that<00:32:30.470> Jesus<00:32:31.100> was
  • 00:32:31
    what's that mean it means that Jesus was the<00:32:31.490> word<00:32:31.760> at<00:32:32.090> the<00:32:32.300> beginning<00:32:32.750> the<00:32:33.020> beginning
  • 00:32:33
    the word at the beginning the beginning word<00:32:33.740> or<00:32:34.010> the<00:32:34.280> first<00:32:35.090> word<00:32:36.160> he<00:32:37.160> was<00:32:37.250> the<00:32:37.400> very
  • 00:32:37
    word or the first word he was the very first<00:32:37.640> word<00:32:38.060> first<00:32:39.050> word<00:32:39.490> now<00:32:40.490> that<00:32:40.820> must<00:32:40.940> be
  • 00:32:41
    first word first word now that must be cool<00:32:41.240> for<00:32:41.360> Jesus<00:32:41.660> you<00:32:41.810> know<00:32:41.900> existing<00:32:42.260> outside
  • 00:32:42
    cool for Jesus you know existing outside of<00:32:42.620> time<00:32:42.830> out<00:32:43.340> here<00:32:43.670> wonderful<00:32:44.060> you<00:32:44.240> know<00:32:44.270> just
  • 00:32:44
    of time out here wonderful you know just dancing<00:32:45.050> around<00:32:45.170> outside<00:32:45.770> of<00:32:45.860> time<00:32:46.070> having<00:32:46.430> a
  • 00:32:46
    dancing around outside of time having a great<00:32:46.700> time<00:32:46.850> I<00:32:46.910> suppose<00:32:47.390> I<00:32:47.420> don't<00:32:47.660> know<00:32:48.730> but
  • 00:32:49
    great time I suppose I don't know but not<00:32:49.850> so<00:32:50.150> much<00:32:50.240> for<00:32:50.300> us
  • 00:32:50
    not so much for us we're<00:32:51.860> stuck<00:32:52.130> in<00:32:52.250> here<00:32:52.280> right<00:32:52.720> which<00:32:53.720> we<00:32:53.870> could
  • 00:32:53
    we're stuck in here right which we could change<00:32:54.200> that<00:32:54.530> which<00:32:54.830> we<00:32:54.920> could<00:32:55.040> change<00:32:55.220> being
  • 00:32:55
    change that which we could change being stuck<00:32:55.760> in<00:32:55.880> the<00:32:55.970> scratch<00:32:56.260> but<00:32:57.260> we<00:32:57.380> can't<00:32:57.700> not
  • 00:32:58
    stuck in the scratch but we can't not much<00:32:59.000> that<00:32:59.420> we<00:32:59.630> can<00:33:00.170> do<00:33:00.350> about<00:33:00.470> it<00:33:00.710> but<00:33:00.950> it<00:33:01.220> is
  • 00:33:01
    much that we can do about it but it is worth<00:33:01.580> talking<00:33:01.790> about<00:33:02.030> the<00:33:02.540> fact<00:33:02.780> that<00:33:02.900> our
  • 00:33:03
    worth talking about the fact that our experience<00:33:03.620> of<00:33:03.710> time<00:33:03.920> has<00:33:04.280> dramatically
  • 00:33:05
    experience of time has dramatically changed<00:33:05.510> in<00:33:06.500> our<00:33:06.680> lifetime<00:33:07.100> even<00:33:07.310> and<00:33:07.580> this
  • 00:33:07
    changed in our lifetime even and this started<00:33:08.030> before<00:33:08.180> us<00:33:08.540> a<00:33:08.750> couple<00:33:09.020> hundred<00:33:09.260> years
  • 00:33:09
    started before us a couple hundred years ago<00:33:09.650> started<00:33:10.610> with<00:33:10.730> the<00:33:10.820> technical
  • 00:33:11
    ago started with the technical technological<00:33:11.780> revolution<00:33:12.290> and<00:33:12.440> you<00:33:12.470> can<00:33:12.650> go
  • 00:33:12
    technological revolution and you can go all<00:33:12.890> the<00:33:12.980> way<00:33:13.010> back<00:33:13.160> to<00:33:13.310> the<00:33:13.400> railroad<00:33:13.580> for
  • 00:33:14
    all the way back to the railroad for instance<00:33:14.570> did<00:33:15.170> you<00:33:15.200> know<00:33:15.320> that<00:33:15.440> before
  • 00:33:15
    instance did you know that before railroads
  • 00:33:16
    railroads there<00:33:17.030> were<00:33:17.120> no<00:33:17.240> time<00:33:17.510> zones<00:33:17.860> there<00:33:18.860> weren't
  • 00:33:19
    there were no time zones there weren't every<00:33:19.340> town<00:33:19.550> had<00:33:19.820> its<00:33:19.850> own<00:33:20.120> time<00:33:20.620> can<00:33:21.620> you
  • 00:33:21
    every town had its own time can you imagine<00:33:21.800> how<00:33:21.950> confusing<00:33:22.070> that<00:33:22.460> would<00:33:22.580> be<00:33:22.700> you
  • 00:33:22
    imagine how confusing that would be you
  • 00:33:23
    imagine how confusing that would be you know<00:33:23.090> you're<00:33:23.750> like<00:33:23.870> in<00:33:24.050> this<00:33:24.230> town<00:33:24.500> and<00:33:24.890> it's
  • 00:33:24
    know you're like in this town and it's like<00:33:25.190> 1:30<00:33:25.730> and<00:33:26.030> then<00:33:26.120> you<00:33:26.180> drive<00:33:26.480> West<00:33:27.260> and<00:33:27.560> it
  • 00:33:27
    like 1:30 and then you drive West and it gets<00:33:27.830> like<00:33:28.040> now<00:33:28.430> it's<00:33:28.700> now<00:33:29.000> it's<00:33:29.180> what<00:33:29.390> now
  • 00:33:29
    gets like now it's now it's what now it's<00:33:29.720> like<00:33:29.840> 11:30<00:33:30.710> and<00:33:31.100> you're<00:33:31.250> back<00:33:31.430> like<00:33:31.580> it
  • 00:33:31
    it's like 11:30 and you're back like it doesn't<00:33:32.090> make<00:33:32.180> any<00:33:32.270> sense<00:33:32.360> right<00:33:32.750> so<00:33:32.960> they
  • 00:33:33
    doesn't make any sense right so they made<00:33:33.140> these<00:33:33.260> time<00:33:33.470> zones<00:33:33.770> great<00:33:34.430> super
  • 00:33:34
    made these time zones great super helpful<00:33:35.000> also<00:33:35.810> fundamentally<00:33:36.650> changed<00:33:37.250> our
  • 00:33:37
    helpful also fundamentally changed our experience<00:33:38.270> of<00:33:38.390> the<00:33:38.480> day<00:33:39.400> and<00:33:40.400> it's<00:33:40.490> the
  • 00:33:40
    experience of the day and it's the consistent<00:33:41.180> today<00:33:41.510> the<00:33:41.900> technological
  • 00:33:42
    consistent today the technological revolution<00:33:43.130> continues<00:33:43.760> and<00:33:44.270> it's<00:33:44.390> only
  • 00:33:44
    revolution continues and it's only picking<00:33:44.750> up<00:33:45.020> speed<00:33:45.260> and<00:33:46.040> I<00:33:46.100> think<00:33:46.250> speed<00:33:46.640> is<00:33:46.820> at
  • 00:33:46
    picking up speed and I think speed is at the<00:33:47.060> core<00:33:47.420> of<00:33:47.450> this<00:33:47.690> thing<00:33:47.960> now<00:33:48.740> what's
  • 00:33:49
    the core of this thing now what's happened<00:33:49.400> with<00:33:49.490> processor<00:33:50.150> speed<00:33:50.420> is<00:33:50.630> that
  • 00:33:50
    happened with processor speed is that everything<00:33:51.620> is<00:33:51.770> instantaneous<00:33:52.730> right<00:33:53.180> I<00:33:53.420> mean
  • 00:33:54
    everything is instantaneous right I mean seriously<00:33:54.470> if<00:33:54.770> you<00:33:54.980> want<00:33:55.160> to<00:33:55.220> sell<00:33:55.460> me
  • 00:33:55
    seriously if you want to sell me something<00:33:55.880> you're<00:33:56.090> wanting<00:33:56.330> me<00:33:56.360> to<00:33:56.420> buy<00:33:56.660> your
  • 00:33:56
    something you're wanting me to buy your thing<00:33:57.140> I<00:33:57.380> better<00:33:57.860> be<00:33:58.010> able<00:33:58.040> to<00:33:58.250> get<00:33:58.370> it<00:33:58.460> right
  • 00:33:58
    thing I better be able to get it right now<00:33:58.940> or<00:33:59.270> I'm<00:33:59.420> never<00:33:59.630> gonna<00:33:59.840> get<00:34:00.170> it<00:34:00.350> right<00:34:00.590> so
  • 00:34:01
    now or I'm never gonna get it right so your<00:34:01.460> instantaneous<00:34:01.970> or<00:34:02.330> irrelevant<00:34:02.870> to<00:34:02.990> me
  • 00:34:03
    your instantaneous or irrelevant to me completely<00:34:03.740> you<00:34:04.550> know<00:34:04.640> right<00:34:04.820> now<00:34:04.970> if<00:34:05.930> you
  • 00:34:06
    completely you know right now if you want<00:34:06.230> a<00:34:06.260> couch<00:34:06.500> have<00:34:07.160> you<00:34:07.250> watched<00:34:07.400> the
  • 00:34:07
    want a couch have you watched the commercials<00:34:07.910> recently<00:34:08.210> Amazon<00:34:08.660> Prime<00:34:08.930> will
  • 00:34:09
    commercials recently Amazon Prime will send<00:34:09.320> you<00:34:09.410> one<00:34:09.440> in<00:34:09.650> two<00:34:09.800> days<00:34:10.010> there's<00:34:10.880> amazing
  • 00:34:11
    send you one in two days there's amazing that<00:34:11.630> you<00:34:11.690> should<00:34:11.810> take<00:34:11.900> like<00:34:12.080> 12<00:34:12.320> weeks
  • 00:34:13
    that you should take like 12 weeks if<00:34:13.260> you're<00:34:13.470> hungry<00:34:13.649> right<00:34:13.830> now<00:34:13.980> door<00:34:14.669> -<00:34:14.909> we'll
  • 00:34:15
    if you're hungry right now door - we'll have<00:34:15.300> a<00:34:15.330> burrito<00:34:15.659> in<00:34:16.020> your<00:34:16.200> seat<00:34:16.409> from
  • 00:34:16
    have a burrito in your seat from Chipotle<00:34:16.710> before<00:34:17.220> I'm<00:34:17.310> done<00:34:17.460> talking<00:34:17.850> they
  • 00:34:17
    Chipotle before I'm done talking they will<00:34:18.380> unbelievable
  • 00:34:19
    will unbelievable it's<00:34:19.860> amazing<00:34:20.280> you<00:34:20.399> might<00:34:20.520> think<00:34:20.640> it's<00:34:20.730> a<00:34:20.790> good
  • 00:34:20
    it's amazing you might think it's a good idea<00:34:21.000> I<00:34:21.240> don't<00:34:21.419> know<00:34:21.480> go<00:34:21.990> for<00:34:22.169> it<00:34:22.380> good<00:34:22.860> time
  • 00:34:23
    idea I don't know go for it good time and<00:34:24.179> while<00:34:24.780> that<00:34:24.929> is<00:34:24.990> amazing
  • 00:34:26
    and while that is amazing I<00:34:26.100> think<00:34:26.310> it's<00:34:26.429> we're<00:34:26.550> talking<00:34:26.940> about<00:34:27.030> some<00:34:27.240> of
  • 00:34:27
    I think it's we're talking about some of the<00:34:27.390> consequences<00:34:27.690> namely<00:34:28.530> that<00:34:29.100> as<00:34:29.370> we've
  • 00:34:29
    the consequences namely that as we've become<00:34:30.060> a<00:34:30.270> culture<00:34:30.440> who<00:34:31.440> can<00:34:31.590> have<00:34:31.860> everything
  • 00:34:32
    become a culture who can have everything right<00:34:32.730> now<00:34:32.760> what's<00:34:33.390> happened<00:34:33.840> is<00:34:33.960> that<00:34:34.140> we
  • 00:34:34
    right now what's happened is that we focused<00:34:34.919> on<00:34:35.100> the<00:34:35.250> right<00:34:35.460> now<00:34:35.640> and<00:34:35.880> become<00:34:36.179> all
  • 00:34:36
    focused on the right now and become all about<00:34:37.169> the<00:34:37.649> right<00:34:37.860> now<00:34:38.159> with<00:34:39.060> nothing<00:34:39.480> else
  • 00:34:40
    about the right now with nothing else nothing<00:34:41.100> else<00:34:41.360> your<00:34:42.360> your<00:34:42.929> instantaneous<00:34:43.470> you
  • 00:34:43
    nothing else your your instantaneous you right<00:34:44.010> now<00:34:44.159> or<00:34:44.429> you<00:34:44.880> are<00:34:44.909> here<00:34:45.890> relevant
  • 00:34:46
    right now or you are here relevant that's<00:34:47.190> had<00:34:47.370> some<00:34:47.520> consequences<00:34:48.090> it's<00:34:48.780> led<00:34:48.990> us
  • 00:34:49
    that's had some consequences it's led us to<00:34:49.169> become<00:34:49.440> I<00:34:49.620> think<00:34:50.010> obsessed<00:34:50.520> with<00:34:51.120> the
  • 00:34:51
    to become I think obsessed with the scratch<00:34:51.899> which<00:34:52.770> is<00:34:52.890> a<00:34:52.919> problem<00:34:53.659> here's<00:34:54.659> the
  • 00:34:54
    scratch which is a problem here's the problem<00:34:55.169> you<00:34:55.290> might<00:34:55.409> want<00:34:55.590> to<00:34:55.620> write<00:34:55.740> this
  • 00:34:55
    problem you might want to write this down<00:34:55.980> this<00:34:56.340> is<00:34:56.429> gonna<00:34:56.520> be<00:34:56.669> really<00:34:56.820> profound
  • 00:34:57
    down this is gonna be really profound are<00:34:57.480> you<00:34:57.570> ready<00:34:57.810> the<00:34:58.770> problem<00:34:59.340> with<00:34:59.520> the
  • 00:34:59
    are you ready the problem with the scratch<00:35:00.090> is<00:35:00.600> that<00:35:01.410> it's<00:35:01.770> scratchy<00:35:03.080> seriously
  • 00:35:04
    scratch is that it's scratchy seriously write<00:35:04.260> that<00:35:04.410> down<00:35:04.700> the<00:35:05.700> problem<00:35:06.150> with<00:35:06.300> the
  • 00:35:06
    write that down the problem with the scratch<00:35:06.720> is<00:35:06.960> that<00:35:07.170> it's<00:35:07.320> scratchy<00:35:07.650> now<00:35:08.190> you
  • 00:35:08
    scratch is that it's scratchy now you might<00:35:08.430> be<00:35:08.460> like<00:35:08.640> I<00:35:08.760> know<00:35:08.850> that<00:35:09.210> I<00:35:09.420> understand
  • 00:35:09
    might be like I know that I understand life's<00:35:10.260> life<00:35:10.560> stinks<00:35:10.800> sometimes<00:35:10.860> yes<00:35:11.310> I<00:35:11.460> know
  • 00:35:11
    life's life stinks sometimes yes I know but<00:35:12.120> did<00:35:12.210> you<00:35:12.300> know<00:35:12.390> that<00:35:12.420> the<00:35:12.630> Bible<00:35:12.960> doesn't
  • 00:35:13
    but did you know that the Bible doesn't want<00:35:13.410> us<00:35:13.470> to<00:35:13.560> miss<00:35:13.710> this<00:35:13.920> it's<00:35:14.550> full<00:35:14.760> of<00:35:14.850> these
  • 00:35:14
    want us to miss this it's full of these like<00:35:15.120> buzzkill<00:35:15.750> verses<00:35:16.260> I<00:35:16.500> basically<00:35:17.010> say<00:35:17.280> hey
  • 00:35:17
    like buzzkill verses I basically say hey in<00:35:17.700> here<00:35:18.090> in<00:35:18.210> the<00:35:18.570> scratch<00:35:18.900> you<00:35:19.260> can<00:35:19.440> expect
  • 00:35:19
    in here in the scratch you can expect bad<00:35:20.280> crap<00:35:20.670> to<00:35:20.910> happen<00:35:22.130> jesus<00:35:23.130> said<00:35:23.280> it<00:35:23.400> this
  • 00:35:23
    bad crap to happen jesus said it this way<00:35:23.580> John<00:35:24.480> 16<00:35:25.020> in<00:35:25.410> this<00:35:26.220> world<00:35:26.640> you<00:35:27.090> will<00:35:27.240> have
  • 00:35:27
    way John 16 in this world you will have trouble<00:35:28.610> thank<00:35:29.610> you<00:35:29.790> inspirational<00:35:30.540> Jesus
  • 00:35:31
    trouble thank you inspirational Jesus thank<00:35:31.920> you<00:35:31.980> so<00:35:32.670> good<00:35:32.880> the<00:35:33.660> other<00:35:33.780> people<00:35:34.020> were
  • 00:35:34
    thank you so good the other people were like<00:35:34.140> I<00:35:34.470> live<00:35:35.070> in<00:35:35.100> my<00:35:35.250> life<00:35:35.460> on<00:35:35.700> the<00:35:35.790> promises
  • 00:35:36
    like I live in my life on the promises of<00:35:36.450> Jesus<00:35:36.840> oh<00:35:37.050> yeah<00:35:38.010> all<00:35:38.220> of<00:35:38.310> them<00:35:38.450> because<00:35:39.450> he
  • 00:35:39
    of Jesus oh yeah all of them because he promises<00:35:39.960> trouble<00:35:40.170> you<00:35:40.410> live<00:35:40.530> on<00:35:40.650> that<00:35:40.680> one
  • 00:35:41
    promises trouble you live on that one you<00:35:42.630> know<00:35:42.890> promises<00:35:43.890> trouble<00:35:44.010> we're<00:35:44.490> we're<00:35:44.580> a
  • 00:35:44
    you know promises trouble we're we're a scratch<00:35:44.910> obsessed<00:35:45.360> we're<00:35:45.570> betting<00:35:45.780> on<00:35:45.990> is
  • 00:35:46
    scratch obsessed we're betting on is that<00:35:46.260> the<00:35:46.380> scratch<00:35:46.650> isn't<00:35:47.100> going<00:35:47.250> to<00:35:47.310> be
  • 00:35:47
    that the scratch isn't going to be scratchy<00:35:47.760> we're<00:35:48.030> just<00:35:48.180> you<00:35:48.420> know<00:35:48.450> hope<00:35:48.780> it's
  • 00:35:48
    scratchy we're just you know hope it's not<00:35:48.990> gonna<00:35:49.110> be<00:35:49.260> scratchy<00:35:49.500> in<00:35:49.740> here<00:35:49.950> hope<00:35:50.640> it's
  • 00:35:50
    not gonna be scratchy in here hope it's not<00:35:50.820> gonna<00:35:50.940> be<00:35:51.090> scratchy<00:35:51.330> which<00:35:51.840> when<00:35:52.350> it's
  • 00:35:52
    not gonna be scratchy which when it's not<00:35:52.710> you<00:35:53.250> know<00:35:53.490> pretty<00:35:53.820> good<00:35:54.060> good<00:35:54.630> for<00:35:54.780> us<00:35:54.900> we
  • 00:35:55
    not you know pretty good good for us we have<00:35:55.440> kind<00:35:55.770> of<00:35:55.860> happy<00:35:56.100> endings<00:35:56.460> inside<00:35:56.820> of<00:35:56.940> the
  • 00:35:56
    have kind of happy endings inside of the
  • 00:35:57
    have kind of happy endings inside of the box<00:35:57.180> wonderful<00:35:57.840> so<00:35:58.170> great<00:35:58.380> for<00:35:58.500> you<00:35:58.620> but<00:35:59.490> but
  • 00:35:59
    box wonderful so great for you but but
  • 00:36:00
    box wonderful so great for you but but but<00:36:00.180> but<00:36:00.500> when<00:36:01.500> the<00:36:01.620> scratch<00:36:01.950> proves<00:36:02.610> itself
  • 00:36:03
    but but when the scratch proves itself out<00:36:03.390> that<00:36:03.810> it<00:36:03.990> is<00:36:04.380> scratchy<00:36:05.040> when<00:36:05.460> the<00:36:05.580> truth
  • 00:36:05
    out that it is scratchy when the truth of<00:36:06.000> what<00:36:06.150> Jesus<00:36:06.480> says<00:36:06.690> in<00:36:07.050> this<00:36:07.230> world<00:36:07.500> you
  • 00:36:07
    of what Jesus says in this world you will<00:36:07.650> have<00:36:07.830> trouble<00:36:08.160> sometimes<00:36:08.490> what<00:36:08.880> happens
  • 00:36:09
    will have trouble sometimes what happens is<00:36:09.390> that<00:36:09.780> we<00:36:10.050> lose<00:36:10.350> hope<00:36:11.420> sometimes<00:36:12.420> we<00:36:12.660> can
  • 00:36:12
    is that we lose hope sometimes we can even<00:36:12.960> lose<00:36:13.290> faith<00:36:14.330> we<00:36:15.330> can<00:36:15.540> the<00:36:16.410> scratch<00:36:16.730> is
  • 00:36:17
    even lose faith we can the scratch is scratchy
  • 00:36:18
    scratchy I<00:36:18.830> think<00:36:19.830> the<00:36:19.920> scratch<00:36:20.130> being<00:36:20.400> scratchy<00:36:20.670> and
  • 00:36:20
    I think the scratch being scratchy and not<00:36:21.030> reconciling<00:36:21.690> that<00:36:21.720> fact<00:36:22.050> has<00:36:22.260> led<00:36:22.440> to<00:36:22.590> a
  • 00:36:22
    not reconciling that fact has led to a full-blown<00:36:23.220> hope<00:36:23.550> crisis<00:36:24.090> in<00:36:24.210> our<00:36:24.360> country
  • 00:36:24
    full-blown hope crisis in our country now<00:36:24.930> you<00:36:24.990> can<00:36:25.200> do<00:36:25.320> this<00:36:25.410> research<00:36:25.560> for
  • 00:36:25
    now you can do this research for yourself<00:36:25.950> just
  • 00:36:26
    yourself just Google<00:36:27.270> year-over-year<00:36:27.750> trend<00:36:28.440> charts<00:36:28.829> for
  • 00:36:29
    Google year-over-year trend charts for things<00:36:29.760> like<00:36:29.880> depression<00:36:30.420> suicide<00:36:31.289> anxiety
  • 00:36:32
    things like depression suicide anxiety debt<00:36:32.339> it's<00:36:32.549> all<00:36:32.700> up<00:36:32.880> into<00:36:33.180> the<00:36:33.270> right<00:36:33.420> in<00:36:34.170> a<00:36:34.200> bad
  • 00:36:34
    debt it's all up into the right in a bad way<00:36:34.589> it's<00:36:34.829> growing<00:36:35.010> in<00:36:35.190> a<00:36:35.220> bad<00:36:35.400> way<00:36:35.990> and<00:36:36.990> we're
  • 00:36:37
    way it's growing in a bad way and we're in<00:36:37.349> this<00:36:37.440> hope<00:36:37.619> crisis<00:36:38.010> and<00:36:38.309> I<00:36:38.430> think<00:36:38.460> it's
  • 00:36:38
    in this hope crisis and I think it's because<00:36:39.030> we<00:36:39.270> are<00:36:39.299> obsessed<00:36:39.869> with<00:36:40.579> the<00:36:41.579> scratch
  • 00:36:41
    because we are obsessed with the scratch now<00:36:42.990> if<00:36:43.170> you<00:36:43.260> don't<00:36:43.410> believe<00:36:43.500> in<00:36:43.740> God<00:36:43.890> that
  • 00:36:44
    now if you don't believe in God that makes<00:36:44.250> sense<00:36:44.430> to<00:36:44.549> me<00:36:44.579> because<00:36:44.940> this<00:36:45.150> is<00:36:45.359> all
  • 00:36:45
    makes sense to me because this is all there<00:36:45.690> is<00:36:45.869> you<00:36:46.109> know<00:36:46.260> there<00:36:46.440> is<00:36:46.559> nothing<00:36:46.859> over
  • 00:36:46
    there is you know there is nothing over here<00:36:47.039> there's<00:36:47.670> nothing<00:36:47.910> over<00:36:48.059> here<00:36:48.089> there's
  • 00:36:48
    here there's nothing over here there's just<00:36:48.539> there's<00:36:48.960> just<00:36:49.020> the<00:36:49.230> scratch<00:36:49.470> and<00:36:49.770> so<00:36:50.010> if
  • 00:36:50
    just there's just the scratch and so if it<00:36:50.190> ends<00:36:50.970> poorly<00:36:51.359> well<00:36:52.049> whatever<00:36:53.010> the<00:36:53.339> whole
  • 00:36:53
    it ends poorly well whatever the whole thing<00:36:53.609> sucks<00:36:53.789> but<00:36:54.630> I<00:36:54.930> see<00:36:55.740> this<00:36:55.859> in<00:36:56.039> people<00:36:56.190> who
  • 00:36:56
    thing sucks but I see this in people who follow<00:36:56.940> Jesus<00:36:57.420> and<00:36:57.569> it<00:36:57.660> breaks<00:36:57.839> my<00:36:58.020> heart<00:36:58.430> this
  • 00:36:59
    follow Jesus and it breaks my heart this thing<00:36:59.760> where<00:37:00.030> all<00:37:00.059> of<00:37:00.480> our<00:37:00.599> hope<00:37:00.869> is<00:37:01.140> banked
  • 00:37:01
    thing where all of our hope is banked inside<00:37:02.369> this<00:37:02.609> thing<00:37:02.940> called<00:37:03.359> the<00:37:04.079> scratch<00:37:04.380> and
  • 00:37:04
    inside this thing called the scratch and I<00:37:05.460> was<00:37:05.549> talking<00:37:05.910> to<00:37:06.329> a<00:37:06.359> guy<00:37:06.569> recently<00:37:07.170> named
  • 00:37:07
    I was talking to a guy recently named wisdom<00:37:08.280> moon<00:37:08.730> seriously<00:37:09.510> that<00:37:09.630> was<00:37:09.690> his<00:37:09.839> name
  • 00:37:09
    wisdom moon seriously that was his name wisdom<00:37:10.530> moon<00:37:11.160> was<00:37:11.849> like<00:37:11.940> my<00:37:12.329> name<00:37:12.539> is<00:37:12.780> terrible
  • 00:37:13
    wisdom moon was like my name is terrible in<00:37:13.740> comparison<00:37:14.250> kyle<00:37:14.789> Ranson<00:37:15.299> does<00:37:15.960> not<00:37:16.140> hold
  • 00:37:16
    in comparison kyle Ranson does not hold a<00:37:16.319> candle<00:37:16.680> to<00:37:16.710> wisdom<00:37:17.010> moon<00:37:17.250> i<00:37:17.430> think<00:37:17.640> i<00:37:17.700> need<00:37:17.819> a
  • 00:37:17
    a candle to wisdom moon i think i need a new<00:37:18.030> name<00:37:18.210> i<00:37:18.510> will<00:37:18.990> be<00:37:19.079> knowledge<00:37:19.559> star<00:37:19.829> who's
  • 00:37:20
    new name i will be knowledge star who's what<00:37:20.250> I've<00:37:20.309> decided<00:37:20.549> so<00:37:21.420> please<00:37:21.630> we<00:37:21.809> aren't
  • 00:37:21
    what I've decided so please we aren't out<00:37:22.049> use<00:37:22.440> call<00:37:22.680> me<00:37:22.799> knowledge<00:37:23.130> or<00:37:23.490> star<00:37:23.880> or
  • 00:37:24
    out use call me knowledge or star or knowledge<00:37:24.510> star<00:37:24.660> the<00:37:24.809> whole<00:37:24.930> thing<00:37:25.109> either
  • 00:37:25
    knowledge star the whole thing either way<00:37:25.490> be<00:37:26.490> great<00:37:26.730> i<00:37:27.559> sock<00:37:28.559> into<00:37:28.740> him<00:37:28.920> he<00:37:29.010> said
  • 00:37:29
    way be great i sock into him he said he's<00:37:29.309> a<00:37:29.339> Christian<00:37:29.760> music<00:37:29.940> expert<00:37:30.660> and<00:37:31.319> he
  • 00:37:32
    he's a Christian music expert and he told<00:37:32.309> me<00:37:32.400> he<00:37:32.520> did<00:37:32.700> a<00:37:32.730> surveyor<00:37:33.690> kind<00:37:34.170> of
  • 00:37:34
    told me he did a surveyor kind of studied<00:37:34.589> to<00:37:35.220> the<00:37:35.430> top<00:37:35.609> 2,000<00:37:36.420> Christian<00:37:36.869> songs
  • 00:37:37
    studied to the top 2,000 Christian songs and<00:37:37.680> was<00:37:38.430> looking<00:37:38.640> for<00:37:38.819> themes<00:37:39.150> in<00:37:39.510> the<00:37:39.599> lyrics
  • 00:37:40
    and was looking for themes in the lyrics about<00:37:40.140> what<00:37:40.410> do<00:37:40.529> the<00:37:40.680> songs<00:37:40.920> talk<00:37:41.700> about<00:37:42.029> and
  • 00:37:42
    about what do the songs talk about and he<00:37:42.539> said<00:37:42.750> he<00:37:42.839> found<00:37:43.020> this<00:37:43.170> remarkable<00:37:43.950> gap
  • 00:37:44
    he said he found this remarkable gap songs<00:37:45.599> that<00:37:46.380> talk<00:37:46.770> about<00:37:47.069> an<00:37:47.309> eternal<00:37:48.000> hope
  • 00:37:48
    songs that talk about an eternal hope past<00:37:49.020> this<00:37:49.470> life<00:37:49.859> or<00:37:50.640> few<00:37:51.089> and<00:37:51.420> far<00:37:51.750> between
  • 00:37:52
    past this life or few and far between while<00:37:53.460> songs<00:37:53.789> are<00:37:54.000> talking<00:37:54.210> about<00:37:54.270> God<00:37:54.569> fixing
  • 00:37:55
    while songs are talking about God fixing everything<00:37:55.680> right<00:37:56.099> here<00:37:56.369> and<00:37:56.579> right<00:37:56.730> now<00:37:56.789> for
  • 00:37:57
    everything right here and right now for me<00:37:57.450> we're<00:37:57.779> kind<00:37:58.020> of<00:37:58.109> everywhere<00:37:59.539> and<00:38:00.539> he<00:38:00.690> can't
  • 00:38:01
    me we're kind of everywhere and he can't he<00:38:01.170> contrasted<00:38:01.740> that<00:38:01.799> he<00:38:01.980> said<00:38:02.130> you<00:38:02.190> know<00:38:02.309> it
  • 00:38:02
    he contrasted that he said you know it wasn't<00:38:02.640> always<00:38:02.819> this<00:38:03.059> way<00:38:03.119> he<00:38:03.599> pointed<00:38:04.349> to<00:38:04.440> the
  • 00:38:04
    wasn't always this way he pointed to the post-war<00:38:05.730> era<00:38:05.940> african-american<00:38:06.869> church<00:38:07.049> has
  • 00:38:07
    post-war era african-american church has a<00:38:07.260> great<00:38:07.470> example<00:38:07.710> he<00:38:07.950> said<00:38:08.099> you<00:38:08.160> know<00:38:08.279> all<00:38:08.430> the
  • 00:38:09
    a great example he said you know all the songs<00:38:09.359> they<00:38:09.599> wrote<00:38:09.779> beautiful<00:38:10.529> songs<00:38:10.770> deep
  • 00:38:11
    songs they wrote beautiful songs deep songs<00:38:11.520> rich<00:38:11.849> songs<00:38:12.180> were<00:38:12.660> about<00:38:12.869> a<00:38:13.020> hope<00:38:13.529> and<00:38:13.859> a
  • 00:38:14
    songs rich songs were about a hope and a someday<00:38:14.549> redemption<00:38:15.210> that<00:38:15.480> would<00:38:15.630> be<00:38:15.720> past
  • 00:38:16
    someday redemption that would be past this<00:38:16.799> life<00:38:17.460> they<00:38:18.240> put<00:38:18.420> all<00:38:18.569> their<00:38:18.750> eggs<00:38:18.900> in
  • 00:38:19
    this life they put all their eggs in that<00:38:19.109> basket<00:38:19.670> all<00:38:20.670> of<00:38:20.970> them<00:38:21.260> all<00:38:22.260> of<00:38:22.319> them<00:38:22.589> you
  • 00:38:23
    that basket all of them all of them you know<00:38:23.279> for<00:38:23.700> centuries<00:38:23.910> I<00:38:24.359> think<00:38:24.569> Christians
  • 00:38:24
    know for centuries I think Christians used<00:38:25.170> to<00:38:25.289> live<00:38:25.410> that<00:38:25.589> way<00:38:26.630> those<00:38:27.630> of<00:38:27.750> us<00:38:27.839> who
  • 00:38:27
    used to live that way those of us who follow<00:38:28.109> Jesus<00:38:28.380> we<00:38:28.470> place<00:38:28.920> the<00:38:29.010> majority<00:38:29.430> of
  • 00:38:29
    follow Jesus we place the majority of our<00:38:29.579> hope<00:38:29.880> and<00:38:30.150> this<00:38:30.869> thing<00:38:31.170> not<00:38:31.799> being<00:38:32.160> the
  • 00:38:32
    our hope and this thing not being the
  • 00:38:33
    our hope and this thing not being the end<00:38:33.210> not<00:38:33.630> being<00:38:33.900> the<00:38:34.109> whole<00:38:34.319> thing<00:38:34.650> but<00:38:35.579> now
  • 00:38:35
    end not being the whole thing but now I'm<00:38:36.270> afraid<00:38:36.329> that<00:38:36.930> we<00:38:37.020> mostly<00:38:37.349> hope<00:38:37.500> for<00:38:37.740> a
  • 00:38:37
    I'm afraid that we mostly hope for a painless
  • 00:38:38
    painless in<00:38:38.890> scratch<00:38:39.890> 'less<00:38:40.249> scratch<00:38:41.470> and<00:38:42.470> hear<00:38:43.430> me
  • 00:38:43
    in scratch 'less scratch and hear me clearly<00:38:43.729> I'm<00:38:44.420> not<00:38:44.630> saying<00:38:45.140> that<00:38:45.499> to<00:38:45.890> hope<00:38:46.069> for
  • 00:38:46
    clearly I'm not saying that to hope for things<00:38:46.400> to<00:38:46.519> go<00:38:46.729> well<00:38:46.940> here<00:38:47.329> and<00:38:47.479> now<00:38:47.569> is<00:38:47.809> bad
  • 00:38:48
    things to go well here and now is bad it's<00:38:48.650> not<00:38:48.890> it's<00:38:49.700> not<00:38:49.910> something's<00:38:50.420> wrong<00:38:50.569> with
  • 00:38:50
    it's not it's not something's wrong with you<00:38:50.989> if<00:38:51.170> you<00:38:51.319> want<00:38:51.470> to<00:38:51.529> have<00:38:51.619> a<00:38:51.650> sucky<00:38:51.890> life<00:38:52.130> I
  • 00:38:52
    you if you want to have a sucky life I want<00:38:52.519> to<00:38:52.549> have<00:38:52.670> a<00:38:52.700> great<00:38:52.940> life<00:38:53.119> okay
  • 00:38:53
    want to have a great life okay I<00:38:53.749> do<00:38:54.170> I<00:38:54.650> do<00:38:55.160> and<00:38:55.789> I<00:38:55.849> think<00:38:55.999> it's<00:38:56.119> actually
  • 00:38:56
    I do I do and I think it's actually healthy<00:38:56.809> for<00:38:56.839> you<00:38:57.079> I<00:38:57.109> think<00:38:57.229> God<00:38:57.499> wants<00:38:57.529> you<00:38:58.099> to
  • 00:38:58
    healthy for you I think God wants you to have<00:38:58.609> a<00:38:58.640> good<00:38:58.940> life<00:38:59.089> I<00:38:59.269> do<00:38:59.329> I<00:38:59.450> think<00:38:59.569> that's<00:38:59.690> a
  • 00:38:59
    have a good life I do I think that's a healthy<00:39:00.229> thing
  • 00:39:00
    healthy thing David<00:39:01.220> put<00:39:01.309> it<00:39:01.430> this<00:39:01.519> way<00:39:01.670> in<00:39:01.789> the<00:39:01.880> Psalms<00:39:02.359> he
  • 00:39:02
    David put it this way in the Psalms he said<00:39:03.049> I<00:39:03.079> would<00:39:03.349> have<00:39:03.559> lost<00:39:03.829> heart<00:39:04.160> unless<00:39:04.789> I
  • 00:39:05
    said I would have lost heart unless I had<00:39:05.269> believed<00:39:05.660> that<00:39:05.930> I<00:39:05.989> would<00:39:06.109> see<00:39:06.229> the
  • 00:39:06
    had believed that I would see the goodness<00:39:06.529> of<00:39:07.009> the<00:39:07.220> Lord<00:39:07.460> in<00:39:07.640> the<00:39:08.119> land<00:39:08.359> of<00:39:08.720> the
  • 00:39:09
    goodness of the Lord in the land of the living<00:39:09.499> and<00:39:09.920> here
  • 00:39:10
    living and here you<00:39:11.359> know<00:39:11.450> and<00:39:11.630> listen<00:39:11.749> I<00:39:11.960> I<00:39:12.349> want<00:39:12.859> to<00:39:12.920> see<00:39:13.069> the
  • 00:39:13
    you know and listen I I want to see the goodness<00:39:13.339> of<00:39:13.579> the<00:39:13.640> Lord<00:39:13.880> in<00:39:13.970> the<00:39:14.029> land<00:39:14.150> of<00:39:14.269> the
  • 00:39:14
    goodness of the Lord in the land of the living<00:39:14.450> I<00:39:14.660> do<00:39:14.720> I<00:39:15.079> do
  • 00:39:16
    living I do I do I<00:39:16.599> want<00:39:17.599> a<00:39:17.660> great<00:39:17.930> life<00:39:18.529> I<00:39:18.890> want<00:39:19.609> my<00:39:19.700> loved<00:39:19.970> ones
  • 00:39:20
    I want a great life I want my loved ones to<00:39:20.450> avoid<00:39:20.599> pain<00:39:21.529> in<00:39:21.859> tragedy<00:39:22.549> and<00:39:22.759> suffering<00:39:23.180> I
  • 00:39:23
    to avoid pain in tragedy and suffering I want<00:39:23.960> to<00:39:24.019> live<00:39:24.200> for<00:39:24.410> a<00:39:24.440> long<00:39:24.529> time<00:39:25.099> long<00:39:25.339> enough
  • 00:39:25
    want to live for a long time long enough for<00:39:25.700> all<00:39:25.940> of<00:39:26.119> my<00:39:26.299> hair<00:39:26.539> to<00:39:26.660> fall<00:39:26.839> out<00:39:26.900> you<00:39:27.319> know
  • 00:39:27
    for all of my hair to fall out you know and<00:39:28.549> I<00:39:28.640> pray<00:39:28.849> for<00:39:28.910> those<00:39:29.150> things<00:39:29.390> not<00:39:29.479> the<00:39:29.599> hair
  • 00:39:29
    and I pray for those things not the hair part<00:39:29.900> I<00:39:30.049> don't<00:39:30.200> pray<00:39:30.319> for<00:39:30.349> that<00:39:30.559> one<00:39:30.710> but<00:39:31.670> I
  • 00:39:31
    part I don't pray for that one but I pray<00:39:31.910> for<00:39:32.089> those<00:39:32.180> things<00:39:32.450> I<00:39:32.720> do
  • 00:39:34
    pray for those things I do but-but-but-but<00:39:36.019> critical<00:39:36.589> but<00:39:36.739> I'm<00:39:37.220> not
  • 00:39:37
    but-but-but-but critical but I'm not investing<00:39:38.359> all<00:39:38.630> my<00:39:38.839> hope<00:39:39.109> and<00:39:39.349> getting<00:39:39.680> every
  • 00:39:40
    investing all my hope and getting every ending<00:39:40.460> I<00:39:40.609> want<00:39:40.910> on<00:39:41.089> this<00:39:41.359> earth<00:39:41.569> I'm<00:39:41.930> not<00:39:42.170> I
  • 00:39:42
    ending I want on this earth I'm not I refuse<00:39:43.309> -<00:39:43.719> I'm<00:39:44.719> actually<00:39:44.960> investing<00:39:45.559> all<00:39:45.739> of
  • 00:39:45
    refuse - I'm actually investing all of my<00:39:46.069> hope<00:39:46.369> in<00:39:46.549> this<00:39:47.150> not<00:39:47.450> being<00:39:47.719> the<00:39:48.019> end<00:39:48.369> that's
  • 00:39:49
    my hope in this not being the end that's what<00:39:49.519> I'm<00:39:49.609> investing<00:39:49.999> my<00:39:50.119> hope<00:39:50.299> in<00:39:50.479> you<00:39:50.690> know
  • 00:39:51
    what I'm investing my hope in you know we<00:39:51.619> sang<00:39:51.739> the<00:39:51.859> song<00:39:52.069> earlier<00:39:52.279> god<00:39:52.670> of<00:39:52.910> the
  • 00:39:52
    we sang the song earlier god of the breakthrough<00:39:53.509> it's<00:39:53.719> a<00:39:53.809> it's<00:39:54.109> a<00:39:54.200> great<00:39:54.380> song
  • 00:39:54
    breakthrough it's a it's a great song you<00:39:54.920> know<00:39:55.369> kind<00:39:55.759> of<00:39:55.789> catchy<00:39:56.029> and<00:39:56.479> everything
  • 00:39:57
    you know kind of catchy and everything really<00:39:57.319> proud<00:39:57.589> of<00:39:57.650> the<00:39:57.799> music<00:39:58.069> team<00:39:58.249> they're
  • 00:39:58
    really proud of the music team they're just<00:39:58.700> writing<00:39:58.819> better<00:39:59.029> and<00:39:59.269> better<00:39:59.359> songs
  • 00:39:59
    just writing better and better songs buts<00:40:00.380> got<00:40:00.499> that<00:40:00.589> one<00:40:00.890> line<00:40:01.219> right<00:40:01.579> you<00:40:02.509> know
  • 00:40:02
    buts got that one line right you know the<00:40:02.690> line<00:40:02.839> I'm<00:40:02.900> talking<00:40:03.200> about
  • 00:40:03
    the line I'm talking about so<00:40:04.069> you<00:40:04.249> haven't<00:40:04.670> failed<00:40:04.999> us<00:40:05.359> yet<00:40:05.890> you<00:40:06.890> haven't
  • 00:40:07
    so you haven't failed us yet you haven't failed<00:40:07.640> us<00:40:07.999> yet<00:40:08.180> that<00:40:08.960> one<00:40:09.109> sorry<00:40:09.289> for<00:40:09.469> my
  • 00:40:09
    failed us yet that one sorry for my singing<00:40:10.989> it's<00:40:11.989> a<00:40:12.049> hard<00:40:12.229> line<00:40:12.380> to<00:40:12.499> sing<00:40:12.710> it<00:40:13.430> is
  • 00:40:13
    singing it's a hard line to sing it is you<00:40:14.569> know<00:40:14.690> I<00:40:14.930> mentioned<00:40:15.380> my<00:40:15.469> father-in-law
  • 00:40:16
    you know I mentioned my father-in-law earlier<00:40:17.710> and<00:40:18.710> I<00:40:18.829> told<00:40:19.009> this<00:40:19.099> story<00:40:19.160> before<00:40:19.339> I'm
  • 00:40:19
    earlier and I told this story before I'm not<00:40:19.670> gonna<00:40:19.819> tell<00:40:19.999> the<00:40:20.089> whole<00:40:20.210> thing<00:40:20.390> again
  • 00:40:20
    not gonna tell the whole thing again right<00:40:20.869> now<00:40:21.019> it's<00:40:21.170> not<00:40:21.259> a<00:40:21.289> fun<00:40:21.499> one<00:40:21.619> to<00:40:21.890> really
  • 00:40:23
    right now it's not a fun one to really dive<00:40:24.109> into<00:40:24.319> but<00:40:24.799> one<00:40:24.950> of<00:40:24.979> the<00:40:25.069> things<00:40:25.190> you
  • 00:40:25
    dive into but one of the things you might<00:40:25.489> not<00:40:25.640> know<00:40:25.700> is<00:40:26.359> that<00:40:26.749> before<00:40:27.079> he<00:40:27.619> took
  • 00:40:27
    might not know is that before he took his<00:40:27.920> life<00:40:28.249> he<00:40:28.549> had<00:40:28.670> tried<00:40:28.999> about<00:40:29.690> three<00:40:30.259> weeks
  • 00:40:30
    his life he had tried about three weeks earlier<00:40:30.979> and<00:40:31.279> in<00:40:32.210> those<00:40:32.299> three<00:40:32.630> weeks<00:40:32.869> between
  • 00:40:33
    earlier and in those three weeks between there<00:40:33.619> we<00:40:33.829> prayed<00:40:34.160> for<00:40:34.460> him<00:40:34.729> hard<00:40:35.619> everyday
  • 00:40:36
    there we prayed for him hard everyday for<00:40:37.249> him<00:40:37.519> with<00:40:38.210> him<00:40:38.589> that<00:40:39.589> God<00:40:39.799> would<00:40:40.069> save<00:40:40.400> him
  • 00:40:40
    for him with him that God would save him we<00:40:40.789> said<00:40:40.969> save<00:40:41.239> him<00:40:41.450> God<00:40:41.660> healed<00:40:42.229> him<00:40:42.410> god<00:40:42.650> save
  • 00:40:43
    we said save him God healed him god save him<00:40:43.670> please<00:40:43.880> deliver<00:40:44.630> him<00:40:45.219> and<00:40:46.219> he<00:40:46.309> died
  • 00:40:46
    him please deliver him and he died anyway<00:40:47.829> that's<00:40:48.829> how<00:40:48.950> it<00:40:49.339> felt<00:40:49.940> like<00:40:50.029> God
  • 00:40:50
    anyway that's how it felt like God failed<00:40:50.539> us<00:40:51.039> it
  • 00:40:52
    failed us it did<00:40:53.200> my<00:40:54.200> friend<00:40:54.349> Kathy<00:40:55.240> you<00:40:56.240> know<00:40:56.270> my<00:40:57.079> family
  • 00:40:57
    did my friend Kathy you know my family prayed<00:40:57.680> for<00:40:57.859> her<00:40:58.039> hard<00:40:58.520> every<00:40:58.970> every<00:40:59.480> day<00:40:59.559> for
  • 00:41:00
    prayed for her hard every every day for weeks<00:41:00.710> and<00:41:01.010> weeks<00:41:01.220> and<00:41:01.640> weeks<00:41:01.940> and<00:41:02.150> I<00:41:02.270> know<00:41:02.329> we
  • 00:41:02
    weeks and weeks and weeks and I know we were<00:41:02.720> one<00:41:02.930> of<00:41:02.960> hundreds<00:41:03.890> maybe<00:41:04.099> even
  • 00:41:04
    were one of hundreds maybe even thousands<00:41:05.089> of<00:41:05.270> families<00:41:05.720> praying<00:41:06.109> for<00:41:06.289> her
  • 00:41:06
    thousands of families praying for her God<00:41:06.650> would<00:41:06.890> you<00:41:07.010> save<00:41:07.309> her<00:41:07.520> would<00:41:07.670> you<00:41:07.789> heal
  • 00:41:08
    God would you save her would you heal her<00:41:08.270> please<00:41:09.109> God<00:41:09.440> and<00:41:09.799> she<00:41:10.670> died<00:41:10.940> anyway
  • 00:41:12
    her please God and she died anyway
  • 00:41:13
    her please God and she died anyway kind<00:41:14.000> of<00:41:14.030> seems<00:41:14.240> like<00:41:14.299> God<00:41:14.510> failed<00:41:14.780> us<00:41:15.039> it<00:41:16.039> does
  • 00:41:16
    kind of seems like God failed us it does you<00:41:17.510> know<00:41:17.599> you<00:41:18.170> need<00:41:18.289> to<00:41:18.319> know<00:41:18.530> if<00:41:18.829> you<00:41:18.950> asked
  • 00:41:19
    you know you need to know if you asked me<00:41:19.400> to<00:41:19.549> pray<00:41:19.789> for<00:41:19.819> you<00:41:20.089> I<00:41:20.480> will<00:41:20.809> I<00:41:21.049> will<00:41:21.530> I<00:41:21.650> will
  • 00:41:21
    me to pray for you I will I will I will happily<00:41:22.069> I<00:41:22.480> actually<00:41:23.480> have<00:41:23.780> complete<00:41:24.170> faith
  • 00:41:24
    happily I actually have complete faith that<00:41:24.619> God<00:41:24.829> can<00:41:25.280> heal<00:41:26.089> you<00:41:26.299> and<00:41:26.569> even<00:41:27.109> more
  • 00:41:27
    that God can heal you and even more which<00:41:27.530> may<00:41:27.710> sound<00:41:27.920> a<00:41:28.700> little<00:41:29.000> bit<00:41:29.210> confusing
  • 00:41:29
    which may sound a little bit confusing based<00:41:29.809> on<00:41:29.930> what<00:41:30.049> I<00:41:30.079> just<00:41:30.140> said<00:41:30.530> I<00:41:31.180> believe<00:41:32.180> that
  • 00:41:32
    based on what I just said I believe that God<00:41:33.220> absolutely<00:41:34.220> will<00:41:34.849> heal<00:41:35.569> you<00:41:35.809> I<00:41:36.049> just<00:41:36.470> have
  • 00:41:36
    God absolutely will heal you I just have no<00:41:37.730> idea<00:41:37.760> if<00:41:38.510> they'll<00:41:38.750> be<00:41:38.869> here<00:41:39.349> and<00:41:39.500> now<00:41:39.980> or<00:41:40.339> if
  • 00:41:40
    no idea if they'll be here and now or if we'll<00:41:40.789> be<00:41:40.910> in<00:41:41.150> eternity<00:41:42.020> I<00:41:42.260> don't<00:41:42.619> I<00:41:42.920> have<00:41:43.789> no
  • 00:41:43
    we'll be in eternity I don't I have no idea<00:41:44.740> you<00:41:45.740> know<00:41:45.859> I<00:41:45.890> I<00:41:46.190> don't<00:41:46.430> think<00:41:46.609> that<00:41:46.730> God
  • 00:41:46
    idea you know I I don't think that God wants<00:41:47.210> us<00:41:47.299> to<00:41:47.329> be<00:41:47.510> convinced<00:41:48.049> that<00:41:48.260> every
  • 00:41:48
    wants us to be convinced that every scene<00:41:49.250> of<00:41:49.430> life<00:41:49.640> is<00:41:49.970> going<00:41:50.210> to<00:41:50.270> proceed
  • 00:41:50
    scene of life is going to proceed without<00:41:50.900> pain<00:41:51.680> otherwise<00:41:52.549> he<00:41:52.849> wouldn't<00:41:53.000> have
  • 00:41:53
    without pain otherwise he wouldn't have put<00:41:53.240> promises<00:41:53.780> in<00:41:53.930> there<00:41:54.170> like<00:41:54.650> in<00:41:54.859> this<00:41:55.130> world
  • 00:41:55
    put promises in there like in this world you're<00:41:55.970> gonna<00:41:56.180> have<00:41:56.450> trouble<00:41:56.980> but<00:41:57.980> I<00:41:58.039> do<00:41:58.160> think
  • 00:41:58
    you're gonna have trouble but I do think I<00:41:59.210> do<00:41:59.630> think<00:42:00.049> I<00:42:00.559> am<00:42:00.619> convinced<00:42:01.460> that<00:42:01.789> what<00:42:02.029> he
  • 00:42:02
    I do think I am convinced that what he wants<00:42:02.450> us<00:42:02.539> to<00:42:02.569> be<00:42:02.839> is<00:42:03.020> convinced<00:42:03.559> of<00:42:03.710> how<00:42:03.829> the
  • 00:42:03
    wants us to be is convinced of how the whole<00:42:04.579> story<00:42:05.450> ultimately<00:42:06.339> ends<00:42:07.339> I<00:42:07.839> think<00:42:08.839> he
  • 00:42:08
    whole story ultimately ends I think he wants<00:42:09.079> us<00:42:09.109> to<00:42:09.200> be<00:42:09.289> convinced<00:42:09.619> of<00:42:09.680> that<00:42:09.710> why
  • 00:42:10
    wants us to be convinced of that why because<00:42:11.900> he<00:42:12.020> spoiled<00:42:12.319> it<00:42:12.470> for<00:42:12.650> us<00:42:12.740> on<00:42:12.890> purpose
  • 00:42:13
    because he spoiled it for us on purpose he's<00:42:14.869> already<00:42:15.349> given<00:42:15.920> us<00:42:16.099> the<00:42:16.339> end<00:42:16.549> he<00:42:17.299> has
  • 00:42:17
    he's already given us the end he has he's<00:42:18.049> already<00:42:18.470> given<00:42:18.890> us<00:42:19.010> the<00:42:19.190> end<00:42:19.369> the
  • 00:42:20
    he's already given us the end the question<00:42:20.690> is<00:42:21.260> do<00:42:22.190> you<00:42:22.220> know<00:42:22.789> who<00:42:23.539> he<00:42:24.140> is<00:42:25.630> do<00:42:26.630> you
  • 00:42:26
    question is do you know who he is do you know<00:42:27.049> who<00:42:27.440> he<00:42:27.650> is
  • 00:42:27
    know who he is in<00:42:28.940> the<00:42:29.450> book<00:42:29.599> of<00:42:29.690> Revelation<00:42:30.260> there's<00:42:30.589> one
  • 00:42:30
    in the book of Revelation there's one idea<00:42:31.039> that's<00:42:32.029> repeated<00:42:32.690> 12<00:42:33.140> different<00:42:33.710> times
  • 00:42:34
    idea that's repeated 12 different times it's<00:42:35.119> one<00:42:35.390> truth<00:42:35.750> in<00:42:35.960> three<00:42:36.589> different
  • 00:42:36
    it's one truth in three different phrases<00:42:37.460> said<00:42:37.700> three<00:42:37.940> different<00:42:38.299> ways<00:42:38.980> five
  • 00:42:39
    phrases said three different ways five times<00:42:40.460> in<00:42:40.910> the<00:42:41.420> book<00:42:41.720> of<00:42:41.839> Revelation<00:42:42.319> God<00:42:42.470> says
  • 00:42:43
    times in the book of Revelation God says I<00:42:43.369> am<00:42:43.549> the<00:42:44.000> first<00:42:44.539> and<00:42:44.900> I<00:42:45.319> am<00:42:45.559> the<00:42:45.829> last<00:42:47.650> four
  • 00:42:48
    I am the first and I am the last four times<00:42:49.069> he<00:42:49.309> says<00:42:49.490> I<00:42:49.700> am<00:42:49.819> the<00:42:50.000> Alpha<00:42:50.569> and<00:42:50.599> I'm<00:42:51.109> the
  • 00:42:51
    times he says I am the Alpha and I'm the Omega<00:42:51.920> which<00:42:52.099> are<00:42:52.250> the<00:42:52.339> first<00:42:52.609> and<00:42:52.819> last
  • 00:42:53
    Omega which are the first and last letters<00:42:53.210> of<00:42:53.569> the<00:42:53.660> Greek<00:42:53.690> alphabet<00:42:54.049> and<00:42:54.529> three
  • 00:42:55
    letters of the Greek alphabet and three times<00:42:55.369> the<00:42:55.520> most<00:42:55.700> holy<00:42:55.910> number<00:42:56.240> in<00:42:56.390> the<00:42:56.510> whole
  • 00:42:56
    times the most holy number in the whole Bible<00:42:57.109> he<00:42:57.470> says<00:42:57.770> I<00:42:57.980> am<00:42:58.789> the<00:42:59.089> beginning<00:42:59.299> and<00:42:59.809> I
  • 00:43:00
    Bible he says I am the beginning and I am<00:43:01.099> the<00:43:01.910> end
  • 00:43:02
    am the end my<00:43:03.800> name<00:43:03.980> is<00:43:04.130> the<00:43:04.250> end<00:43:04.720> this<00:43:05.720> is<00:43:05.840> revelation<00:43:06.170> 21
  • 00:43:06
    my name is the end this is revelation 21 and<00:43:07.940> I<00:43:08.060> heard<00:43:08.210> a<00:43:08.300> loud<00:43:08.510> voice<00:43:08.540> from<00:43:08.869> the<00:43:09.170> throne
  • 00:43:09
    and I heard a loud voice from the throne saying<00:43:09.530> look<00:43:10.280> look<00:43:11.030> God's<00:43:11.930> dwelling<00:43:12.200> places
  • 00:43:12
    saying look look God's dwelling places now<00:43:12.890> among<00:43:13.190> the<00:43:13.310> people<00:43:13.700> and<00:43:13.940> he<00:43:14.270> will<00:43:14.390> dwell
  • 00:43:14
    now among the people and he will dwell with<00:43:14.750> them<00:43:15.200> they<00:43:15.859> will<00:43:16.130> be<00:43:16.310> his<00:43:16.550> people<00:43:16.580> and
  • 00:43:17
    with them they will be his people and God<00:43:17.270> Himself<00:43:17.750> will<00:43:18.560> be<00:43:18.619> with<00:43:18.740> them<00:43:18.980> and<00:43:19.340> be
  • 00:43:19
    God Himself will be with them and be their<00:43:20.060> God<00:43:20.090> he<00:43:20.750> will<00:43:20.900> wipe<00:43:21.140> away<00:43:21.410> every<00:43:22.010> tear
  • 00:43:22
    their God he will wipe away every tear from<00:43:22.940> their<00:43:23.150> eyes<00:43:23.300> there<00:43:23.780> will<00:43:24.590> be<00:43:24.619> no<00:43:24.859> more
  • 00:43:25
    from their eyes there will be no more death<00:43:25.430> or<00:43:25.730> mourning<00:43:25.910> or<00:43:26.630> crying<00:43:26.840> or<00:43:27.590> pain<00:43:27.830> for
  • 00:43:28
    death or mourning or crying or pain for the<00:43:28.730> old<00:43:28.820> order<00:43:29.420> of<00:43:29.869> things<00:43:30.050> has<00:43:30.500> passed<00:43:30.680> away
  • 00:43:31
    the old order of things has passed away he<00:43:32.990> who<00:43:33.170> was<00:43:33.320> seated<00:43:33.530> on<00:43:33.710> the<00:43:33.830> throne<00:43:33.859> said<00:43:34.130> I
  • 00:43:34
    he who was seated on the throne said I am<00:43:35.090> making<00:43:35.510> everything<00:43:35.770> new<00:43:37.150> then<00:43:38.150> he<00:43:38.240> said
  • 00:43:38
    am making everything new then he said write<00:43:38.660> this<00:43:38.869> down<00:43:39.050> for<00:43:39.800> these<00:43:39.950> words<00:43:40.220> are
  • 00:43:40
    write this down for these words are trustworthy<00:43:40.970> and<00:43:41.540> true<00:43:41.660> he<00:43:42.560> said<00:43:42.830> to<00:43:43.070> me<00:43:43.220> it<00:43:43.400> is
  • 00:43:43
    trustworthy and true he said to me it is done<00:43:43.880> I<00:43:44.150> am<00:43:44.420> the<00:43:44.720> Alpha<00:43:44.900> and<00:43:45.320> the<00:43:45.710> Omega<00:43:46.099> the
  • 00:43:46
    done I am the Alpha and the Omega the beginning<00:43:47.359> and<00:43:47.810> the<00:43:49.000> end<00:43:50.000> I<00:43:51.790> don't<00:43:52.790> know<00:43:53.150> what
  • 00:43:53
    beginning and the end I don't know what thing<00:43:53.869> has<00:43:54.170> presented<00:43:54.530> it<00:43:54.800> in<00:43:55.040> your<00:43:55.820> life<00:43:56.030> as
  • 00:43:56
    thing has presented it in your life as the<00:43:56.570> end<00:43:56.780> if<00:43:57.410> it<00:43:57.650> was<00:43:57.740> the<00:43:57.859> death<00:43:58.040> of<00:43:58.190> a<00:43:58.310> loved
  • 00:43:58
    the end if it was the death of a loved one<00:43:58.670> that<00:43:58.700> you<00:43:58.820> prayed<00:43:59.150> not<00:43:59.359> to<00:43:59.510> happen<00:43:59.720> I
  • 00:44:00
    one that you prayed not to happen I don't<00:44:00.980> know<00:44:01.070> if<00:44:01.190> it<00:44:01.250> was<00:44:01.340> the<00:44:01.430> ending<00:44:01.700> of<00:44:01.790> a
  • 00:44:01
    don't know if it was the ending of a career<00:44:02.210> the<00:44:02.450> ending<00:44:02.690> of<00:44:02.750> a<00:44:02.840> marriage<00:44:03.170> I<00:44:03.230> don't
  • 00:44:03
    career the ending of a marriage I don't know<00:44:03.410> what<00:44:03.560> that<00:44:03.680> end<00:44:04.010> was<00:44:04.340> but<00:44:04.940> I<00:44:05.000> want<00:44:05.180> you<00:44:05.240> to
  • 00:44:05
    know what that end was but I want you to know<00:44:05.480> something<00:44:05.990> if<00:44:06.320> the<00:44:07.190> thing<00:44:07.580> that
  • 00:44:08
    know something if the thing that presented<00:44:08.599> itself<00:44:08.810> to<00:44:09.200> you<00:44:09.650> as<00:44:09.920> the<00:44:10.369> end
  • 00:44:10
    presented itself to you as the end wasn't<00:44:11.359> Jesus<00:44:12.349> looking<00:44:13.040> at<00:44:13.250> you<00:44:13.550> and<00:44:13.730> saying
  • 00:44:14
    wasn't Jesus looking at you and saying behold<00:44:14.720> I'm<00:44:15.109> making<00:44:15.530> everything<00:44:16.160> new<00:44:16.730> good
  • 00:44:17
    behold I'm making everything new good news<00:44:17.500> it's<00:44:18.500> not<00:44:18.740> the<00:44:18.920> end
  • 00:44:19
    news it's not the end that's<00:44:20.000> an<00:44:20.119> imposter<00:44:20.780> that's<00:44:21.530> an<00:44:21.619> imposter
  • 00:44:22
    that's an imposter that's an imposter that's<00:44:22.400> not<00:44:22.670> the<00:44:22.880> end<00:44:23.030> the<00:44:23.390> end<00:44:23.599> is<00:44:23.839> Jesus
  • 00:44:24
    that's not the end the end is Jesus standing<00:44:24.560> up<00:44:24.710> and<00:44:24.830> saying<00:44:25.070> behold<00:44:25.760> I'm<00:44:26.150> making
  • 00:44:26
    standing up and saying behold I'm making everything<00:44:27.980> new<00:44:28.510> everything<00:44:30.099> you<00:44:31.099> know<00:44:31.450> the
  • 00:44:32
    everything new everything you know the end<00:44:32.660> looks<00:44:33.109> like<00:44:33.349> the<00:44:33.650> beginning<00:44:34.040> as<00:44:34.369> it<00:44:34.520> turns
  • 00:44:34
    end looks like the beginning as it turns out<00:44:34.940> the<00:44:35.450> sunrise<00:44:35.960> and<00:44:36.230> the<00:44:36.320> sunset<00:44:36.349> are
  • 00:44:36
    out the sunrise and the sunset are similar<00:44:37.310> he<00:44:37.609> makes<00:44:37.820> everything<00:44:38.720> new<00:44:39.170> rewinds
  • 00:44:39
    similar he makes everything new rewinds the<00:44:39.920> clock<00:44:40.599> everything<00:44:41.599> new<00:44:42.339> everything<00:44:44.080> you
  • 00:44:45
    the clock everything new everything you know<00:44:45.200> after<00:44:46.070> my<00:44:46.520> father-in-law<00:44:47.000> died<00:44:47.330> we<00:44:47.630> were
  • 00:44:47
    know after my father-in-law died we were we<00:44:47.960> were<00:44:48.050> just<00:44:48.200> wrapped<00:44:48.440> we<00:44:48.680> were<00:44:48.910> he<00:44:49.910> was<00:44:50.030> he
  • 00:44:50
    we were just wrapped we were he was he was<00:44:50.510> a<00:44:50.570> strong<00:44:50.839> faithful<00:44:51.830> believer<00:44:52.099> read<00:44:52.369> his
  • 00:44:52
    was a strong faithful believer read his Bible<00:44:52.640> every<00:44:53.150> morning<00:44:53.180> it<00:44:53.690> was<00:44:53.780> just<00:44:53.810> as<00:44:54.140> awful
  • 00:44:54
    Bible every morning it was just as awful and<00:44:54.770> the<00:44:55.280> the<00:44:55.490> next<00:44:55.700> day<00:44:55.790> I<00:44:56.950> yelled<00:44:57.950> at<00:44:58.099> God
  • 00:44:58
    and the the next day I yelled at God really<00:44:58.760> and<00:44:59.000> I<00:44:59.089> just<00:44:59.330> said<00:44:59.480> God<00:44:59.690> why<00:44:59.930> why
  • 00:45:00
    really and I just said God why why didn't<00:45:00.920> you<00:45:00.980> save<00:45:01.250> him<00:45:01.520> why<00:45:02.390> we<00:45:03.170> pray<00:45:03.800> that<00:45:03.830> you
  • 00:45:04
    didn't you save him why we pray that you would<00:45:04.160> heal<00:45:04.369> him<00:45:04.490> and<00:45:04.609> that<00:45:04.700> you<00:45:04.760> would<00:45:04.849> save
  • 00:45:05
    would heal him and that you would save him<00:45:05.240> why<00:45:05.510> didn't<00:45:05.780> you<00:45:05.839> do<00:45:05.990> it<00:45:06.020> and<00:45:06.520> I<00:45:07.520> had<00:45:07.640> a
  • 00:45:07
    him why didn't you do it and I had a vision<00:45:08.119> which<00:45:08.660> I'd<00:45:08.869> love<00:45:09.020> to<00:45:09.109> share<00:45:09.320> share
  • 00:45:09
    vision which I'd love to share share with<00:45:09.830> you<00:45:09.980> and<00:45:10.070> you<00:45:10.130> need<00:45:10.250> to<00:45:10.310> know<00:45:10.430> before<00:45:10.580> I
  • 00:45:10
    with you and you need to know before I do<00:45:10.880> this<00:45:11.180> and<00:45:11.359> I<00:45:11.450> am<00:45:12.230> NOT<00:45:12.470> a<00:45:12.500> vision<00:45:12.980> guy<00:45:13.130> okay
  • 00:45:13
    do this and I am NOT a vision guy okay this<00:45:14.390> is<00:45:14.540> like<00:45:14.720> the
  • 00:45:15
    this is like the first<00:45:15.650> vision<00:45:15.890> I've<00:45:16.220> ever<00:45:16.460> had<00:45:16.700> it'll
  • 00:45:17
    first vision I've ever had it'll probably<00:45:17.300> be<00:45:17.510> the<00:45:17.660> last<00:45:17.900> one<00:45:18.670> also<00:45:19.670> it's<00:45:19.910> not
  • 00:45:20
    probably be the last one also it's not the<00:45:20.270> Bible<00:45:20.450> it<00:45:20.780> might<00:45:20.960> be<00:45:21.110> bad<00:45:21.320> pizza<00:45:21.680> okay
  • 00:45:22
    the Bible it might be bad pizza okay this<00:45:22.580> is<00:45:22.700> just<00:45:22.850> my<00:45:22.970> experience<00:45:23.090> but<00:45:24.080> I'd<00:45:24.140> love
  • 00:45:24
    this is just my experience but I'd love to<00:45:24.380> tell<00:45:24.500> you<00:45:24.620> what<00:45:24.740> I<00:45:24.770> saw
  • 00:45:25
    to tell you what I saw let<00:45:26.480> me<00:45:26.540> tell<00:45:26.720> you<00:45:26.810> um<00:45:27.560> I<00:45:27.770> saw<00:45:28.160> a<00:45:28.190> scene<00:45:29.050> of<00:45:30.050> my
  • 00:45:30
    let me tell you um I saw a scene of my father-in-law<00:45:30.920> cliff<00:45:31.340> and<00:45:32.090> he<00:45:32.300> was<00:45:32.420> suspended
  • 00:45:33
    father-in-law cliff and he was suspended in<00:45:33.260> blackness<00:45:33.740> in<00:45:33.950> space<00:45:34.340> and<00:45:34.520> it<00:45:34.580> was<00:45:34.640> the
  • 00:45:34
    in blackness in space and it was the moment<00:45:35.270> he<00:45:35.390> fired<00:45:35.720> the<00:45:35.930> shot<00:45:36.170> to<00:45:36.380> kill<00:45:36.530> himself
  • 00:45:36
    moment he fired the shot to kill himself and<00:45:37.720> as<00:45:38.720> the<00:45:38.840> bullet<00:45:39.200> was<00:45:39.320> racing<00:45:39.830> towards<00:45:40.220> him
  • 00:45:40
    and as the bullet was racing towards him I<00:45:40.670> saw<00:45:41.120> Jesus<00:45:41.480> next<00:45:42.140> to<00:45:42.230> him<00:45:42.440> and<00:45:42.680> as<00:45:43.430> the
  • 00:45:43
    I saw Jesus next to him and as the bullet<00:45:43.790> sped<00:45:44.090> towards<00:45:44.540> cliff<00:45:44.990> Jesus<00:45:45.800> moves
  • 00:45:46
    bullet sped towards cliff Jesus moves him<00:45:46.400> out<00:45:46.550> of<00:45:46.730> the<00:45:46.820> way<00:45:47.000> and<00:45:47.240> he<00:45:47.420> took<00:45:47.630> the
  • 00:45:47
    him out of the way and he took the bullet<00:45:48.430> he<00:45:49.430> took<00:45:49.460> all<00:45:49.730> the<00:45:49.850> pain<00:45:50.090> or<00:45:50.540> the<00:45:50.780> hurt
  • 00:45:51
    bullet he took all the pain or the hurt or<00:45:51.410> the<00:45:51.860> isolation<00:45:52.870> everything<00:45:53.870> and<00:45:54.640> then<00:45:55.640> in
  • 00:45:55
    or the isolation everything and then in an<00:45:56.060> instant<00:45:56.210> the<00:45:57.020> next<00:45:57.320> scene<00:45:57.470> came<00:45:57.770> up<00:45:57.920> and
  • 00:45:58
    an instant the next scene came up and there<00:45:59.120> was<00:45:59.180> a<00:45:59.240> long<00:45:59.540> judge's<00:46:00.350> table<00:46:00.560> it's
  • 00:46:01
    there was a long judge's table it's seated<00:46:01.640> at<00:46:01.850> the<00:46:01.970> table<00:46:02.330> as<00:46:02.480> the<00:46:02.510> judge<00:46:02.960> was
  • 00:46:03
    seated at the table as the judge was Jesus<00:46:04.360> and<00:46:05.360> in<00:46:05.540> front<00:46:05.750> of<00:46:05.840> it<00:46:05.930> stood<00:46:06.170> cliff<00:46:06.650> and
  • 00:46:06
    Jesus and in front of it stood cliff and he<00:46:06.950> was<00:46:07.100> kind<00:46:07.280> of<00:46:07.340> on<00:46:07.460> a<00:46:07.520> trial<00:46:07.910> of<00:46:08.180> some<00:46:08.330> sort
  • 00:46:08
    he was kind of on a trial of some sort and<00:46:08.810> Jesus<00:46:09.320> proceeded<00:46:09.740> to<00:46:09.860> show<00:46:10.100> him<00:46:10.430> all<00:46:10.880> of
  • 00:46:11
    and Jesus proceeded to show him all of the<00:46:11.330> hurts<00:46:11.630> all<00:46:11.930> of<00:46:12.110> the<00:46:12.410> pain<00:46:12.800> that<00:46:13.130> he<00:46:13.460> had
  • 00:46:13
    the hurts all of the pain that he had just<00:46:13.850> caused<00:46:14.120> the<00:46:14.330> people<00:46:14.510> he<00:46:14.780> loved<00:46:15.230> the<00:46:15.410> most
  • 00:46:15
    just caused the people he loved the most and<00:46:15.830> I<00:46:15.950> saw<00:46:16.160> remorse<00:46:16.580> and<00:46:16.880> regret<00:46:17.330> wash<00:46:18.110> over
  • 00:46:18
    and I saw remorse and regret wash over him<00:46:18.820> wish<00:46:19.820> he<00:46:20.030> could<00:46:20.180> change<00:46:20.330> it<00:46:20.570> I<00:46:20.660> just<00:46:21.110> tell
  • 00:46:21
    him wish he could change it I just tell you<00:46:21.350> if<00:46:21.440> you've<00:46:21.560> ever<00:46:21.710> thought<00:46:21.830> about<00:46:22.040> taking
  • 00:46:22
    you if you've ever thought about taking your<00:46:22.790> life<00:46:22.910> don't<00:46:23.180> do<00:46:23.330> it<00:46:23.710> you<00:46:24.710> will<00:46:24.920> regret<00:46:25.100> it
  • 00:46:25
    your life don't do it you will regret it you<00:46:25.520> you<00:46:25.670> have<00:46:25.790> no<00:46:26.000> idea<00:46:26.330> the<00:46:26.390> hurt<00:46:26.630> and<00:46:26.660> pain
  • 00:46:26
    you you have no idea the hurt and pain you'll<00:46:27.080> cause<00:46:27.230> you<00:46:27.470> will<00:46:27.590> regret<00:46:27.800> it<00:46:28.000> don't<00:46:29.000> do
  • 00:46:29
    you'll cause you will regret it don't do it<00:46:29.560> and<00:46:30.560> I<00:46:30.710> saw<00:46:30.920> this<00:46:31.070> this<00:46:31.400> fire<00:46:31.850> like<00:46:32.180> a<00:46:32.270> wall
  • 00:46:32
    it and I saw this this fire like a wall of<00:46:32.540> fire<00:46:32.900> flood<00:46:33.410> from<00:46:33.560> behind<00:46:33.890> the
  • 00:46:34
    judgment-seat flood<00:46:35.420> it<00:46:35.600> to<00:46:35.810> him<00:46:36.020> just<00:46:36.230> run<00:46:36.530> like<00:46:36.770> a<00:46:36.860> like<00:46:37.220> a
  • 00:46:37
    flood it to him just run like a like a wall<00:46:37.610> just<00:46:37.820> crushed<00:46:38.360> through<00:46:38.870> cliff<00:46:39.230> it<00:46:40.130> kind
  • 00:46:40
    wall just crushed through cliff it kind of<00:46:40.370> went<00:46:40.520> over<00:46:40.940> him<00:46:41.120> and<00:46:41.270> swept<00:46:41.510> through<00:46:41.720> him
  • 00:46:41
    of went over him and swept through him and<00:46:42.020> it<00:46:42.080> burned<00:46:42.290> out<00:46:42.500> every<00:46:43.130> imperfection
  • 00:46:43
    and it burned out every imperfection every<00:46:44.540> blemish<00:46:44.780> every<00:46:45.620> mistake<00:46:45.860> every
  • 00:46:46
    every blemish every mistake every shortcoming<00:46:47.510> every<00:46:48.320> failure<00:46:49.070> and<00:46:49.700> after<00:46:50.540> he
  • 00:46:51
    shortcoming every failure and after he was<00:46:51.620> left<00:46:52.030> new<00:46:53.830> hole<00:46:55.450> complete<00:46:57.010> restored
  • 00:46:58
    was left new hole complete restored Jesus<00:46:59.690> says<00:47:00.310> he<00:47:01.310> is<00:47:01.460> the<00:47:01.640> end<00:47:02.650> you<00:47:03.650> know<00:47:03.770> I<00:47:03.800> saw
  • 00:47:04
    Jesus says he is the end you know I saw that<00:47:04.520> scene<00:47:04.760> and<00:47:04.940> then<00:47:05.030> this<00:47:05.090> voice<00:47:05.420> thundered
  • 00:47:06
    that scene and then this voice thundered to<00:47:07.310> me<00:47:07.520> turn<00:47:08.150> I<00:47:08.480> said
  • 00:47:09
    to me turn I said you<00:47:09.860> asked<00:47:10.610> why<00:47:11.120> I<00:47:11.150> didn't<00:47:11.870> heal<00:47:12.230> him<00:47:12.820> why<00:47:13.820> I
  • 00:47:13
    you asked why I didn't heal him why I didn't<00:47:14.540> save<00:47:14.870> him<00:47:15.260> I<00:47:15.530> did<00:47:16.520> I<00:47:17.650> did<00:47:18.650> I<00:47:19.420> am<00:47:20.420> the<00:47:20.660> end
  • 00:47:20
    didn't save him I did I did I am the end not<00:47:21.320> him<00:47:21.740> I<00:47:22.600> am<00:47:23.600> the<00:47:23.630> end<00:47:23.960> I<00:47:24.290> am<00:47:24.770> the<00:47:24.950> Alpha<00:47:25.490> and
  • 00:47:25
    not him I am the end I am the Alpha and the<00:47:25.850> Omega<00:47:26.240> I<00:47:27.170> am<00:47:27.680> the<00:47:27.860> beginning
  • 00:47:28
    the Omega I am the beginning and<00:47:28.910> I<00:47:29.270> am<00:47:29.720> the<00:47:30.140> end<00:47:30.380> and<00:47:30.710> in<00:47:30.830> the<00:47:30.980> end<00:47:31.220> I<00:47:31.610> make
  • 00:47:32
    and I am the end and in the end I make everything<00:47:32.660> new<00:47:33.520> everything<00:47:34.520> that<00:47:35.180> tragedy
  • 00:47:35
    everything new everything that tragedy in<00:47:35.930> your<00:47:35.960> life<00:47:36.170> is<00:47:36.650> not<00:47:37.100> the<00:47:37.310> end<00:47:37.490> it's<00:47:37.790> not
  • 00:47:38
    in your life is not the end it's not it's<00:47:38.750> an<00:47:38.900> imposter<00:47:39.260> it's<00:47:39.860> just<00:47:40.250> an<00:47:40.370> imposter
  • 00:47:41
    it's an imposter it's just an imposter Jesus<00:47:41.690> is<00:47:41.990> the<00:47:42.290> end<00:47:42.470> and<00:47:42.710> look<00:47:42.800> if<00:47:43.040> you've
  • 00:47:43
    Jesus is the end and look if you've mistaken<00:47:43.970> if<00:47:44.450> you've<00:47:44.630> mistaken<00:47:45.110> something
  • 00:47:45
    mistaken if you've mistaken something that's<00:47:45.530> still<00:47:45.770> the<00:47:45.890> beginning<00:47:46.070> for<00:47:46.490> the<00:47:46.580> end
  • 00:47:46
    that's still the beginning for the end don't<00:47:47.030> worry<00:47:47.240> about<00:47:47.450> it<00:47:47.780> it's<00:47:48.020> the<00:47:48.140> most
  • 00:47:48
    don't worry about it it's the most common<00:47:48.680> mistake<00:47:48.980> I<00:47:49.250> think<00:47:49.550> that<00:47:49.700> humanity
  • 00:47:50
    common mistake I think that humanity makes<00:47:50.360> we<00:47:50.720> must<00:47:50.900> take<00:47:50.990> the<00:47:51.140> beginning<00:47:51.530> for<00:47:51.680> the
  • 00:47:51
    makes we must take the beginning for the end<00:47:51.950> good<00:47:52.130> news<00:47:52.400> the<00:47:52.850> story's<00:47:53.210> not<00:47:53.270> over<00:47:53.420> the
  • 00:47:54
    end good news the story's not over the inn<00:47:54.320> hasn't<00:47:54.650> come<00:47:54.830> yet
  • 00:47:55
    inn hasn't come yet the<00:47:55.670> inn<00:47:55.760> hasn't<00:47:56.090> come<00:47:56.240> yet<00:47:58.810> you<00:47:59.810> know<00:48:00.310> when
  • 00:48:01
    the inn hasn't come yet you know when you<00:48:01.430> when<00:48:01.640> you<00:48:01.730> give<00:48:01.940> Jesus<00:48:02.270> that<00:48:02.630> name<00:48:02.840> when
  • 00:48:03
    you when you give Jesus that name when you<00:48:03.110> say<00:48:03.320> okay<00:48:03.650> cool<00:48:04.150> the<00:48:05.150> end<00:48:05.360> I'll<00:48:06.260> call<00:48:06.530> you
  • 00:48:06
    you say okay cool the end I'll call you the<00:48:06.770> end<00:48:07.150> when<00:48:08.150> you<00:48:08.240> give<00:48:08.390> them<00:48:08.510> that<00:48:08.540> name
  • 00:48:09
    the end when you give them that name it<00:48:10.010> changes<00:48:10.460> stuff<00:48:10.700> it<00:48:11.360> does<00:48:11.600> because<00:48:11.930> see
  • 00:48:12
    it changes stuff it does because see when<00:48:12.320> you<00:48:12.380> give<00:48:12.530> Jesus<00:48:12.710> the<00:48:12.980> name<00:48:13.130> the<00:48:13.430> end
  • 00:48:13
    when you give Jesus the name the end what<00:48:14.210> actually<00:48:14.720> means<00:48:15.020> is<00:48:15.350> that<00:48:15.410> you<00:48:15.680> can<00:48:15.830> have
  • 00:48:15
    what actually means is that you can have hope<00:48:16.310> more<00:48:16.790> Hope<00:48:17.000> than<00:48:17.030> you<00:48:17.240> ever<00:48:17.390> imagined
  • 00:48:17
    hope more Hope than you ever imagined more<00:48:18.080> joy<00:48:18.290> than<00:48:18.320> you<00:48:18.530> ever<00:48:18.620> imagined<00:48:19.040> inside
  • 00:48:19
    more joy than you ever imagined inside of<00:48:19.580> this<00:48:19.700> scratch<00:48:20.030> even<00:48:20.240> in<00:48:20.480> the<00:48:20.570> scratchiest
  • 00:48:21
    of this scratch even in the scratchiest parts<00:48:21.890> of<00:48:22.040> the<00:48:22.130> scratch<00:48:22.370> you<00:48:22.790> can<00:48:22.940> still<00:48:23.180> have
  • 00:48:23
    parts of the scratch you can still have hope<00:48:24.140> why<00:48:24.860> because<00:48:25.640> you<00:48:25.820> can't<00:48:25.850> lose<00:48:26.770> it's<00:48:27.770> not
  • 00:48:27
    hope why because you can't lose it's not over<00:48:28.280> yet<00:48:28.490> it's<00:48:29.210> never<00:48:29.390> over<00:48:29.690> you<00:48:30.080> can<00:48:30.200> take
  • 00:48:30
    over yet it's never over you can take risks<00:48:30.950> you<00:48:31.190> can<00:48:31.940> fail<00:48:32.210> you<00:48:32.240> can<00:48:32.630> get<00:48:32.870> back<00:48:33.050> up
  • 00:48:33
    risks you can fail you can get back up you<00:48:33.620> can<00:48:34.160> keep<00:48:34.460> going<00:48:34.700> because<00:48:35.300> the<00:48:35.510> end
  • 00:48:35
    you can keep going because the end hasn't<00:48:36.620> arrived<00:48:36.980> but<00:48:37.190> when<00:48:37.400> it<00:48:37.520> does<00:48:37.730> it's
  • 00:48:38
    hasn't arrived but when it does it's gonna<00:48:38.570> be<00:48:38.750> awesome
  • 00:48:39
    gonna be awesome when<00:48:39.650> it<00:48:39.740> does<00:48:39.890> it<00:48:39.920> will<00:48:40.100> be<00:48:40.130> awesome<00:48:40.670> you<00:48:41.120> know
  • 00:48:41
    when it does it will be awesome you know um<00:48:41.480> I<00:48:42.340> I<00:48:43.340> feel<00:48:43.850> this<00:48:43.970> uncommon<00:48:44.600> strength
  • 00:48:45
    um I I feel this uncommon strength I've<00:48:46.040> lost<00:48:46.250> uncommon<00:48:46.850> strength<00:48:47.000> with<00:48:47.270> this
  • 00:48:47
    I've lost uncommon strength with this stuff<00:48:47.570> the<00:48:47.870> Bible<00:48:48.200> says<00:48:48.380> that<00:48:48.590> those<00:48:49.340> who<00:48:49.550> hope
  • 00:48:49
    stuff the Bible says that those who hope in<00:48:50.090> the<00:48:50.180> Lord<00:48:50.330> will<00:48:50.660> renew<00:48:51.080> their<00:48:51.290> strength
  • 00:48:51
    in the Lord will renew their strength they<00:48:52.640> will<00:48:52.670> mount<00:48:52.970> up<00:48:53.210> on<00:48:53.390> wings<00:48:53.690> like<00:48:53.900> eagles
  • 00:48:54
    they will mount up on wings like eagles they<00:48:54.620> will<00:48:54.650> run<00:48:54.800> and<00:48:55.520> not<00:48:55.550> grow<00:48:55.730> weary<00:48:56.090> they
  • 00:48:56
    they will run and not grow weary they will<00:48:56.570> walk<00:48:56.780> and<00:48:57.080> not<00:48:57.470> grow<00:48:58.430> faint<00:48:59.150> that's<00:48:59.780> what
  • 00:48:59
    will walk and not grow faint that's what the<00:49:00.050> Bible<00:49:00.350> says<00:49:00.560> because<00:49:01.340> when<00:49:01.550> you<00:49:01.610> give
  • 00:49:01
    the Bible says because when you give Jesus<00:49:01.940> that<00:49:02.270> name<00:49:02.480> you'll<00:49:02.780> have<00:49:02.960> a<00:49:02.990> resiliency
  • 00:49:03
    Jesus that name you'll have a resiliency that<00:49:03.920> your<00:49:04.010> neighbors<00:49:04.310> don't<00:49:04.460> have<00:49:04.700> you<00:49:04.850> have
  • 00:49:04
    that your neighbors don't have you have a<00:49:05.030> joy<00:49:05.360> that<00:49:05.540> they<00:49:05.630> don't<00:49:05.810> have<00:49:05.990> you'll<00:49:06.410> have<00:49:06.470> a
  • 00:49:06
    a joy that they don't have you'll have a hope<00:49:06.920> that<00:49:07.340> they<00:49:07.460> don't<00:49:07.640> have<00:49:07.940> you<00:49:08.480> will<00:49:08.630> have
  • 00:49:08
    hope that they don't have you will have it<00:49:09.200> and<00:49:09.380> you<00:49:09.650> can't<00:49:09.980> lose<00:49:10.490> it<00:49:10.700> that<00:49:10.730> verse<00:49:11.030> from
  • 00:49:11
    it and you can't lose it that verse from John<00:49:11.450> earlier<00:49:11.810> by<00:49:11.960> the<00:49:11.990> way<00:49:12.230> that<00:49:12.350> when<00:49:12.440> we
  • 00:49:12
    John earlier by the way that when we looked<00:49:12.710> at<00:49:12.860> in<00:49:13.070> this<00:49:13.850> world<00:49:14.060> you<00:49:14.180> have<00:49:14.210> trouble
  • 00:49:14
    looked at in this world you have trouble that<00:49:15.230> was<00:49:15.380> only<00:49:15.530> the<00:49:15.620> beginning<00:49:16.210> let<00:49:17.210> me<00:49:17.300> show
  • 00:49:17
    that was only the beginning let me show you<00:49:17.480> the<00:49:17.600> end<00:49:17.750> of<00:49:17.900> it<00:49:18.020> John<00:49:18.950> 16<00:49:19.430> in<00:49:19.640> this<00:49:20.090> world
  • 00:49:20
    you the end of it John 16 in this world you<00:49:20.600> will<00:49:20.630> have<00:49:20.780> trouble<00:49:21.170> but<00:49:21.350> take<00:49:21.500> heart<00:49:22.010> I
  • 00:49:22
    you will have trouble but take heart I have<00:49:22.820> overcome<00:49:23.080> the<00:49:24.080> world<00:49:24.350> I<00:49:24.890> have<00:49:25.640> overcome
  • 00:49:25
    have overcome the world I have overcome take<00:49:26.300> heart<00:49:26.540> have<00:49:26.720> hope<00:49:26.930> hope<00:49:27.530> is<00:49:27.890> that's<00:49:28.130> what
  • 00:49:28
    take heart have hope hope is that's what cancer<00:49:28.970> isn't<00:49:29.420> the<00:49:29.570> end<00:49:29.780> it's<00:49:30.710> not<00:49:30.890> mental
  • 00:49:31
    cancer isn't the end it's not mental illness<00:49:31.790> is<00:49:32.210> not<00:49:32.360> the<00:49:32.780> end<00:49:32.960> debt<00:49:33.620> isn't<00:49:34.190> the
  • 00:49:34
    illness is not the end debt isn't the end<00:49:34.520> divorce<00:49:35.210> isn't<00:49:35.540> the<00:49:35.870> end<00:49:36.080> that<00:49:36.350> breakup
  • 00:49:36
    end divorce isn't the end that breakup last<00:49:37.010> night<00:49:37.250> that<00:49:37.460> seems<00:49:37.670> like<00:49:37.790> it<00:49:37.910> was<00:49:38.030> the
  • 00:49:38
    last night that seems like it was the end<00:49:38.210> it's<00:49:38.810> not<00:49:39.140> the<00:49:39.440> end<00:49:39.620> it's
  • 00:49:40
    end it's not the end it's at<00:49:40.350> the<00:49:40.500> end<00:49:40.650> death<00:49:41.610> isn't<00:49:42.000> the<00:49:42.390> end<00:49:42.710> death
  • 00:49:43
    at the end death isn't the end death isn't<00:49:43.980> the<00:49:44.160> end<00:49:45.110> revelation<00:49:46.110> one<00:49:46.290> when<00:49:46.470> I<00:49:46.500> saw
  • 00:49:46
    isn't the end revelation one when I saw him<00:49:47.220> Jesus<00:49:47.820> I<00:49:47.940> fell<00:49:48.270> at<00:49:48.450> his<00:49:48.480> feet<00:49:48.630> as<00:49:49.230> dead<00:49:49.290> but
  • 00:49:50
    him Jesus I fell at his feet as dead but he<00:49:50.370> laid<00:49:50.580> his<00:49:50.760> right<00:49:51.000> hand<00:49:51.300> on<00:49:51.480> me<00:49:51.510> saying<00:49:51.900> do
  • 00:49:52
    he laid his right hand on me saying do not<00:49:52.140> be<00:49:52.440> afraid<00:49:52.680> do<00:49:53.640> not<00:49:53.670> be<00:49:53.910> afraid<00:49:54.120> I<00:49:54.510> am<00:49:54.960> the
  • 00:49:55
    not be afraid do not be afraid I am the first<00:49:55.530> and<00:49:55.890> the<00:49:56.640> last<00:49:56.820> I<00:49:57.360> am<00:49:58.140> he<00:49:58.440> who<00:49:58.470> lives<00:49:59.010> and
  • 00:49:59
    first and the last I am he who lives and was<00:49:59.550> dead<00:49:59.610> and<00:50:00.360> behold<00:50:00.750> I<00:50:01.230> am<00:50:01.560> Alive<00:50:01.740> for
  • 00:50:02
    was dead and behold I am Alive for evermore<00:50:02.700> amen<00:50:03.860> and<00:50:04.860> I<00:50:05.010> have<00:50:05.220> the<00:50:05.370> keys<00:50:05.670> of
  • 00:50:06
    evermore amen and I have the keys of Hades<00:50:07.080> and<00:50:07.350> death<00:50:07.940> scene<00:50:08.940> you<00:50:09.030> see<00:50:09.150> these<00:50:09.270> keys
  • 00:50:09
    Hades and death scene you see these keys see<00:50:10.530> these<00:50:10.650> keys<00:50:10.860> these<00:50:11.670> are<00:50:11.850> mine<00:50:12.120> now<00:50:12.480> these
  • 00:50:13
    see these keys these are mine now these are<00:50:13.290> mine<00:50:13.530> now<00:50:13.830> he's<00:50:14.070> not<00:50:14.250> just<00:50:14.430> the<00:50:14.550> first
  • 00:50:14
    are mine now he's not just the first word<00:50:15.510> he's<00:50:16.050> the<00:50:16.290> last<00:50:16.740> word<00:50:17.580> and<00:50:18.210> he<00:50:18.360> will<00:50:18.510> have
  • 00:50:18
    word he's the last word and he will have it<00:50:18.900> if<00:50:19.020> you<00:50:19.110> let<00:50:19.290> him<00:50:19.380> he<00:50:19.620> will<00:50:20.400> look<00:50:21.300> I<00:50:23.240> here's
  • 00:50:24
    it if you let him he will look I here's what<00:50:24.360> I<00:50:24.390> want<00:50:24.570> for<00:50:24.690> you<00:50:24.750> I<00:50:25.070> want<00:50:26.070> you<00:50:26.160> to<00:50:26.220> have<00:50:26.310> a
  • 00:50:26
    what I want for you I want you to have a faith<00:50:26.640> I<00:50:26.820> know<00:50:26.850> you<00:50:27.120> can<00:50:27.330> have<00:50:27.540> that's<00:50:28.080> what<00:50:28.230> I
  • 00:50:28
    faith I know you can have that's what I want<00:50:28.440> for<00:50:28.500> you<00:50:28.590> I<00:50:28.650> know<00:50:28.740> you<00:50:28.920> can<00:50:29.100> do<00:50:29.190> I<00:50:29.220> want
  • 00:50:29
    want for you I know you can do I want you<00:50:29.460> have<00:50:29.550> the<00:50:29.610> same<00:50:29.880> faith<00:50:30.300> in<00:50:30.540> God<00:50:30.960> that<00:50:30.990> you
  • 00:50:31
    you have the same faith in God that you do<00:50:31.710> in<00:50:31.860> Anthony<00:50:32.310> and<00:50:32.520> Joe<00:50:32.730> Russo<00:50:32.760> that's<00:50:33.570> what
  • 00:50:33
    do in Anthony and Joe Russo that's what I<00:50:33.750> want<00:50:33.930> for<00:50:34.020> you<00:50:34.080> you<00:50:34.950> know<00:50:35.040> I'm<00:50:35.100> talking
  • 00:50:35
    I want for you you know I'm talking about<00:50:35.310> the<00:50:35.730> Russo<00:50:36.030> brothers<00:50:36.060> from<00:50:36.720> Cleveland
  • 00:50:37
    about the Russo brothers from Cleveland Ohio<00:50:37.080> these<00:50:37.350> guys<00:50:37.500> just<00:50:38.400> the<00:50:38.580> same<00:50:38.790> faith<00:50:39.030> you
  • 00:50:39
    Ohio these guys just the same faith you already<00:50:39.510> have<00:50:39.660> in<00:50:39.810> them<00:50:39.990> you<00:50:40.890> know<00:50:40.980> who<00:50:41.100> they
  • 00:50:41
    already have in them you know who they are<00:50:41.310> have<00:50:42.210> you<00:50:42.270> seen<00:50:42.620> Avengers<00:50:43.620> in-game
  • 00:50:44
    are have you seen Avengers in-game anybody<00:50:44.610> seen<00:50:44.760> that<00:50:44.790> movie<00:50:45.090> so<00:50:45.570> it's<00:50:45.900> the
  • 00:50:45
    anybody seen that movie so it's the highest-grossing<00:50:46.440> movie<00:50:46.920> in<00:50:47.010> the<00:50:47.070> history<00:50:47.460> of
  • 00:50:47
    highest-grossing movie in the history of the<00:50:48.120> world<00:50:48.330> right<00:50:48.660> it's<00:50:48.810> making<00:50:49.080> more<00:50:49.260> money
  • 00:50:49
    the world right it's making more money on<00:50:49.650> it<00:50:49.770> on<00:50:49.890> the<00:50:49.980> way<00:50:50.010> to<00:50:50.100> make<00:50:50.280> more<00:50:50.400> money<00:50:50.550> than
  • 00:50:50
    on it on the way to make more money than any<00:50:50.910> movie<00:50:51.090> ever<00:50:51.360> here's<00:50:52.080> the<00:50:52.200> thing<00:50:52.490> you've
  • 00:50:53
    any movie ever here's the thing you've already<00:50:53.700> given<00:50:54.060> these<00:50:54.390> guys<00:50:54.570> your<00:50:54.870> money<00:50:55.850> for
  • 00:50:56
    already given these guys your money for in-game<00:50:57.210> you<00:50:58.170> trusted<00:50:58.650> them<00:50:58.770> for<00:50:58.950> an<00:50:59.010> ending
  • 00:50:59
    in-game you trusted them for an ending which<00:50:59.520> is<00:50:59.640> a<00:50:59.670> little<00:50:59.970> bit<00:51:00.090> crazy<00:51:00.600> if<00:51:00.840> you<00:51:00.900> think
  • 00:51:00
    which is a little bit crazy if you think about<00:51:01.230> it<00:51:01.410> because<00:51:01.500> they're<00:51:01.680> the<00:51:01.800> same<00:51:02.040> guys
  • 00:51:02
    about it because they're the same guys who<00:51:02.370> directed<00:51:02.910> infinity<00:51:03.420> war<00:51:03.630> and<00:51:03.900> I<00:51:04.650> don't
  • 00:51:04
    who directed infinity war and I don't want<00:51:04.950> to<00:51:05.010> spoil<00:51:05.340> anything<00:51:05.550> but<00:51:05.910> that<00:51:06.180> one<00:51:06.360> ends
  • 00:51:06
    want to spoil anything but that one ends crappy<00:51:07.170> it's<00:51:08.100> got<00:51:08.280> a<00:51:08.310> terrible<00:51:08.610> ending<00:51:09.350> why
  • 00:51:10
    crappy it's got a terrible ending why why<00:51:10.830> on<00:51:11.040> earth<00:51:11.070> would<00:51:11.670> you<00:51:11.700> ever<00:51:11.940> give<00:51:12.270> more
  • 00:51:12
    why on earth would you ever give more money<00:51:12.720> to<00:51:12.870> these<00:51:13.080> guys<00:51:13.380> after<00:51:14.160> they<00:51:14.280> just<00:51:14.550> you
  • 00:51:14
    money to these guys after they just you just<00:51:14.790> watch<00:51:15.150> the<00:51:15.390> thing<00:51:15.420> that<00:51:15.750> had<00:51:15.840> a<00:51:15.900> crappy
  • 00:51:16
    just watch the thing that had a crappy ending<00:51:16.740> why<00:51:17.420> I'll<00:51:18.420> tell<00:51:18.630> you<00:51:18.780> why<00:51:18.930> because<00:51:19.260> you
  • 00:51:20
    ending why I'll tell you why because you believe<00:51:20.580> in<00:51:21.030> their<00:51:21.450> goodness<00:51:21.720> you<00:51:22.080> believe
  • 00:51:22
    believe in their goodness you believe that<00:51:22.980> the<00:51:23.190> story<00:51:23.550> wasn't<00:51:23.880> over<00:51:24.180> you<00:51:24.480> believe
  • 00:51:24
    that the story wasn't over you believe that<00:51:25.020> the<00:51:25.110> thing<00:51:25.380> that<00:51:25.560> looked<00:51:25.800> like<00:51:25.890> the<00:51:26.160> end
  • 00:51:26
    that the thing that looked like the end wasn't<00:51:27.150> actually<00:51:27.600> the<00:51:27.750> end<00:51:27.930> that<00:51:28.110> even<00:51:28.380> though
  • 00:51:28
    wasn't actually the end that even though the<00:51:28.560> credits<00:51:28.920> rolled<00:51:29.220> even<00:51:29.940> though<00:51:30.030> the
  • 00:51:30
    the credits rolled even though the lights<00:51:30.360> went<00:51:30.570> up<00:51:30.630> in<00:51:30.750> the<00:51:30.810> theater<00:51:31.200> and<00:51:31.470> it
  • 00:51:31
    lights went up in the theater and it emptied<00:51:31.950> out<00:51:32.130> that<00:51:32.490> the<00:51:32.640> story<00:51:33.000> wasn't<00:51:33.600> over
  • 00:51:34
    emptied out that the story wasn't over there<00:51:34.380> was<00:51:34.500> more<00:51:34.710> coming<00:51:35.160> and<00:51:35.340> they<00:51:35.400> would
  • 00:51:35
    there was more coming and they would give<00:51:35.760> you<00:51:35.940> a<00:51:35.970> happy<00:51:36.360> end<00:51:36.720> didn't<00:51:37.530> you<00:51:37.730> all<00:51:38.730> I'm
  • 00:51:38
    give you a happy end didn't you all I'm saying<00:51:39.270> is<00:51:39.390> give<00:51:39.540> God<00:51:39.720> that<00:51:39.900> same<00:51:40.080> shot<00:51:40.610> given
  • 00:51:41
    saying is give God that same shot given the<00:51:41.700> same<00:51:41.910> shot<00:51:42.180> give<00:51:42.900> him<00:51:43.020> the<00:51:43.110> same<00:51:43.350> chance
  • 00:51:43
    the same shot give him the same chance to<00:51:44.190> say<00:51:44.400> this<00:51:44.640> story<00:51:45.300> isn't<00:51:45.870> over<00:51:46.970> what<00:51:47.970> you
  • 00:51:48
    to say this story isn't over what you thought<00:51:48.390> was<00:51:49.050> the<00:51:49.260> end<00:51:49.410> good<00:51:50.280> news<00:51:50.520> it's<00:51:51.480> just
  • 00:51:51
    thought was the end good news it's just the<00:51:51.780> beginning
  • 00:51:52
    the beginning it's<00:51:52.920> just<00:51:53.190> the<00:51:53.280> beginning
  • 00:51:54
    it's just the beginning two<00:51:55.049> thousand<00:51:55.380> years<00:51:55.500> ago<00:51:55.730> Jesus<00:51:56.730> was<00:51:57.150> in<00:51:57.390> a
  • 00:51:57
    two thousand years ago Jesus was in a room<00:51:57.779> with<00:51:58.940> his<00:51:59.940> 12<00:52:00.270> closest<00:52:00.690> friends<00:52:00.990> and
  • 00:52:01
    room with his 12 closest friends and this<00:52:01.770> is<00:52:01.890> about<00:52:02.069> 24<00:52:02.880> hours<00:52:03.299> before<00:52:03.480> he<00:52:03.839> would
  • 00:52:03
    this is about 24 hours before he would be<00:52:04.020> dead<00:52:04.349> and<00:52:04.880> he<00:52:05.880> knew<00:52:06.150> that<00:52:06.539> what<00:52:06.690> would
  • 00:52:06
    be dead and he knew that what would happen<00:52:07.230> is<00:52:07.529> his<00:52:07.770> best<00:52:08.039> friends<00:52:08.520> would<00:52:08.609> mistake
  • 00:52:09
    happen is his best friends would mistake a<00:52:10.069> beginning<00:52:11.069> for<00:52:11.549> the<00:52:11.970> end<00:52:12.270> and<00:52:12.930> so<00:52:13.349> he<00:52:13.440> wanted
  • 00:52:13
    a beginning for the end and so he wanted to<00:52:13.680> make<00:52:13.770> sure<00:52:13.829> that<00:52:14.069> they<00:52:14.160> would<00:52:14.369> not<00:52:14.640> confuse
  • 00:52:15
    to make sure that they would not confuse this<00:52:15.210> and<00:52:15.359> so<00:52:15.450> he<00:52:15.510> made<00:52:15.660> this<00:52:15.720> little<00:52:15.869> tactile
  • 00:52:16
    this and so he made this little tactile reminder<00:52:17.520> for<00:52:17.819> them
  • 00:52:18
    reminder for them let<00:52:18.630> me<00:52:18.720> took<00:52:18.839> a<00:52:18.900> loaf<00:52:19.230> of<00:52:19.380> bread<00:52:19.619> and<00:52:19.829> broke
  • 00:52:20
    let me took a loaf of bread and broke off<00:52:20.250> some<00:52:20.430> of<00:52:20.490> it<00:52:20.640> he<00:52:20.760> said<00:52:20.910> this<00:52:21.000> is<00:52:21.089> my<00:52:21.270> body
  • 00:52:21
    off some of it he said this is my body broken<00:52:22.200> for<00:52:22.380> you<00:52:22.619> and<00:52:23.069> he<00:52:23.160> took<00:52:23.339> a<00:52:23.430> cup<00:52:23.730> and<00:52:24.240> he
  • 00:52:24
    broken for you and he took a cup and he said<00:52:24.510> this<00:52:24.720> is<00:52:24.900> my<00:52:25.020> blood<00:52:25.260> shed<00:52:25.890> for<00:52:25.920> you<00:52:26.309> maybe
  • 00:52:26
    said this is my blood shed for you maybe you've<00:52:27.029> heard<00:52:27.150> it<00:52:27.299> called<00:52:27.539> communion<00:52:28.140> or<00:52:28.349> the
  • 00:52:28
    you've heard it called communion or the Lord's<00:52:28.829> Supper<00:52:29.369> or<00:52:29.730> the<00:52:30.180> Holy<00:52:30.420> Eucharist<00:52:30.990> it's
  • 00:52:31
    Lord's Supper or the Holy Eucharist it's it's<00:52:31.440> from<00:52:31.799> this<00:52:31.950> moments<00:52:32.400> from<00:52:32.490> this<00:52:32.730> scene
  • 00:52:33
    it's from this moments from this scene when<00:52:34.049> Jesus<00:52:34.410> was<00:52:34.559> preparing<00:52:35.130> his<00:52:35.279> followers
  • 00:52:35
    when Jesus was preparing his followers who<00:52:36.000> was<00:52:36.119> to<00:52:36.359> come<00:52:36.390> next<00:52:37.109> help<00:52:37.829> them<00:52:37.950> not
  • 00:52:38
    who was to come next help them not confuse<00:52:38.579> a<00:52:38.789> beginning<00:52:39.500> for<00:52:40.500> an<00:52:40.829> ending<00:52:41.549> and
  • 00:52:41
    confuse a beginning for an ending and you<00:52:42.779> know<00:52:42.869> typically<00:52:43.349> comedians<00:52:43.799> taken<00:52:44.069> in
  • 00:52:44
    you know typically comedians taken in the<00:52:44.250> mode<00:52:44.460> of<00:52:44.490> looking<00:52:44.970> backwards<00:52:45.450> remember
  • 00:52:45
    the mode of looking backwards remember in<00:52:45.779> the<00:52:45.869> past<00:52:46.079> towards<00:52:46.859> Jesus<00:52:47.130> 2,000<00:52:47.819> years
  • 00:52:47
    in the past towards Jesus 2,000 years ago<00:52:48.210> and<00:52:48.450> the<00:52:48.510> way<00:52:48.630> he<00:52:48.750> saved<00:52:48.960> you<00:52:49.079> from<00:52:49.140> your
  • 00:52:49
    ago and the way he saved you from your sins<00:52:49.559> that's<00:52:49.770> that<00:52:49.980> that's<00:52:50.160> amazing<00:52:50.430> I<00:52:50.670> think
  • 00:52:50
    sins that's that that's amazing I think that's<00:52:50.970> I<00:52:51.150> think<00:52:51.359> that's<00:52:51.510> great
  • 00:52:51
    that's I think that's great there's<00:52:52.410> also<00:52:52.589> more<00:52:52.890> to<00:52:52.950> it<00:52:53.250> because<00:52:53.910> see<00:52:54.000> when
  • 00:52:54
    there's also more to it because see when you<00:52:54.180> read<00:52:54.420> the<00:52:54.599> account<00:52:54.690> of<00:52:55.049> the<00:52:55.140> story
  • 00:52:55
    you read the account of the story particularly<00:52:56.520> the<00:52:56.640> one<00:52:56.819> written<00:52:57.119> by<00:52:57.240> Luke<00:52:57.539> the
  • 00:52:57
    particularly the one written by Luke the detail-oriented<00:52:58.529> physician<00:52:59.279> what<00:52:59.700> you<00:52:59.819> see
  • 00:53:00
    detail-oriented physician what you see is<00:53:00.359> it's<00:53:00.690> not<00:53:00.869> just<00:53:00.930> about<00:53:01.500> the<00:53:01.859> past<00:53:02.099> but
  • 00:53:02
    is it's not just about the past but maybe<00:53:02.700> even<00:53:03.180> more<00:53:03.420> so<00:53:03.720> it's<00:53:04.289> about<00:53:04.470> looking
  • 00:53:04
    maybe even more so it's about looking forward<00:53:05.069> to<00:53:05.880> the<00:53:06.000> future<00:53:06.529> here's<00:53:07.529> a<00:53:07.589> Luke<00:53:07.770> 7
  • 00:53:08
    forward to the future here's a Luke 7 when<00:53:08.760> the<00:53:08.849> hour<00:53:09.059> came<00:53:09.319> Jesus<00:53:10.319> and<00:53:10.349> His
  • 00:53:10
    when the hour came Jesus and His apostles<00:53:10.680> reclined<00:53:11.339> at<00:53:11.789> the<00:53:11.819> table<00:53:12.029> and<00:53:12.510> he
  • 00:53:13
    apostles reclined at the table and he said<00:53:13.200> to<00:53:13.470> them<00:53:13.619> i<00:53:13.829> have<00:53:13.859> eagerly<00:53:14.250> desired<00:53:14.549> to
  • 00:53:14
    said to them i have eagerly desired to
  • 00:53:15
    said to them i have eagerly desired to eat<00:53:15.150> this<00:53:15.270> passover<00:53:15.930> with<00:53:16.049> you<00:53:16.109> before<00:53:16.260> i
  • 00:53:16
    eat this passover with you before i suffer<00:53:16.650> for<00:53:17.520> i<00:53:17.549> tell<00:53:17.849> you<00:53:17.910> i<00:53:18.180> will<00:53:18.839> not<00:53:19.200> eat<00:53:19.529> it
  • 00:53:19
    suffer for i tell you i will not eat it again<00:53:20.010> until<00:53:21.440> it<00:53:22.440> finds<00:53:22.829> fulfillment<00:53:23.069> in<00:53:23.609> the
  • 00:53:23
    again until it finds fulfillment in the kingdom<00:53:23.730> of<00:53:24.150> god<00:53:24.380> after<00:53:25.380> taking<00:53:25.859> the<00:53:26.130> cup<00:53:26.309> he
  • 00:53:26
    kingdom of god after taking the cup he gave<00:53:26.490> thanks<00:53:26.670> and<00:53:27.059> said<00:53:27.299> take<00:53:27.329> this<00:53:27.869> and
  • 00:53:28
    gave thanks and said take this and divide<00:53:28.529> it<00:53:28.680> among<00:53:29.010> you<00:53:29.190> for<00:53:29.339> i<00:53:29.400> tell<00:53:29.670> you<00:53:29.730> i
  • 00:53:29
    divide it among you for i tell you i will<00:53:30.029> not<00:53:30.240> drink<00:53:30.630> again<00:53:31.039> from<00:53:32.039> the<00:53:32.430> fruit<00:53:32.549> of
  • 00:53:32
    will not drink again from the fruit of the<00:53:32.880> vine<00:53:32.910> until<00:53:33.589> the<00:53:34.589> kingdom<00:53:34.829> of<00:53:35.339> god<00:53:35.549> comes
  • 00:53:36
    the vine until the kingdom of god comes you<00:53:36.539> see<00:53:36.690> what<00:53:36.809> he's<00:53:36.900> doing<00:53:37.079> again<00:53:37.950> guys
  • 00:53:38
    you see what he's doing again guys remember<00:53:38.670> again<00:53:39.510> I<00:53:39.779> will<00:53:40.260> not<00:53:40.470> again<00:53:41.250> but
  • 00:53:41
    remember again I will not again but guess<00:53:41.640> what<00:53:41.849> I<00:53:42.089> will<00:53:42.690> again<00:53:42.930> I<00:53:43.400> will<00:53:44.400> again<00:53:44.700> you
  • 00:53:45
    guess what I will again I will again you know<00:53:45.510> that<00:53:45.869> fulfillment<00:53:46.230> of<00:53:46.410> the<00:53:46.500> kingdom<00:53:46.770> of
  • 00:53:46
    know that fulfillment of the kingdom of God<00:53:47.010> Lee<00:53:47.160> talks<00:53:47.460> about<00:53:47.730> that's<00:53:48.210> the<00:53:48.450> thing
  • 00:53:48
    God Lee talks about that's the thing happening<00:53:49.260> in<00:53:49.410> the<00:53:49.529> scene<00:53:49.799> that<00:53:49.829> we<00:53:50.069> read
  • 00:53:50
    happening in the scene that we read earlier<00:53:50.730> where<00:53:50.910> he<00:53:51.000> stands<00:53:51.359> up<00:53:51.539> and<00:53:51.690> he<00:53:51.779> says
  • 00:53:52
    earlier where he stands up and he says behold<00:53:52.500> I'm<00:53:53.130> making<00:53:53.549> everything<00:53:54.210> new
  • 00:53:55
    behold I'm making everything new everything<00:53:56.609> new<00:53:57.059> everything<00:53:58.700> listen
  • 00:53:59
    everything new everything listen everything<00:54:00.869> that<00:54:01.049> this<00:54:01.200> whole<00:54:01.380> thing<00:54:01.589> this<00:54:02.190> is
  • 00:54:02
    everything that this whole thing this is this<00:54:03.510> is<00:54:03.660> it
  • 00:54:04
    this is it this<00:54:05.700> not<00:54:06.700> the<00:54:06.880> end<00:54:07.380> not<00:54:08.380> the<00:54:08.410> end<00:54:08.710> not<00:54:09.579> the<00:54:09.730> end
  • 00:54:10
    this not the end not the end not the end which<00:54:11.019> means<00:54:11.319> something<00:54:11.740> critical<00:54:12.190> I<00:54:12.400> don't
  • 00:54:13
    which means something critical I don't know<00:54:13.299> what<00:54:13.510> pain<00:54:13.750> you've<00:54:13.960> gone<00:54:14.079> through<00:54:14.349> I
  • 00:54:14
    know what pain you've gone through I don't<00:54:14.529> know<00:54:14.710> what<00:54:14.829> hurts<00:54:15.069> happened<00:54:15.789> in<00:54:16.029> your
  • 00:54:16
    don't know what hurts happened in your life<00:54:16.720> I<00:54:16.960> don't<00:54:17.109> know<00:54:17.200> what<00:54:17.319> seemed<00:54:17.589> like<00:54:17.619> the
  • 00:54:18
    life I don't know what seemed like the ending<00:54:18.519> I<00:54:19.140> know<00:54:20.140> what<00:54:20.289> felt<00:54:20.470> like<00:54:20.500> God<00:54:20.740> failed
  • 00:54:21
    ending I know what felt like God failed you<00:54:21.250> but<00:54:22.089> I'm<00:54:22.210> telling<00:54:22.510> you<00:54:22.539> something<00:54:22.599> he<00:54:23.289> he
  • 00:54:23
    you but I'm telling you something he he hasn't<00:54:24.039> failed<00:54:24.369> you<00:54:24.670> yet<00:54:25.140> because<00:54:26.140> the
  • 00:54:26
    hasn't failed you yet because the story's<00:54:26.559> not<00:54:26.710> over
  • 00:54:27
    story's not over he<00:54:27.760> hasn't<00:54:27.940> failed<00:54:28.269> you<00:54:28.450> yet<00:54:28.829> but<00:54:29.829> I<00:54:29.859> want<00:54:30.039> you
  • 00:54:30
    he hasn't failed you yet but I want you to<00:54:30.220> know<00:54:30.369> that<00:54:30.789> the<00:54:31.510> the<00:54:31.539> end<00:54:32.079> is<00:54:32.500> coming<00:54:33.750> the
  • 00:54:34
    to know that the the end is coming the last<00:54:34.960> word<00:54:35.380> will<00:54:35.920> have<00:54:36.279> his<00:54:36.640> say<00:54:36.990> his<00:54:37.990> name<00:54:38.230> is
  • 00:54:38
    last word will have his say his name is Jesus<00:54:38.880> and<00:54:39.880> when<00:54:40.000> he<00:54:40.089> shows<00:54:40.329> up<00:54:40.359> he<00:54:41.170> makes
  • 00:54:41
    Jesus and when he shows up he makes everything<00:54:42.010> new<00:54:43.260> everything<00:54:44.579> we're<00:54:45.579> gonna
  • 00:54:45
    everything new everything we're gonna take<00:54:45.849> communion<00:54:46.029> right<00:54:46.599> now<00:54:46.750> and<00:54:47.760> rather<00:54:48.760> than
  • 00:54:49
    take communion right now and rather than look<00:54:49.210> back<00:54:49.599> I<00:54:49.900> want<00:54:50.140> to<00:54:50.170> encourage<00:54:50.589> you<00:54:50.950> to
  • 00:54:51
    look back I want to encourage you to look<00:54:51.670> forward<00:54:52.450> I<00:54:52.869> want<00:54:53.769> you<00:54:53.829> to<00:54:53.920> look<00:54:54.039> forward
  • 00:54:54
    look forward I want you to look forward to<00:54:54.670> the<00:54:54.819> day<00:54:55.089> that's<00:54:55.599> coming<00:54:55.750> when<00:54:56.500> this
  • 00:54:56
    to the day that's coming when this little<00:54:57.250> drop<00:54:57.849> of<00:54:58.150> wine<00:54:58.390> that<00:54:58.779> you<00:54:58.990> get<00:54:59.410> will<00:54:59.769> be
  • 00:54:59
    little drop of wine that you get will be a<00:54:59.950> full<00:55:00.430> glass<00:55:01.000> with<00:55:01.359> unlimited<00:55:01.779> refills<00:55:02.289> and
  • 00:55:03
    a full glass with unlimited refills and that<00:55:03.579> little<00:55:03.849> scrap<00:55:04.089> of<00:55:04.240> bread<00:55:04.480> will<00:55:04.720> be<00:55:04.750> a
  • 00:55:04
    that little scrap of bread will be a feast<00:55:05.260> a<00:55:05.730> full-blown<00:55:06.730> feast<00:55:07.059> that<00:55:07.960> day<00:55:08.200> is
  • 00:55:08
    feast a full-blown feast that day is coming<00:55:09.130> I<00:55:10.059> want<00:55:10.750> you<00:55:10.809> to<00:55:10.869> look<00:55:10.990> forward<00:55:11.259> to<00:55:11.440> it
  • 00:55:11
    coming I want you to look forward to it you<00:55:11.619> know<00:55:11.710> this<00:55:12.069> is<00:55:12.220> for<00:55:12.400> people<00:55:12.670> who<00:55:12.789> believe
  • 00:55:13
    you know this is for people who believe in<00:55:13.119> Jesus<00:55:13.630> communion<00:55:14.109> so<00:55:14.500> if<00:55:14.589> that's<00:55:14.740> not<00:55:14.920> you
  • 00:55:15
    in Jesus communion so if that's not you that's<00:55:15.309> that<00:55:15.490> that<00:55:15.789> is<00:55:15.940> okay<00:55:16.150> you<00:55:16.569> can<00:55:16.900> stay<00:55:17.230> in
  • 00:55:17
    that's that that is okay you can stay in your<00:55:17.500> seat<00:55:17.789> totally<00:55:18.789> fine<00:55:19.289> but<00:55:20.289> I<00:55:20.349> want<00:55:20.470> to
  • 00:55:20
    your seat totally fine but I want to invite<00:55:20.769> you<00:55:20.829> maybe<00:55:21.190> you've<00:55:21.339> never<00:55:21.569> that<00:55:22.569> taken
  • 00:55:22
    invite you maybe you've never that taken communion<00:55:23.230> before<00:55:23.349> maybe<00:55:23.799> you<00:55:23.980> walked<00:55:24.220> in
  • 00:55:24
    communion before maybe you walked in here<00:55:24.430> not<00:55:24.789> believing<00:55:25.210> maybe<00:55:25.390> you<00:55:25.599> do<00:55:25.779> now<00:55:25.960> and
  • 00:55:26
    here not believing maybe you do now and I<00:55:26.980> want<00:55:27.160> to<00:55:27.220> give<00:55:27.309> you<00:55:27.339> an<00:55:27.549> opportunity<00:55:27.789> to<00:55:28.119> say
  • 00:55:28
    I want to give you an opportunity to say yes<00:55:28.990> to<00:55:29.140> him<00:55:29.319> to<00:55:29.950> say<00:55:30.130> Jesus<00:55:30.700> I<00:55:30.910> want<00:55:31.509> you<00:55:31.720> to<00:55:31.930> be
  • 00:55:32
    yes to him to say Jesus I want you to be my<00:55:32.349> in<00:55:32.619> would<00:55:32.890> you<00:55:32.980> direct<00:55:33.339> the<00:55:33.490> path<00:55:33.730> of<00:55:33.940> my
  • 00:55:34
    my in would you direct the path of my life<00:55:34.150> so<00:55:34.869> that<00:55:34.960> it<00:55:35.079> ends<00:55:35.440> in<00:55:35.769> you<00:55:36.480> if<00:55:37.480> you<00:55:37.599> want
  • 00:55:37
    life so that it ends in you if you want to<00:55:37.809> do<00:55:37.869> that<00:55:37.990> you<00:55:38.109> can<00:55:38.230> pray<00:55:38.349> with<00:55:38.470> me<00:55:38.589> right
  • 00:55:38
    to do that you can pray with me right now<00:55:39.599> they<00:55:40.599> say<00:55:40.839> God<00:55:41.019> I<00:55:42.690> you<00:55:43.690> are<00:55:43.869> who<00:55:44.079> you<00:55:44.200> say
  • 00:55:44
    now they say God I you are who you say you<00:55:44.440> are<00:55:44.559> Jesus<00:55:45.190> I<00:55:45.339> believe<00:55:45.730> you<00:55:45.940> are<00:55:46.119> the<00:55:46.150> end
  • 00:55:46
    you are Jesus I believe you are the end I'm<00:55:47.859> sorry<00:55:48.160> for<00:55:48.460> all<00:55:48.549> the<00:55:48.700> mistakes<00:55:48.789> I've<00:55:49.240> made
  • 00:55:49
    I'm sorry for all the mistakes I've made in<00:55:49.599> the<00:55:49.690> past<00:55:49.720> I<00:55:50.289> want<00:55:50.650> you<00:55:50.710> to<00:55:50.799> be<00:55:50.890> the<00:55:50.980> end<00:55:51.190> of
  • 00:55:51
    in the past I want you to be the end of them<00:55:51.549> as<00:55:51.700> well<00:55:52.230> would<00:55:53.230> you<00:55:53.349> make<00:55:53.559> me<00:55:53.769> new<00:55:54.279> would
  • 00:55:54
    them as well would you make me new would you<00:55:54.609> put<00:55:54.789> me<00:55:54.880> on<00:55:55.029> the<00:55:55.119> path<00:55:55.390> that<00:55:55.779> leads<00:55:56.470> me<00:55:56.710> to
  • 00:55:56
    you put me on the path that leads me to life<00:55:57.130> with<00:55:57.490> you<00:55:57.849> ever<00:55:58.740> lasting<00:55:59.740> amen
  • 00:56:10
  • 00:56:14
    but<00:56:15.570> nowhere<00:56:16.260> else<00:56:16.500> to<00:56:16.860> go<00:56:17.100> with<00:56:18.530> nowhere<00:56:19.530> else
  • 00:56:19
    but nowhere else to go with nowhere else to<00:56:20.010> turn
  • 00:56:21
    to turn we're<00:56:22.170> nearly<00:56:22.470> Nets<00:56:23.130> you<00:56:23.430> don't<00:56:23.900> see<00:56:25.550> me<00:56:26.780> come
  • 00:56:27
    we're nearly Nets you don't see me come here
  • 00:56:36
  • 00:56:40
    [Music] you<00:56:41.869> know<00:56:42.170> where<00:56:42.589> else<00:56:42.859> to<00:56:43.130> go
  • 00:56:43
    you know where else to go I<00:56:44.410> know<00:56:45.410> where<00:56:45.800> else<00:56:46.130> to<00:56:46.310> turn<00:56:47.470> we're<00:56:48.470> nearly
  • 00:56:48
    I know where else to turn we're nearly at<00:56:49.160> your<00:56:49.760> door<00:56:50.170> see<00:56:51.460> come<00:56:52.460> here<00:56:53.109> come<00:56:54.109> here<00:56:54.140> we
  • 00:56:55
    at your door see come here come here we need<00:56:55.369> your<00:56:55.730> kingdom<00:56:56.300> now<00:56:57.700> exchange<00:56:58.700> it<00:56:59.030> for
  • 00:56:59
    need your kingdom now exchange it for our<00:56:59.480> dad<00:57:00.670> would<00:57:01.670> be<00:57:01.880> late<00:57:02.329> at<00:57:02.570> your<00:57:02.900> door<00:57:06.280> come
  • 00:57:07
    our dad would be late at your door come here<00:57:07.960> copy
  • 00:57:09
    here copy come<00:57:10.570> here<00:57:11.020> God
  • 00:57:13
    come here God god<00:57:13.520> of<00:57:13.550> the<00:57:14.500> breakthrough
  • 00:57:16
    god of the breakthrough mr.<00:57:17.480> stand<00:57:17.960> to<00:57:18.740> you<00:57:19.730> and<00:57:20.029> in<00:57:20.240> fairness<00:57:20.660> you<00:57:22.029> you
  • 00:57:23
    mr. stand to you and in fairness you you haven't<00:57:23.329> failed<00:57:23.930> us<00:57:24.349> in<00:57:26.410> miracle<00:57:27.410> make
  • 00:57:28
    haven't failed us in miracle make I<00:57:28.850> hope<00:57:29.840> in<00:57:30.290> our<00:57:30.880> Savior<00:57:31.880> you<00:57:32.870> haven't<00:57:33.410> failed
  • 00:57:33
    I hope in our Savior you haven't failed to<00:57:34.160> see<00:57:35.110> you<00:57:36.110> haven't<00:57:36.710> failed<00:57:37.070> us<00:57:37.490> yeah
  • 00:57:39
    to see you haven't failed us yeah [Music]
  • 00:57:40
    [Music] well<00:57:41.960> thanks<00:57:42.349> for<00:57:42.499> joining<00:57:42.710> us<00:57:42.920> today<00:57:43.190> for<00:57:43.339> the
  • 00:57:43
    well thanks for joining us today for the last<00:57:44.089> week<00:57:44.539> of<00:57:44.720> our<00:57:44.869> series<00:57:45.499> how<00:57:46.190> it<00:57:46.369> ends<00:57:46.789> I
  • 00:57:46
    last week of our series how it ends I hope<00:57:47.119> that<00:57:47.299> you<00:57:47.539> got<00:57:47.749> the<00:57:47.900> opportunity<00:57:48.109> to
  • 00:57:48
    hope that you got the opportunity to take<00:57:48.829> communion<00:57:49.130> if<00:57:49.640> you<00:57:49.999> didn't<00:57:50.299> have<00:57:50.509> the
  • 00:57:50
    take communion if you didn't have the stuff<00:57:51.200> in<00:57:51.440> front<00:57:51.680> of<00:57:51.829> you<00:57:51.950> to<00:57:52.190> do<00:57:52.400> that
  • 00:57:52
    stuff in front of you to do that wherever<00:57:52.789> you<00:57:52.940> are<00:57:53.059> right<00:57:53.420> now<00:57:53.690> you<00:57:53.989> could<00:57:54.440> do
  • 00:57:54
    wherever you are right now you could do that<00:57:54.650> later<00:57:54.890> this<00:57:55.099> week
  • 00:57:55
    that later this week just<00:57:56.059> get<00:57:56.329> some<00:57:56.690> bread<00:57:57.019> and<00:57:57.049> wine<00:57:57.529> or
  • 00:57:57
    just get some bread and wine or
  • 00:57:58
    just get some bread and wine or something<00:57:58.970> to<00:57:59.059> eat<00:57:59.119> and<00:57:59.359> something<00:57:59.599> to<00:57:59.749> drink
  • 00:58:00
    something to eat and something to drink and<00:58:00.289> as<00:58:00.499> you<00:58:01.099> eat<00:58:01.309> and<00:58:01.549> drink<00:58:01.749> remember<00:58:02.749> the
  • 00:58:02
    and as you eat and drink remember the sacrifice<00:58:03.559> that<00:58:03.829> Jesus<00:58:03.890> made<00:58:04.220> for<00:58:04.700> you<00:58:05.029> so
  • 00:58:05
    sacrifice that Jesus made for you so that<00:58:05.690> you<00:58:05.989> could<00:58:06.200> have<00:58:06.380> life<00:58:06.739> and<00:58:07.009> so<00:58:07.339> that<00:58:07.460> the
  • 00:58:07
    that you could have life and so that the end<00:58:07.789> could<00:58:08.390> be<00:58:08.539> amazing<00:58:09.140> for<00:58:09.890> you<00:58:10.299> if<00:58:11.299> you<00:58:11.660> want
  • 00:58:11
    end could be amazing for you if you want to<00:58:11.930> chat<00:58:12.200> with<00:58:12.380> us<00:58:12.589> we<00:58:12.799> would<00:58:12.920> love<00:58:13.220> to<00:58:13.279> get<00:58:13.729> to
  • 00:58:13
    to chat with us we would love to get to know<00:58:13.940> you<00:58:14.180> help<00:58:14.869> you<00:58:14.989> get<00:58:15.170> connected<00:58:15.529> or<00:58:16.039> even
  • 00:58:16
    know you help you get connected or even just<00:58:16.549> pray<00:58:17.059> for<00:58:17.089> you<00:58:17.479> right<00:58:17.690> now<00:58:18.140> you<00:58:18.650> can
  • 00:58:18
    just pray for you right now you can click<00:58:18.890> on<00:58:19.039> the<00:58:19.130> chat<00:58:19.369> button<00:58:19.670> on<00:58:19.910> the<00:58:20.450> website
  • 00:58:20
    click on the chat button on the website we'll<00:58:21.499> see<00:58:21.619> you<00:58:21.680> back<00:58:21.799> next<00:58:21.859> week<00:58:22.519> for<00:58:22.819> a<00:58:22.849> new
  • 00:58:22
    we'll see you back next week for a new series<00:58:23.390> called<00:58:23.749> spark<00:58:24.650> where<00:58:25.099> we're<00:58:25.249> going<00:58:25.460> to
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    series called spark where we're going to hear<00:58:25.729> from<00:58:25.759> all<00:58:26.150> kinds<00:58:26.450> of<00:58:26.509> different
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Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling...

Welcome to the Chaser–a few questions after the weekend service to start conversations. If this is your first time in a group, or your group has new members, take a few minutes and introduce yourself. Two truths and a lie is always a good place to start.

  1. How do you rank as a doomsday prepper? If today was the start of a robot, zombie apocalypse, how would you survive?

  2. Time warp, incoming. After hearing the message, what do you think of this verse Kyle shared? How does it relate to “the scratch?

  3. Read this scripture out loud. There’s a lot in there. It’s a picture of the end. (And the beginning.) What jumps out to you?

  4. What is something in your life that you believe is at, or near, the end? How can we look beyond that end to The End–to Jesus?

  5. Why did Jesus die for each one of us? What does it mean to be a Father who would sacrifice everything for his children?

More from the Weekend

The End is beyond “the scratch.” Spend some time each day this week listening to God of the breakthrough, and asking God what it means that he “hasn’t failed us yet.”

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Jun 22, 2019 58 mins 51 sec

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