I know, right? - A podcast for women, by women.

Being a woman… it’s complicated. Right? The expectations. The relationships. All the freaking beauty products. It can be overwhelming to try to go it alone. IKR? - I know, right? - is a podcast for women, by women. It’s a place to be known. To be challenged. To be understood. Because no one wants to go it alone. Hosts Alli and Latasha pull back the veil on what’s going on in the minds of women to prove that we’re all in this together and there’s a God who wants in on it too.

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Hosted by Alli Patterson and Latasha Patrick


Episode 11: Listener Questions

Episode 10: The Way of Leadership and Access

Episode 9: The Way of FOMO and Freedom

Episode 6: The Way of Beauty and Benchmarks

Episode 4: Bonus: Family Q&A with Kim Botto

Episode 3: The Way of Family and Forgiveness

Episode 1: The Way of Sex

Episode 0: Season 3 Teaser

Episode 24: Christmas with IKR?

Episode 23: Advent with IKR? - Week 4

Episode 22: Advent with IKR? - Week 3

Episode 21: Advent with IKR? - Week 2

Episode 20: Advent with IKR? - Week 1

Episode 19: Thanksgiving Special

Episode 18: Listener Questions

Episode 17: The Art of Connecting with God

Episode 15: The Art Of Finding Yourself

Episode 13: The Art of Security

Episode 11: The Art of Freedom

Episode 9: The Art of Vulnerability

Episode 7: The Art of Spending

Episode 5: The Art of Sleeping at Night

Episode 3: The Art of Neighboring

Episode 1: The Art of Living

Episode 0: IKR? - Season 2 Teaser