Even with a fatal diagnosis at 31 I have hope

Even with a fatal diagnosis at 31 I have hope

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I got diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in April 2018 at age 31. The statistics on metastatic breast cancer said I have 18 to 36 months to live.

I had basically been handed a death sentence at the age of 31, and I felt hopeless. I started wondering, “why would this happen to me?” The day after diagnosis, I was overwhelmed with a fear that brought me to my knees. I started praying and I felt peace in my entire body. The fear was immediately gone and something changed in me at that moment.

I’ve always believed in God, but that was the day I truly surrendered control of my life to him. Doctors try to give me timestamps, but they aren’t in control either. I’ll go when the Lord says I’ll go. I can’t be afraid of death because then I’ll be afraid to live. The fear of death can take away your joy, but ever since my diagnosis, I have found so much joy.

Every time I start feeling down, I immediately go back to God’s word and what He says and the promises he makes. I am constantly reminded by him to “be strong, take courage,” so that’s what I’m doing, and that’s what I’ll do until he comes to take me home. -Ashley F.

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