Easter is the ultimate story of the impossible made possible. And here’s the truth: Jesus rose from the dead and that same power is available to you. Ridiculous ideas are achievable. You CAN cross the finish line on the thing you didn’t think was possible. Go all out on dreams and visions—let Jesus make the impossible, possible.

Come as you are. You can wear jeans, or dress up if you want. And for the kids 0-5th grade, Crossroads Kids' Club is the place to be. They'll have a special Easter experience in a fun, safe, and kid-friendly environment.

Columbus Easter Service Times

Sunday, April 21

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We are a scrappy, authentic, startup community of Crossroads. We believe that people are the Church. We want to see more of our friends, family, and neighbors get connected to a community of growing Christ-followers who are changing the world. We currently gather weekly at Studio 35 Cinema in Clintonville, a neighborhood in North Central Columbus. Join us.

Service Times
10:15am (doors open at 9:45am)

Studio 35 Cinema
3055 Indianola Ave
Columbus, OH 43202
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Come as you are

Seriously. This is a real place for real people. Regardless of what you think about God, you are welcome here. In a nutshell, you can wear jeans, or dress up if you want. The coffee is free, so grab a cup before you sit down. The music is great and you’ll hear straight up Biblical truth that you can apply to your everyday life. The rest is up to you.

What About Kids?

We love kids! Our Kids’ Club team created some great content for kids and parents. Check it out here. When you join us on a Sunday, childcare is available for kids ages 0- 1st grade.

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New Series Starting April 27-28

New Series Starting April 27-28

We all desire real friendships, but let’s face it– people are complicated. Thankfully, Jesus gives us an example of living with people so we can get the skills we need to have better friendships. Join us next weekend as we kick off our new series, People Skills.

Sign up for GO Local

Sign up for GO Local

May 18 & 19

Join the blitz of community service projects (construction, gardening, painting, hosting events, you name it) that transform our communities. Sign up for a project.

Check out Wayfinder

Check out Wayfinder

Wayfinder is a spiritual growth tool that you can use to help identify a place in your life to focus your growth. You’ll answer some questions to see where you are - not in a way to measure up, but to help you hear where God wants to take you next. Get started here.

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