21 Days To Crush Singleness (Interest List)

Singleness isn't a disease that can be healed with the perfect combination of swiping, prayer, and dates set up by your mom. It's a life stage that we can all learn how to not survive but THRIVE in. We're not here to fix your singleness, but show you how you can get the most out of it. If you've ever prayed that Jesus would delay his coming so you wouldn't have to be the one lone weirdo who is being raptured alone, this might be the group for you. (We do not have an official start date/sign-up by date yet, so complete the interest list form and we will contact you when this Cohort begins!)

Who's It For:
Singles in 20s and 30s
What To Expect:
Video each week, journal prompts for reflection, discussion prompt with other partcipants, and weekly challenge
A custom app designed for this experience
Weekly Involvement:
Weekly video teaching, journal prompts for reflection, discussion prompts with other partcipants, and weekly challenge
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Jamie Simms

Writing this bio might be harder than filling out a dating profile, but here we go: Daughter, sister, pastor. Rocks some hair. Ready to learn, push, and challenge, believing that Jesus can AND WILL set us free. Bring on all the joy. And one thing I think we have in common is we both happen to be single. It's not an part of my identity, just a current characteristic of my lifestage.

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Zach Wycuff

Hey there! I'm Zach. I tweet for a living, which means I spend way too much time online and found someone to pay me for it. I might be a genius. OK, I might not be a genius but here are a few things that I definitely am: Standup Comedian. Goof. Lover of basketball, hiking, coffee, jokes, donuts and probably some other stuff.

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