21 Days To Dating Better

Single or Dating? It's one aspect of life. It doesn’t define us, but it does come with specific experiences and questions. Join us for 21 days to meet new people and ask Crossroads’ top teachers the hard questions that often go unanswered. Whatever life has thrown at you, get better answers for how to make the most of being single—however long it lasts.

Small Disclaimer: If you prefer being single, we are SO happy for you! Seriously. That’s biblical and great. Just a heads up: you might not like this cohort. This is designed for people who’d prefer to get married one day.

Cohort Starts:
May 19, 2024
Who's It For:
Anyone (any age) who’s single, dating, or single again. (The 20-somethings won’t be with the 50-somethings, but there is something for everyone.)
What To Expect:
Just in case it needs said, this isn’t a hook-up group, but you will meet new people (friends and hey, who knows?). It’s a place to find better answers for how to handle singleness as we immerse ourselves in the truth of what God says about it. Expect honest conversations on identity, grief, hope, sex, navigating apps, and more. 
A custom app designed for this experience where you can engage whenever it works for your schedule.
Weekly Involvement:
Watch weekly messages from expert Bible teachers with lively, honest questions (and probably some heckling) from singles of all different experiences. You’ll need at least 15 minutes a day for challenges designed to strengthen and encourage you (and however much time you want to spend chatting with others in the app.) Optional online and in-person group hangouts will be offered too.

Kyle Ranson

Kyle is the Lead Pastor at Crossroads. He joyfully fulfills stereotypes about Millennials with his love of craft beer, tight jeans, and woodworking, and is passionate about people finding God.

Chuck Mingo

Chuck is the leader of UNDIVIDED. Chuck is passionate about his relationship with Jesus, his family, racial solidarity, and getting people to a new place on their journey with God.

Joel Firebaugh

Pastor, husband, & bear wrestler. Joel loves spending time with family and connecting students to Jesus.

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