21 Days To A Marriage You Love

Join by May 18, 2024

When you were engaged, wasn't there a sense of possibility? Of romance? Of near limitless potential, adventure, and deep connection? Where did that go? And how can you preserve it through whatever life throws at you? Marriage can either double your life's potential or cut it in half. Whether yours is thriving and you want more, or you're about to break, an amazing marriage is possible. We want to help you get there. Take 21 days to get MORE from and FOR the most important relationship in your life.

Cohort Starts:
May 19, 2024
Who's It For:
Anyone who wants a better marriage.
What To Expect:
Daily challenges. A guided weekly date night. A community forum to process with other couples and mentors.
A custom app designed for this experience
Weekly Involvement:
15-30 minutes a day plus the weekly date night for 21 days

Andy and Rachel Reider

When we were engaged, three friends close enough to be in our bridal party were getting divorced. Talk about a sobering start. THEN we realized...uh, we're total opposites and had a lot to figure out. So, we got to work. We interviewed the best couples we knew. We weirdly ended up in marriage counseling with 3 different experts. Now 12 years, 4 moves, 3 kids, 18 countries, and a bunch of challenges later, we keep learning, and we honestly LOVE our marriage. We want every couple to have the tools they need for marriage to be the most life-giving and growth-catalyzing thing in your life. The thing that makes you LOVE your life and become the best version of yourself. There's no such thing as an easy marriage, but we think everyone can have an amazing one, and we hate to see anyone settle for less.

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