21 Days To Live Fully Alive

Join by April 13, 2024

Baptism is an awesome moment, but for a lot of people, the excitement fades, and our old life creeps back in. Which is the OPPOSITE of what is supposed to happen. A life with Jesus is the best choice anyone can ever make, but is it all just for heaven? This cohort will dive deep into what it means for you to have a NEW LIFE right now, ON EARTH. Join us for 21 days to learn how to leave your old life behind and step into the freedom, joy, and power Jesus died for you to have.

Cohort Starts:
April 14, 2024
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Hannah Driskill

I'll try anything once. Chill out. Not drugs. Not really. I've found a lot of things that I like, like purple potatoes, pomelo, and even vegan "bacon." I've also found a lot that I don't like. Like banana pudding (fight me!), dragon fruit, or golf. Living in my "try anything" world has taught me a lot. Mostly that I like REAL bacon WAYYY better, and that when our minds, hands, and hearts are open for new things, God can do BIG things.

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