Take the 30 Day Challenge

Give us 30 days. Set aside a few moments each day to read or listen. And your life will change.

We were meant for more. More adventure. More meaning. A broader vision. And yet...most of us feel stuck. We sit in the same rut, year-after-year. But we can break free! That’s what this 30 Day Challenge does. It is accepting that, maybe you don’t have the answers. And it is listening to a God that just might have something valuable to say. This is a 30 day experiment to see what happens if you make space in your life to change.

How the challenge works

Step 1

You sign up. Nothing crazy. You create a simple profile and opt-in for emails.

Step 2

Monday through Friday you'll get an email each morning with something to read, something to watch, or something to try.

Step 3

Along the way, you’ll have every opportunity to connect with our team. You can ask us anything.