Spark: Ideas to ignite your life

Life can get dry and stale, but we are surrounded by ideas that can change us. It's time to ignite your life. All you need is a spark.

Spark Talks

5 of a kind God

Greg McElfresh

I Will Be Happy When

Jim Tarkington

The Front Porch

Carla Jackson

Doing the One Next Thing

Robin Wientge

Going to Church Sucks

Matt Castleman

Leaping into the Unknown

Johnmark Oudersluys

Deciding What You Hate

Jason Haubner

The Radical Middle

Brian Tome

When God's plan stinks

Paco Pancham

How to beat loneliness

Craig Dockery

Stuck in the middle

Micahn Carter

The Artist

Keith Neltner

Worship is a weapon

Steven Manuel

Who's your daddy?

Jo Saxton

The God of option b

Chuck Mingo

How I die for my wife

Keith Partridge

In praise of failure

Brian Wells

Five marks of a dad

Brian Tome