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Crossroads is a nation-wide church community built to help you break-through the grind, connect to God, discover your purpose, and leave your mark on the world.

Welcome to


Crossroads is a nation-wide church community built to help you break-through the grind, connect to God, discover your purpose, and leave your mark on the world.

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Who Are You Guys?

Back in ‘95, eleven people got together to start a church for their friends who didn’t like church. Today, Crossroads is a movement of people meeting all over the country in person or digitally —and it’s just getting started. No memberships or awkward hand-holding, just unfiltered talk and biblical truth that’ll wake your soul.

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Current Series

Get Back to Better

08.07.2021 - 08.08.2021

Football stadiums are packed, concerts are at max capacity, block parties are full of friends and neighbors doing the Wobble. Feels like life is getting back to what it should be.

But is “normal’ what we really want? We have romanticized what normal was. Normal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be AND you weren’t really satisfied there. There is “normal” and there is better. Jesus says you can have life and life to the fullest. We can choose to put “normal” back in our lives OR we can choose to put “better” back into our lives. This series is all about how we go forward to something even better. Better energy, better relationships, a better church and even a better sex life all comes from the giver of life, Jesus.

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Meet Kyle Ranson

Kyle is the Community Pastor of our Crossroads Anywhere - the Crossroads Community connecting and gathering online from anywhere and everywhere. Kyle has been around Crossroads for over a decade, filling a variety of roles, most recently leading the Experience Team - the group that creates videos, articles, music and more. Kyle joyfully fulfills stereotypes about Millennials with his love of bourbon, craft beer, and woodworking, and is passionate about people finding God. He and his wife Sara have three kids, Ben, Eli, and Gracie.

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