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Meets at Crossroads Oakley


Josh Wade

Uptown Community Pastor

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Through community, we grow more than we ever could on our own. We all have different schedules, needs, interests, and personalities. But the Bible makes this clear; humans are made to be in relationships. Whether you’re simply looking to connect with others in a similar life stage, seeking spiritual growth, or deep healing in an area of your life, we have options for you.

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WE GO outside our walls to serve the forgotten and the marginalized. We believe we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus on earth.

Community pastor

Josh Wade

Josh Wade is the Uptown community pastor. Josh graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2011 and joined the Crossroads team in 2015. You may also recognize Josh from the Royle Family commercials from the Super Bowl of Preaching. He lives in the Uptown area with his wife, Tierra, and their daughter.



Crossroads Uptown

Located near the University of Cincinnati campus, Crossroads Uptown serves the college community and Uptown neighborhoods north of downtown Cincinnati. Built in 1873, the building was once home to St. George Catholic Church. The church closed, and in 2008 the beloved steeples burned in an electrical fire. With a mission to breathe new life into the neighborhood, Crossroads purchased the building, and agreed to restore the steeples. The result is a state-of-the-art building that combines the industrial feel of Crossroads with the historic character of the original Catholic church.

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Expect to be challenged. Expect to disagree with some things. Expect to hear a lot about a God who loves you and pursues you. Expect unfiltered conversations & Biblical truth. Expect opportunities to make a difference & make real friends. (And free coffee. Unless you're joining elsewhere — then the coffee is up to you)

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Kids' Club

A fun learning environment designed especially for kids (birth through fifth grade). It’s free, totally secure, and don't worry-we'll let you know if your child needs you at any point during the service.


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