Humanity | Week 1: Created for Glory

Who are we? These days, it’s easy to believe that we are essentially nothing; that we are little more than our biology, the products we consume, or the work we produce. Yet the Bible tells a different story—that God created mankind in his image. Created us to resemble him, to carry his authority and power, to care for the world that he created.

Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling...

Welcome to the Chaser–a few questions after the weekend service to start conversations. If this is your first time in a group, or your group has new members, take a few minutes and introduce yourself. Two truths and a lie is always a good place to start.

  1. This weekend was all about glory. So, let’s start there. What does glory mean to you?

    Some follow up questions: Where can you see glory in your daily life? How would God define glory?

  2. God lays out his game plan for humanity in these verses. Go ahead and read them out loud. What sticks out to you? Everyone share.

    Some follow up questions: What does it mean for us to have dominion over, well, everything? Why would God put us in charge of his creation?

  3. If our job is to bring God glory, how are we doing that in our daily lives? Everyone share.

    Some follow up questions: Would other people know we’re working to bring God glory from looking at our days? Or calendars? Or families? Or bank accounts? What are we doing that is bringing ourselves glory over God?

  4. God uses weakness for his glory. Raise your hand if there is an area of your life where you feel weak, or inadequate. (Yep. That’s everyone.) Take a bold step and share with the group where you are currently feeling weak.

    Some follow up questions: How often do you talk about weakness? How can God use the weakness you shared to bring him glory?

More from the Weekend

Where are some other places where you may feel weak, inadequate or ashamed? God wants to use those spaces to reveal his glory to you. This week, find a time and a safe person. Then, start sharing.

And if you need an example, listen to the premier of IKR? Season 3.

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Mar 30, 2019 58 mins 53 sec

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