Best Season Ever | Week 2: Happiness vs Peace

Year after year, our culture promises us happiness—especially at Christmas—and every time we’re left empty and disappointed when the gift has been opened or the experience is over. Yet the peace that God offers is resilient, patient, and able to endure the hardship and chaos of life.

Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling...

Welcome to the Chaser–a few questions after the weekend service to start conversations and push a little deeper. Go on. Dive in.

  1. Christmas in our mind, and Christmas in reality can be wildly different. Everyone get your phone out and head to Google. Search for two pictures—one image of your perfect Christmas, and one of what your Christmas actually looks like. Take your group on a tour of what you found. You’ve got two minutes. Go.

  2. Let’s talk about Simeon. Have the youngest person read the story out loud to the group. Then, every person share which part of Simeon’s story stuck out to you. (Hint: if the story leaves you with more questions than answers, you’re on the right track. Ask your question to the group and see what you can figure out together.)

  3. Simeon was patient. God told him that he would live to see the Christ, all he needed to do was wait. Waiting can be anything but easy. What’s the one thing in life you’ve waited for the longest? What was it like when it happened? (Or are you still waiting?)

  4. After a lifetime, Simeon held Jesus in his arms and knew peace. As a group, listen to this song and think of moments in your life when you truly felt peace. Then everyone share. (The person feeling most peaceful can start.)

  5. Our words can be super powerful. We read earlier that Mary and Joseph “marveled” over what Simeon said to Jesus. Let’s practice that. Each person look to your left and bless the person next to you.

    Need help getting started? Try this blessing Mad Lib.

    “God, thank you for putting (name) in my life. And thank you for making (name) a great (good thing—like listener or protector). May the next year be full of (good stuff). And may Your will be done in their life. Amen.”

More from the Weekend

Let’s keep that blessing train rolling. Whether you have kids or not, this week’s Kids Club Anywhere is pretty terrific. Check it out. And be sure to watch the last couple minutes. You see some really practical ways to surprise someone you know and love. This week, give it a try. It only takes a couple minutes and a couple bucks.

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Dec 8, 2018 1 hr 11 mins

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