Empires | Week 4: Culture

Like ancient Rome, we live in a culture of violence and aggression. Our entertainment, sports, social media—even our political and news structures—are all built on a constant cycle of violence and destruction. The way you get ahead in cultures like these is to destroy those around you and those ahead of you. Yet the empire of God is entirely different—it is founded on the sacrifice of Jesus, a sacrifice that brings healing and restoration.

Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling...

Welcome to the Chaser. During Empires, they’ll be a couple extra questions each week. And the extra questions will push a little deeper. Dive in. Give them a try.

  1. Recently Reagan came to life as a hologram at his presidential library. (Talk about a legacy.) If there was a hologram of you, what would be your 45 second message be to the world?

  2. Now go beyond your 45 second stump speech and think about your entire life. What do you want your legacy to be and why?

  3. The eternal Kingdom of God was seen through Roman art and architecture. In today’s world, where do you see God’s kingdom showing through? (You know, things like Oscar speeches, and prayers in the endzone.)

  4. Now think about the people in your life. (Or maybe the people in this group.) Where would they say that the Kingdom of God is showing up in your life? It could be at work, the way you treat your family, or how you serve people around you.

  5. The Altare della Patria features symbols and statues representing the three eras of Roman legacy: The ‘Rome of the Emperors’, the ‘Rome of the Popes’, and the ‘Rome of the People’. How would you divide up the ‘eras’ of your life? What symbol would you use to represent each one?

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Our culture’s norm of being busy can tear us down physically, emotionally and spiritually. Delete, throw away, or scratch out your to-do list for this week. Begin each day asking God what He has for you.

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